Candle Spell and Spell Jar for Health 💚

Merry meet!

My partner twisted a back muscle this weekend (ouch!) so we took some time to make a healing spell jar. The Dollar Store (or rather Dollar 25 Store lol) used to have these super cute wee little jars, but it looks like the jars grew along with the prices. The ones we picked up are bigger than they used to be :jar: :arrow_double_up:

Anyways, we did a joint candle and jar spell for healing back pain. I actually wasn’t the one to pick out the ingredients- they were chosen by my partner who tends to use Polish/Slavic herb correspondences (which are sometimes similar to Wicca/the herbal witchcraft I’m familiar with, and sometimes very different) :herb:

Spell Jar for Healing :mending_heart:

Jar Spell :

  • A jar or vial that can be sealed
  • Himalayan salt
  • Chamomile
  • Basil
  • Garlic powder
  • Poppy seed
  • Parsley
  • Cloves
  • Calendula
  1. Cleanse the jar with your favorite cleansing method (smoke, salt, sound, etc). Once purified, you can begin layering in the ingredients.

  2. Begin with the salt on the bottom- allow a small layer to cover the bottom. Add the rest of the ingredients as you wish. If there are any ingredients that call to you or feel particularly important, add them twice (depending on the size of your jar). We had two layers of Himalayan salt in this jar, for extra cleansing and purification.

  3. Seal the jar with wax from a green candle- and all the better if the candle is incorporated as part of the healing spell (see below)!

Candle Spell :

  • Green Candle
  • Olive Oil
  • Cinnamon
  • Carnelian
  1. Mix a drop of extra virgin olive oil with cinnamon. Use it to dress your candle. As you apply the oil to the surface of the candle, imagine rubbing away any pain and discomfort.

  2. Light the candle. Close by, place a carnelian crystal.

  3. Use the candle wax to seal your Healing Spell Jar. Place the spell jar next to candle so that it may continue to absorb the healing energies while the candle is burning.

  4. Allow the candle to burn out completely.

Post-Spell :

Sleep with the spell jar close by, preferably as possible to the injured area as safely possible. If you can, carry it with you during the day until the injury has healed.

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Blessed Be! :sparkles:


Lovely jar! I hope your partner feels better!


Beautiful spell as always, Bry :heart: I hope your partner heals well and quickly!


These are great! May your partner feel better soon! :pray:


Thank you so much for the positive healing wishes @Amethyst, @MeganB, @christina4- they are very much appreciated! :hugs::heart:

The spell (along with alternating heat and ice packs lol) seems to have done the trick- or at least I’m not hearing anymore complaints about back pain, so it’s all good! :grinning: :+1:

Thanks again :pray::candle::blush:


Hooray!! :clap: :tada: I’m glad they’re feeling better!


So happy to hear that! :tada:

Also, I love your jars! The last time I went they didn’t have anything like this and I was bummed. I’ll have to keep looking!


That’s great! I’m so glad for both of you!


Thank you @MeganB, @Aurora_Hestia, and @Amethyst! :hugs::two_hearts:

There was just a heap of stuff all flung together at the end of the craft area in our Dollar Store- we actually found the jars buried in the pile lol. I’d definitely recommend to keep looking- they get new orders of stuff in all the time!

I hope you can find what you’re looking for- good luck, Aurora! :heart::blush::jar:


Thanks for the tip! The one we go to is usually a hot mess like this :laughing: so maybe I missed it! I’ll have to dig a little bit the next time we go.


Hahaha this made me laugh because it definitely describes our Dollar Store too. Great stuff? Absolutely. But oh boy do you have to dig and search for things- stuff is all over the place, literally piled up on the floor. Hot mess indeed :joy:

Good luck (and happy searching)! :wink::shopping: :sparkles: