Manifest Health with a Spell Jar

Queen of Witch Bottles here with another jar spell - manifest good health!

What is a spell jar?
Spell jars (also known as “witch bottles”) is a tangible embodiment of a magickal spell. These little jars can help people in claiming their power and amplifying the energy of their intentions.

Spell jars are used to collect the ideas and aspirations that you want to weave into your intended spell. They give you something tangible to focus on while you attempt to make your desires a reality.

Spell jars are based on old folk magic dating back to the 17th century.

One of the greatest things about magickal jars is how flexible and simple they are to create. You’re essentially just placing items into a jar that correspond to your spell or intention.

You can create any type of magickal spell jar you desire, and there are no restrictions on what you can place inside of it! Certain crystals and herbs, such as black tourmaline for healing, rosemary for remembering, lavender for serenity, mugwort for visions, salt for protection, and so on, have agreed-upon meanings based on folklore and hedge witch remedies.

When you’ve decided on what items to include, make a mental note of what each item signifies to you as you place everything into your jar. You can seal the deal by dripping candle wax on the cover of the jar while keeping your intentions in mind.

I nourish my body and heal quickly and easily.
My body is a gift and I am grateful.


Ohh my god! This is soooo fascinating! I loove the way you defined spell jars/witch bottles!! :sparkles: I absolutely am going to try this one extraa gorgeous spell jar recipe to manifest perfect health! :innocent: I will do this for my mother and my nana-nani too! Thank you once again @SilverBear like toons! Love to you always… :sparkling_heart: I just had a lil query tho! :sweat_smile: Can you do this for someone else who is far away from your place? As in, can I do this by taking their names and focusing on their energies as well? :sparkles:


I absolutely LOVE these. Something about getting everything ready and having, like you said, a tangible item to help remember your intentions and goals. Thank you again for another wonderful spell bottle! :purple_heart:


Yes, absolutely - what I would do in this case is write their name on a piece of paper and roll it up and place that into the jar. :slight_smile: Focus your energy of ‘good health’ to the person - envision a blue healing light surrounding them.

Why blue? For me – blue has positive effects on the mind and the body. Blue can represent rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming and release feelings of tranquility. :blue_heart: It’s also a healing color.

Blessed be.


A beautiful spell jar, SilverBear :heart: Thank you for creating it!


For whatever reason, this made me think of spell jars like soup- toss all the ingredients into the pot to make a blend of all of their flavors (traits/qualities)! I guess it could be considered a “dry potion” looking at it like that :laughing: :+1: :cauldron:

This is a beautiful introduction to spell jars and a really lovely health jar- I’m constantly in awe of your pretty graphics and images, @SilverBear! Thank you for sharing this :pray::two_hearts:


Thank you for sharing this! I’ve only made one spell jar so far and struggled to find one that fit the intent with the ingredients I had on hand. Your explanation helped me see I was just making my life harder :laughing:

Excited to try making some now!