The Ultimate Correspondences & Intents

Here I am again.

As my granddaughter and I started on this path together I went :crazy_face:(like most of us) on an information gathering hunt. Sorry it’s just how my brain works :brain:.

I spent the time to put together information for us to use in the craft and documented it separately at first but when it came time to print it all out for each of our BOS and Grimoire, it was just soooooo much stuff!

So my geeky brain went into overload and I entered everything into another spreadsheet to keep the confusion down. It’s called The Ultimate Correspondences & Intents.

This spreadsheet contains crystals :crystal_ball:/stones/metals, herbs :potted_plant:, incense, flowers :sunflower:, fruit :tangerine:, veggies, trees :deciduous_tree:, runes, days of the week, timing, planets :ringer_planet:, elements, zodiac, colors, oils/EO’s, substitutions, sabbats, food and so much more.

This way we can look up anything we need to right in there and I only need to print the most important thing for our books.

Each has it’s intents listed (I tried to reduce the duplications by adding a “keyword” column) some intents may be inaccurate based on your practice or beliefs and some that you have may not be in there at all but hey just add them!

Instructions on how to use it and of course some disclaimers are on the first tab, there are other tabs with some useful (and fun) info also.

I even created a spell template that is fillable and printable using the fonts that @Francisco provided to match the BOS pages from the site.

I wanted to share it with all of you.

Feel free to download it from my Google drive and let me know what you think.

The Ultimate Correspondences & Intents


This is simply amazing! Well done! And, most importantly, thank you for sharing!


Okay seriously, this is such an inspirational thing to me because I’m constantly looking for better ways to organize my information - I love a good spreadsheet!

This is so kind of you to share all of your hard work with everyone here, too! :heart: Thank you for that!


Goodness, look at this treasure trove of info, and all so beautifully organized too! :heart_eyes: You’re a real master of spreadsheets, @suzanne7- everything looks great, and I especially love the food correspondence page. I usually hone in on the meanings of herbs, but I’d like to start being more mindful of the meanings of food as a whole too.

Thank you so much for sharing your correspondence collection! :pray: :heart:


Thank you @suzanne7 , it is so kind of you to share this hard, thorough work!! Most Excellent!!! I need to download the fonts I think because they aren’t showing correctly when I look at the spreadsheet.

I look forward to referencing this myself and following your continued journey with your granddaughter! Blessed be!!!


Thanks for creating this, looks super useful!


I am so sorry but it has been many years since I have used Excel and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to use your amazing spreadsheet. I’ve read your instructions and I know that this an amazing tool that you have spent many hours on. Is there any possibility that you can spend just a couple minutes to tell me how to use it? I really hate to ask. I just want to look up the properties of some essential oils that I have. Then if I can figure that out I would look up my crystals and then of course I would expand to my herbs of course lol. If it is too hard to explain I understand and I will do some tutorials and see if I can figure it out on my own. Thanks again for sharing this.


Wow, wow, WOW!!! Amazing job and so much work!!!

I too am one of those that needs to know and find all the things when I’m starting something new. I have SS, bookmarks, Word documents, saved pictures - you name it all over in my computer. I’m trying really hard to get things better organized so I can find things later but that’s a task for another month :laughing:

You did an amazing job and should be proud of your hard work and organization :clap: and Thank you so very much for sharing it :heavy_heart_exclamation: I especially enjoyed the Misc Magick Potentials and Secret Name tabs but then again I am a :full_moon: and :herb: gal!


Hey @amy84 :wave: Maybe I can help!

Since @suzanne7 “owns” the spreadsheet, we can’t really do anything in regard to filters or moving around information. However, what you can do is make a copy of it and save it to your own Google Drive! I experimented with that this morning so I could look at filtering some of the information.

When you open it, click on File → Make a Copy


Another menu will pop up asking where you want to save this copy. Choose whichever drive you want.


Now that you’ve made a copy, this is yours! It won’t be updated if @suzanne7 updates her copy, but from here, you can use the filters to easily find the information that you’re looking for.

I hope that helped!


Thank you everyone, sorry I haven’t been on to reply, my entire household has been down with a “something” cold, head cold, URI, PND, sore throat whatever it is and it kicked my butt.

Thank you @MeganB for helping, that is an awesome walkthrough for the other side of using the file, I have shared files but have never been on the other side so I was not aware of how others saw the file.

One other tip for you if you want to use it outside of Google is that you can actually download the spreadsheet to your hard drive. You have my permission to do this as I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge for the better good.

Just click File, Download, then Microsoft Excel (xlsx), it should download and then you can open it in Microsoft Excel from your own hard drive.

And as @jan_TheGreenWitch said you will probably want to download the BOS fonts that @Francisco shared and install them on your computer if you want the font to match the Spells8 BOS pages if you print any of the UC&I out. You can find that post here:
Fonts used on the book of shadow pages?

If you don’t have Microsoft Office that has Excel in it, there is (this is from a geeky witch who has a few “white hats” in her closet) a free “open office” software that you can download and use for free that is just like MS Office (even better in my geeky opinion) You can get it here: Apache Open Office

If you are new to the geeky world and would like to learn about “white hats” you can go here: Apache Software Foundation

Just remember as it has been said many, many times here in the forum that in the end this spreadsheet is just a gathering of information from many, many places.

But YOU have the magic in you, you decide what feels “right” in your practice.

Blessed Be.


Oh sheesh, you’ve got it, too?! Our whole house is still trying to kick whatever this is. I hope you all feel better, soon!

You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, thats probably why I was having such a hard time. I am going to try it out first thing in the am


That’s amazing @suzanne7. Thank you for sharing!


Good luck with it, @amy84 :blush: Please let us know if you need more help!

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