Healing Illness Spell

I was inspired to create this spell for someone who’s husband has been given some grim news concerning his health. She asked for healing and prayers. So, this is what I came up with.

Healing Spell

What you need:

  • 3 candles - white
  • Amethyst: Healing of body, mind, and soul
  • Clear Quartz: Healing
  • Aventurine: Healing
  • Healing anointing oil – Rosemary, juniper, sandalwood, basil, calendula
  • 3 small pieces of paper & pen
  • Fireproof dish or cauldron

What to do:

  • Begin by casting your circle and/or call the Quarters to aid you.

  • Anoint each candle with the oil. Starting at the wick and working your way down.

  • You can add the above herbs as a candle dressing as well. (optional)

  • Place your candles in a triangle.

  • Place each stone in front of each candle anointing them as well.

  • Light each candle and focus on the person who is sick. Think about them in a healthy state and free of all illness. Picture them in your mind’s eyes being strong, vibrant, and healthy.

  • Write the sick person’s name on each piece of paper and place them in the center of the triangle.

Repeat the following 3 times

Magick mend and candle burn, illness leave and health return. The person I am thinking of today, may sickness leave, and health come their way.

The number 3 is a sacred number in many religions (Maiden, Mother, Crone) it can mean that you receive the protection, guidance and help from divine forces. Three is the first number that forms a geometrical figure – the triangle. Number 3 is the number of good fortunes.

If you want to add power to the spell repeat the entire ritual for 3 nights in a row. You could also allow the candles to burn down for 3 hours.

Once completed burn your 3 pieces of paper in a cauldron or fireproof dish and repeat;
Sickness shall burn away in this fire; Health is what we desire.”

Wait for your ashes to cool and toss them away in the trash or blow them into the wind.

Remember to always practice FIRE safety!

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No amount of magical practice is a substitute for proper medical care. If you believe you have a serious health problem, or if you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider. Use the WebMD Symptom Checker for a quick online diagnosis.


(I was just preparing a video on the sacred number 3 and other triplicities, and I find this meditation on the number THREE :laughing: Always in tune!!! :raised_hands:)

Really, I loved the spell, the video and the music. Thanks for sharing, @SilverBear and I’ll be sending my prayers to him as well :pray:


So weird …I am kinda getting creeped out by this as it happens a lot …LOL!!

Thank you so much! I worked hard on this one!


Thank you for this spell. It’s beautifully written - and being who I am, I especially love the disclaimer you added at the bottom :laughing:


Thank you! :fire: :laughing:


Very very nice and we’ll done as usual @SilverBear


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Beautiful, and explained very well.


Thank you so much! <3


@silverbear, this is great thank you for sharing! My brother in law just suddenly collapsed in front of the kids with a seisure. They had to rush him to the hospital. They running test, not sure what it may be. Searched on healing spells here and came upon your spell. Gonna try it, help aid the situation and hopefully it’s not anything serious!?
Thank you.
Blessed be.


Oh no…I hope he is OK!! This happened to my neighbor, she was in the grocery store and she had a grand mal seizure. Never had one before in her entire life. Thankfully, it was nothing brain related but high blood pressure related! So, they placed her on blood pressure meds and told her to start exercising and eat better - she hasn’t had another seizure since and it’s been over year.

I will send you some healing light @walter


@SilverBear, thank you for sharing your beautiful health spell and video with us. I’ll be sure to add this spell with my others. I hope :pray:t4: that your friend’s health will improve soon. Take good care of yourself :ok_hand:t4:


Laurie, thank you so much! Really appreciate it! (He never had siesures before) i performed the healing spell last night. It went well, I’ll most likely do the 3 nights in a row. I threw the ingredients outside after they were cold- just blew into the snow. I still kept the candles in place, as i will redo the spell again! Thanks again for posting such great videos and spells! Very easy to follow and understand. Much blessings your way. (I hope your neighbor keeps doing well.)


can we use those crystals again for different persons healing?


@supriya1 Yes I would make sure you have cleansed the crystals before you use them on a different spell. Just for good measure.

Good Luck!


Merry meet @supriya1! :blush:

Francisco gave you a great answer, so I’m just joining in to wish you a warm welcome to the forum :heart: If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Happy healing and good luck with your crystal work! :gem::sparkles:


Hello to everyone, adding to @SilverBear shared, I hope everyone else will find this information useful too,

Once the person I had loved intimately was ill, when he told me of being hospitalized, I made a Omamori Charm which is usually made by monks or priests or priestess in Shinto shrines and from the research I did anyone in any belief/s can use it too, All you need for to create and for it to work are:

A. Pen,
B. Paper,
C. Scotch tape,
D. Pouch (one which may be enclosed)
E. Intent for Recovery
F. Sick person also does her/his best to have better health and follows advice of doctor/s or physician/s


  1. Write the name of the person with the name of the illness
  2. Write down a wish or prayer for the recovery of the sick person (this is where the intent part comes into play)
  3. Fold it to whichever shape (what’s important is that the Omamori Charm will never be opened or be read out loud by anyone) you’d wish and keep it folded by using a Scotch Tape
  4. Put it in an enclosed pouch (Must be sealed off and never opened, you could either give this to the sick person, place it in a space which may be blessed for good health, one could even place it beside a rosary kept inside a wallet too)

Blessed Be and I hope no one else will ever find themselves or their loved one in decline of good health,



I would cleanse them and recharge for each specific person.

Agreed with this. :slight_smile:


Thank you for this healing spell!
Blessed be!


This is exactly what I have been looking for, for two of my best friends, both with different problems but I want to send healing blessings to them both. Should I do them separately or together? Either way, I want to send them both blessings.