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I was feeling yesterday that I should do some work with nature. Especially having a love working with the elements.

I was feeling I should go out into nature and just connect.

As someone who has never done such, what would you guys here on the forum recommend?

Another witch here suggested grounding work. Which I have never really heard of until now.

I just feel the need to connect and throw myself into this.

Any suggestions or recommendations are gratefully appreciated.

Blessed be. :crescent_moon:


There are many, many methods of grounding. It can range from simply sitting under a tree to a full thirty-minute meditation work.

But just to connect to nature, all you need to do is go on a walk if you’re able. A lot of people take their phones and use apps and look for different herbs and plants they can find in the city. Or go birding, and find different winter birds. It’s all good!


When I am connecting with nature, I like to watch what is happening… so I will sit on my porch & just feel the air, watch how the animals interact with each other, the plants & trees. If it’s a nice enough day or if I & am able, I will walk barefoot on the land around me, work with my hands in the yard, go down to the beach & watch how the water is connecting with the shore & the air & light around me. Just being outside & taking a walk & paying attention to how nature interacts with each other in different places.

Grounding could also be planting your feet flat on the earth, ground, or floor & taking deep intentional cleansing breaths. I usually start with 3 and then go from there if I need to do so.

You can also find guided meditations on the Insight Timer app or YouTube that are for grounding or connecting with nature when you aren’t able to be outside due to the weather or whatever the reason may be.


If you’re into yoga, I love doing yoga outside, even if it’s just a short simple flow like a sun salutation, it always leaves me feeling very grounded. I love being barefoot, but that’s not usually possible for me this time of year. I also agree with the previous posts, just walking outside feels really good for my soul. I like to hunt for cool stuff in nature for my spell jars, so this time of year, I find fragrant sprigs of evergreen, berries, bark, and even dried remains of summer plants are fun winter finds. Enjoy!


Thank you guys! That’s all very helpful!!

I noticed @Susurrus said an app to locate different herbs? Is their an app that shows you which one is which herb?


I apologize. @Amethyst said this lol


Man, when I get those feelings to just go out, be in nature, and connect? It’s really something else. :herb:

Amethyst and Siofra have mentioned grounding and just existing outside in nature. Those are great options! I wanted to add in some links that might help you, too.

Tips for Grounding and Centering

Grounding Oil 🧘🏼‍♀️

@SilverBear has a video about the healing power of nature :leaves: Nature Heals -- LOVELY!

If you’re struggling with any of that, I’d say just take a few minutes to sit outside. Listen to the world around you, stand with your feet in the dirt, or sit close to a tree in your area. Once you get out of the funk of feeling outside of nature, it’s much easier to recognize that we are nature itself. We are not outside of nature – we all exist together, though we as a species have separated ourselves from nature as much as we possibly could. :heart: I hope you can find a way to connect again!


@triplemoonlove9091 if you’d like to be able to identify plants that you come across, I use a couple of them… the 1st one I was using which is pretty good is Google Lens. The other is iNaturalist & it will tell you what the plant is & show you images of the plant or similar ones in your area that others have found. I have an Android phone, so I actually got them from the Google Play Store.

When it is spring & I am working outside with the earth doing plantings, general cleanup, or gardening I will use it. I have also used it when I have come across things on our local bike path & have seen some beautiful flowers & plants there or in our conservation area that also has a walking path.

On nice days when I can tolerate the weather in my joints, I will do a meditation sitting by my favorite tree in my backyard. Which is also really nice to be able to sit & feel the ground beneath me or in a chair with barefeet & having them planted on the ground while I do the meditation.


Hi there! When i have that feeling i get a sun bath or a moon bath, outside, that ’ s usually a good start. Just stay there with my arms opened, feeling the energy flowing, breathing, smelling the air.


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