Healing Spell for Someone

Hi, everyone!

I seek your help, because my father is very ill and I just can’t stand by knowing he’s suffering.
He has a painful stomach illness. I know it’s not the best if you do a spell for someone, especially without their consent, but he just isn’t open minded and I can’t change his beliefs, but again I can’t just do nothing.
If you have\know any healing spell, or a good health spell for someone I’m asking you to help me.
He got so worse, to the point when only the prayers and a good thought aren’t enough anymore.

Thank you all in advance!
Blessed be!

P.S: We took all the medical measures we could already, but he is doing more damage to himself because of how negatively he thinks. Again, he is not spiritual and doesn’t understand how powerful our thoughts and feelings are, therefore he constantly thinks about his illness.


I’m so sorry to hear that! Let’s send healing energy his way! :raised_hands:

Here’s a spell shared by SilverBear which can be what you’re looking for: Healing From A Distance! 🌏

Recently, I also posted a spell with rain water to send healing to another person: Pain healing advice - #2 by Francisco

I hope this helps! :pray:


Also, make sure you add your Father to the Energy Exchange so we can remember to send him some good vibes and prayers. It’s at Energy Exchange Circle 🤗 January 30th.


I’m so sorry to hear this! I’m sending healing love and light to your family & I hope he starts to feel better sooner than later. I wish I knew of a spell for you. I hope things turn around and he starts to get better and that your family can stop worrying about him also. That’s a lot of stress on him & the family. :star2: :heart:


I’m so sorry that you’re going through this and I know how tough it can be when our relatives are sick. I don’t see an issue with performing a healing spell on someone to help them.

Since you’re not doing the spell on yourself, you can try this spell and adapt it using a poppet of your father instead. Give the poppet the bath instead of yourself :dolls:


Chamomile and Eucalyptus Healing Bath :bathtub:

@SilverBear also posted this healing spell in the forum that you might want to have a look at.


Healing Illness Spell

I wish you all the luck in your spellcasting and I pray that your father is on the mend soon :pray:


Oh no… I’m so sorry to hear this. It is so hard when someone we love is sick. :worried:

Sending healing light to him and to you!


I’m sorry that your father isn’t doing well! My brother isn’t doing that great either. Id say trying out what @MeganB and @Francisco recommended. Im willing to try a couple of them. I’ll be praying for you and your father!!!


Thank you so, so much for everyone’s advice and good energy and light.
I’m literally tearing up.
I’m so grateful! :purple_heart:


So sorry to hear about your father, @diavoline. You’ve got some great advice and lovely spells to choose from here- I hope that they can help him! Sending love and light to both of you :pray: :heart:


Best wishes. Hope he can find relief and heal.


Strength, endurance and healing energy are on their way.
Sincerest Blessings