Healing Illness Spell

I was inspired to create this spell for someone who’s husband has been given some grim news concerning his health. She asked for healing and prayers. So, this is what I came up with.

Healing Spell

What you need:

  • 3 candles - white
  • Amethyst: Healing of body, mind, and soul
  • Clear Quartz: Healing
  • Aventurine: Healing
  • Healing anointing oil – Rosemary, juniper, sandalwood, basil, calendula
  • 3 small pieces of paper & pen
  • Fireproof dish or cauldron

What to do:

  • Begin by casting your circle and/or call the Quarters to aid you.

  • Anoint each candle with the oil. Starting at the wick and working your way down.

  • You can add the above herbs as a candle dressing as well. (optional)

  • Place your candles in a triangle.

  • Place each stone in front of each candle anointing them as well.

  • Light each candle and focus on the person who is sick. Think about them in a healthy state and free of all illness. Picture them in your mind’s eyes being strong, vibrant, and healthy.

  • Write the sick person’s name on each piece of paper and place them in the center of the triangle.

Repeat the following 3 times

Magick mend and candle burn, illness leave and health return. The person I am thinking of today, may sickness leave, and health come their way.

The number 3 is a sacred number in many religions (Maiden, Mother, Crone) it can mean that you receive the protection, guidance and help from divine forces. Three is the first number that forms a geometrical figure – the triangle. Number 3 is the number of good fortunes.

If you want to add power to the spell repeat the entire ritual for 3 nights in a row. You could also allow the candles to burn down for 3 hours.

Once completed burn your 3 pieces of paper in a cauldron or fireproof dish and repeat;
Sickness shall burn away in this fire; Health is what we desire.”

Wait for your ashes to cool and toss them away in the trash or blow them into the wind.

Remember to always practice FIRE safety!

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No amount of magical practice is a substitute for proper medical care. If you believe you have a serious health problem, or if you have any questions regarding your health or a medical condition, you should promptly consult your physician or other healthcare provider. Use the WebMD Symptom Checker for a quick online diagnosis.


(I was just preparing a video on the sacred number 3 and other triplicities, and I find this meditation on the number THREE :laughing: Always in tune!!! :raised_hands:)

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