May have found my Deity to work with

I maybe have found my diety to work with?

Was looking at Dieties last night and Brigid stood out during meditation session. I lit her an orange🕯️candle (because I didn’t have red) and brewed some herbal tea for her as an offering. She came to me after I casted a circle of protection before I read the Tarot. I love anything with flames and especially camp fires and fireplaces. I can just sit for hours staring at it. While I meditated I felt this enormous heat and warmth. ( Not hot but soothing and comforting, like a nice, warm bath) Was just such a comforting experience.

Has anyone else worked with her? Anything else I should do? I waited until the candle blew out on its own . Stayed up reading while it burned out. Also wondering, how long should I leave the cup of tea by her candle? I don’t have a printer at the moment but plan on getting one soon so I can start printing images as well as my BOS.

Also been working on my portable altar and discovered that large clam shells work great as candle holders.( Had frozen stuffed clams for dinner last night and noticed how pretty they were. The heat created a beautiful color on the inside. Said to myself , “I can reuse these!” ) I’ve only tried the votives on them, but I’m certain I can use 4 in ones as well. The best part about them is they don’t get hot to the touch. Thinking may paint some sigils on the outside. However don’t want to paint the inside, way too pretty!

Thank you
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What a good idea!! I’d love to live closer to the ocean so I could collect a few! :shell:

@MeganB did a lot of studying on Irish Paganism and she worked with Brigid. See here: Offerings at Home and Pledges to Brigid 📚

Megan hasn’t been active in the forum lately as she’s working on her own projects. But I know she is a skillful crocheter and I understand that offerings to Brigid should be more practical than anything else. Knitting, crocheting, weaving, baking, or handiwork of any kind are a good idea. For example:

I would advise you to approach her with love and gentleness. Never be afraid! Brigid know what’s going on and it’s up to you to worship her as she deserves. Whatever you need to know, she’ll teach you and guide you. Even if she’s not right for you, she’ll let you know.

I think it’s a great sign in your path that you have found your deity! :smiley: Keep at it! :muscle:


@Francisco, while browsing through dieties and watching the videos of different ones- it was her that appealed to me. I read the devotional prayer and than decided to invoke her. But, the meditation was intense and I believe I truly felt her! (Just hoping it wasn’t my imagination coming to conclusions but actually feeling her presence) And I wasn’t afraid, I felt this inmense calmness, warmth and love. Like I was in a ball of fire, however it didn’t burn- just such a warmth sensation. I actually hugged myself and felt cradled, protected.
Thank you for all the great advice! I will definitely research her and see where it leads.

Blessed be.


You’ve found a beautiful connection with Brigid, @walter- congrats! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am loving your creative candle holders- you’re right! Those shells work perfectly, and your setup looks amazing :candle: :heart_eyes: I think adding sigils to them is a great idea! You might consider using symbols from the Irish Tree Language- Ogham. Good luck and enjoy! :blush:


@BryWisteria, thank you! I appreciate the feedback. Just moving as I go and becoming more confident as I learn where this path leads me…I will check out the sigils.

Thank you.
Blessed be


There’s a wonderful looking book on Amazon that’s not too expensive. Pagan Portals - Brigid: Meeting The Celtic Goddess Of Poetry, Forge, And Healing Well that might help you out. It’s on my wish list, which is miles long. LOL.

You’re lucky to have found your deity. I wish you good luck researching Her.


It’s unfortunate that Megan isn’t active. I liked talking with her! But I do follow her youtube channel. :slight_smile: I still show my support


@christina4 thank you! I’ve been doing the research.


@Amethyst, thank you! Yes, I actually saved that book on Amazon as well as one of her statues. (Also, wish list a mile long. LoL)


Very pretty and a great way to upcycle things

How did you connect with deity? What meditation did you use? I havent connected yet but i really want to


@kira-marie, just a regular mediative state. Lit, my altar candles, casted a protection circle, searched Spells8 section on dieties. Went through them all, but Brig, was the one who stood out , or I was drawn too. I Lit her an orange candle because I didn’t have red. Brewed some herbal tea for her as well as Jasmin incense. ( All this I got from the information I read on dieties.) Continued to recite her prayer and just felt/experienced everything I wrote about.

Blessed be


Oh I love the shells @walter! Beautiful :blue_heart:

Congrats on finding your diety :sparkles:


Amazon, where all of my disposable money gets to. LOL.


@Abs53, thank you very much!


@Amethyst - ANYTHING written by Morgan Daimler is going to be fairly accurate and a great representation of deity - or mythology in general - in a modern and historical context. They’re a go-to for research and information in Irish paganism.

@christina4 - I’m trying to be :sweat_smile: life has gotten chaotic, but I’ve been lurking around! Just haven’t been able to sit down and properly respond to anyone lately.

@walter - It definitely sounds like you’ve found a wonderful connection to Brighid :fire: I second everything that Francisco mentioned above in regard to offerings. I also like to offer fresh water or, if I ever get the chance, She really seems to like good whiskey :laughing:


I completely understand! And that’s fine! I’m glad to see you here though :slight_smile: and I’ve been poking through your YouTube videos.


Good to know, since I have a couple books of theirs on my wish list. LOL. Thank you for pointing that out.


If you’re interested in Irish paganism or deities and history, also check out the books and content by Lora O’Brien (


Thank you for the rec! Another book to put on my wish list. LOL. That Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch looks very interesting!


So perhaps a silly question but is it customary to only work with one deity? I’ve felt a connection to Hecate but for some odd reason I haven’t invoked her yet. As stated in a previous post I did the Road Opener spell and since then keep thinking about Cernunnos.
I’d like to do an invocation but I’m unsure of which to do one for.
I’ve been discovering the deities and I learned about Cernunnos a couple weeks back, but Hecate was the first one I began learning about.
I’m probably over thinking it, but appreciate any insight.
Blessed Be,