Menstruation and pains


Since I crossed 30, I am experiencing painful cramps, back pain and lesser flow than before. Is there any spell/herbs to help with the same. I only know about my grandmama’s remedy of taking carom seeds with hot milk before sleeping.


I would love a solution for this, too. :black_heart: But I haven’t tried the carom seeds and milk yet – didn’t know about that one.


Apparently Carom seeds are hot in nature (helps to produce heat in body just like dry ginger) hence needs to be taken only half table spoon with warm milk. It helps with cramps, proper and easy flow. In India we are told to eat and drink hot food, spices, nuts during these days. It does help me.


Hi @KhanjanB,

First things first- a big hug to you :people_hugging: :heart: Cramps are awful. I used to have them so bad I would black out. Couldn’t go to school or work or do anything. Bane of my existence!

Here are a few immediate things I’ve found help alleviate cramps while they are happening:

  • Heat! Get a hot water bottle or thermos or take a hot bath- whatever is easiest and most accessible. The heat does wonders for relaxing the muscles and making the cramps less intense.

  • Cramp bark to alleviate cramps. It works as a tea but just a heads up that it tastes nasty- it goes down easier in a tincture than as a tea/infusion. Here is the one I have been using for the last couple months and it helps a lot. @Mistress_Of_Herbs includes it in her Menstrual Cramp Tea too.

  • Ginger helps immensely if you have nausea with your cramps. It can be made into a tea or taken in other forms too (tincture, candy, etc). I have little candies I take and carry with me.

  • Chamomile Delicate, healing, and soothing, chamomile is often recommended as an ease for both menstrual cramps and the stress that they can bring. I sometimes mix it with yarrow- recipe here.

  • Distractions Maybe it’s just me, but focusing on the pain makes it so much worse, and makes my stress levels hit the ceiling. Find other things to do or to focus on- listen to soothing music, read a book, watch a TV show, or sleep.

Cramps change as we go through phases in our life and can be greatly influenced by our current situation (including any strong emotions and stress we are feeling). So there are things you can do before the cramps begin that help.

Some preventative things I do include:

  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Drink a few cups strongly brewed in the days leading up the cramps beginning. This tea is believed to help tone the uterus and ease cramps.

  • Meditation and journalling Both are practices that can help reduce stress and make anxiety manageable.

  • Get enough nutrients May not apply to everyone, but if you have a nutrient deficiency (especially in iron!) making sure you have enough of what you need before menstruation begins can help. I’ve found eating liver the week before cramps begin makes a massive difference in cramp levels. Obviously this won’t be the right choice for everyone- find what your body needs and appease it!

Disclaimer - Herbs are potent medicines and should be used with care, especially by those taking other medications. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor and/or a trusted herbalist to make sure an herb is right for you and the unique needs of your body prior to use.

Just a few thoughts and things that help me- I hope you can find treatments that work for you, @KhanjanB! Wishing you all the best :pray: :heart:


I can’t thank you enough for writing this. This is so so so helpful. I am surely gonna try these. You are so kind :cherry_blossom:


Do you think cranberry could also work? :thinking: Cranberry and ginger are on my mental map for dealing with UTIs, but everything has multiple uses, and I’m thinking… I don’t know why, but it’s calling to me. :joy:


@KhanjanB It’s my pleasure! :heart: Always happy to try and help someone else suffering from cramps- we all gotta look out for one another :people_hugging: :two_hearts: I hope you can find some remedies that work for you!

@starborn I haven’t experimented with cranberry for menstrual cramps yet, but you’re right that most things have multiple uses! (And cranberry is a godsend for UTIs- I’m going to have to try it with ginger! Sounds tasty and healthy :yum:). If you decide to experiment, let me know! I certainly have a lot of cranberry around here- if it helps, I’m going to be thrilled! :laughing: :+1: :red_circle:


Oh! :thinking: I’d never thought to have both at the same time.

Usually I have honey, lemon, and ginger tea. And then I’ll pour some cranberry juice. :smile:

But now I have to experiment with this mix, too. I’ll probably use cranberry tea of some sort. I’m curious to know! :grin: :black_heart:


Ah- I read that wrong, apologies! :joy:

Still, it may have opened a new door- cranberry and ginger seem like they’d go well together (although I can’t quite put my finger on why- they’re both autumn/seasonal flavors? The colors go well together? Not sure :laughing:). I’m going to have to try it too! I might mix ginger ale with cranberry juice and see how that turns out (maybe add a splash of vodka too :wine_glass::yum: )


I grew up drinking cranberry juice and ginger ale! It was a treat to have it!


The only cranberry juice we get here is packed one which I do not consume. Do you guys get the fresh one?


I’ve never seen a fresh one in the major grocery stores – they’re usually made from concentrates and have added sugar. It has to be made with cranberries. Basically, just boiling them in water and then strain them.


Packaged. No fresh :confused:



but the raspberry tea is helping me so will go with that one


Sometimes we’ll get the one that’s 100% juice (not from concentrate), but I’ve never seen a fresh one in the store before either.

We do make homemade cranberry sauce from the berries (we live near some bogs so some stores sell them fresh), but I’ve never made juice before! Sounds like it would be a fun experiment :star_struck: It would take a lot of sugar, though- those cranberries are tasty but so tart :dizzy_face:

I’m so glad the raspberry tea has been working for you! :raised_hands: :people_hugging: :heart:


Fresh frozen this time of year and they’re wonderful in my oatmeal in the morning :gift_heart:



@BryWisteria thats bc cramp bark is AMAZING. Pairing it with helichrysum tho, makes it, AMAZEBALLS. soooooooo good with some mint too.


Sooooo happy this is working for both of yall. Just a little disclaimer tho if i may…Anyone pregnant or wanting to become so should not take Raspberry leaf. As it causes uterine contractions thus causing miscarriages.


Oh wow, thank you for telling that.


Agreed! It’s a real miracle :heart:

Now I just have to get used to the taste haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: It’s fine in the tincture, but on it’s own… whew.

I like your idea of combining it with other flavorful herbs (like mint)!

This is an important safety note! Thank you for sharing it :pray: :green_heart: