Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Jul 18 - 24 🌗

Congratulations!! :partying_face::sparkles:

I feel like I have a lot going on this week too but it’s just another schedule adjustment :sweat_smile: I swear, one day things will be streamlined!

You and me both! I could use all the self-care lately :sweat_smile: I am seriously considering going back to a physical planner so I can write things down rather than doing it all digitally. The digital stuff is getting me down and I think writing it all down would help. Does the planner you use have a journal section to write about your day? I may just have to make my own…

Oh my gods, already?! I feel like you were just talking about being excited for summer break :sweat_smile: happy birthday to your kiddo!

This sounds much-needed for you and probably many others, too. I hope you enjoy your time in whatever you do :heart:

Hooray!! :partying_face::partying_face: I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. That’s such good news!

Hopefully it works like it needs to! :pray::heart:


Thanks, love! I’m hoping!


@MeganB it is! Summer break is a blink of an eye! The kids have til August 1. We get out mid May and we have a balanced calendar… that means I get 3 extra weeks off during the school year that other places do not… shorter summer, but more breaks throughout. It’s a decent trade off!


It has a notes section that you can use but it’s only a single page. I just switched over to the coil Linen from their regular Linen and love how easy it is to work with. There are a few extra note pages in the back as well.

What I do is have a little notebook and keep it on the back pocket. My current one is from FFP as I got 4 free one of my quarterly planners. They are the perfect size but I’ll likely see if I can find comparable ones on Amazon for a better price.

At the end/beginning of the week (whichever way you want to look at it), there is a weekly section that has a recap that I like. I didn’t do last week’s because COVID.


Oh nice, thank you for sharing those pictures with me!


Awesome job ladies! The coven wouldn’t be the same without you both!

Thank you to all members of the coven, without your contributions there wouldn’t be anyone to learn from! :heartpulse:

I know I have an appointment on Wednesday, but other than that not much except the fair has started this week in my town, so traffic is such a thing & so is the number of people on the route off the on-ramp that the County Fair is held on each year. :joy: Again, this time of year, I only leave my house for a good reason. Usually, I’m listening to the scanner, it’s gotten much worse over the summer than it has been in over a decade! Everyone is here with pent-up cabin fever & a heat wave… perfect for a fair by the ocean :rofl:

Have you ever gone looking for something & then you wind up with 6 more organizational projects… well that happened to me over the weekend. I’m still finding things! So far I have 2 altar crystal grid cloths. I have another crystal grinding cloth that is a bit bigger that is different. I know I have the sacred geometry one, Flower of Life, & the Seed of Life… plus one of them has a placement for each chakra marked by their representative sacred lotus flower on the grid if that’s what you are using it for…

I will take a picture of them tomorrow in my room. I knew I had them but before I took the crystal healing courses & started diving into energy work & chakras… I didn’t really know or felt like I wanted to use them. Now that I do, it’s good to know I have a few options for directing the energy.

Today started with a morning meditation & it was for a protective shield around my aura for the rest of the day. Then I did the Bloodstone Activation meditation on Spells8 because that was my crystal drawn for the week which to me is awesome because I am not opposed to an extra boost for my root chakra… plus to my surprise, it mentions & has the root chakra as a good part of the meditation. :star_struck:

I also did meditation for the Morrigan :triquetra: today because 3 days in a row I found 1 single black feather in my driveway, but not laying flat, they were standing up because the stem was in between the stones just right… but 3 times… so I figured before she got upset, I would reach out to her & tell her what progress I have made & how to use my coping skills to get through & hold my boundaries & chore program without falter so the free for all doesn’t get out of control.


I am very positive, I will be celebrating SELF CARE DAY!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I also plan on getting organized, yet again! I literally need to learn to stay on track!! I hope everyone has a great week!

Blessed Be! :slight_smile: :heart:


Merry Monday Lovely Witches!!

Just going to finish up a couple of projects this week. The forecast is hell temps :hotsprings: this week again so staying inside as much as possible. My little dog gets her staples out Thursday. Her biopsy came back negative so we are ecstatic!

@Amethyst just turn it off! Your phone will be fine to hard boot. Must play games! LOL I’ve done it a million times and mine is working fine :wink: Happy to hear your healing too :teddy_bear:

@AileyGrey those milestones for the youngest are very hard. Best wishes and enjoy your little ones special day (they will always be our babies). My oldest baby turns 27 tomorrow :scream: and my baby will be 17 in sept :scream: :scream: Time does fly. So many Moons…
:full_moon: :waning_gibbous_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon: :waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon: :new_moon:

:sun:Have a great week everyone :infinite_roots:


Amaris Bane,
I am putting this one on my calendar, I hope you feel better hopfully you can get out soon and find something that is suitable for you! You do desearve some pampering! But we need to stir up the perfect antidot! Whats brewing in the witches cauldron? Me I am thinking of soaking my feet outside in my garden! I just moved in my new home and quite frankly its to late to start a garden but at least I have my plants!


I’m a little excited about International Moon day! I’m always looking for the moon & to see if I can find any stars around my house when I am out there late at night.

I definitely want to indulge in self-care day though! Hopefully, this weekend isn’t as active as the past ones.

We have had a lot of transitions this year too! I swear it’s the year for it because so far this summer; my husband started a new job, I went to a wedding, the next day a baby was born… new beginnings for everyone!

My “baby” is 13 & my only girl. So I understand that feeling of it hitting you harder. There are times when things my now adult sons do & it just hits me like a ton of bricks. I also understand that I’m ready but I’m not ready feeling. I have that when there’s some kind of transition. I will be that way when my daughter goes back to school. I will be excited, but sad at the same time.

I hope the new graft works on the new sore & it heals more quickly than in the past.

I think you will be able to come up with something great for Lughnasadh! Maybe look up some information on Lugh & find your own way to honor him & the first harvest. You got this, I know you will come up with something great… I bet one of your recipes here in the forum would have some perfect for it!

I have an eye doctor appointment on the 25th & they are dilating my eyes… woo hoo! It’s become a thing since I have lattice degeneration, astigmatism, nearsightedness… ah the life of a chronic illness that affects all things.

I feel this way, I’m hopeful that one day is soon because right now I’m walking a tight rope :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

This is the energy I hope to have by the time Sunday comes around. Having my husband & everyone home on the weekends is tough for me sometimes. Everyone is home & I feel like I need an airtight, soundproof room for them to not need me as soon as I decide to sit down for myself :laughing:

Supposedly we are having a thunderstorm :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: or were supposed to have one last night for a week of the same types of temps :hotsprings: I don’t like when it gets this hot because it’s harder for me to withstand being outside if I’m not by the water. I also don’t want to walk to the beach from my house in the heat :smile:


Egads! Things like that always bring the people in droves! Good luck getting to and from your appointment. Hopefully, the Fair will move on soon and things will get better for you.

I also hope your meeting with the Morrigan went well. I haven’t found a patron goddess really so far, so I envy you your connection to her.

Are you like me, needing totes to put your junk in because you don’t want it out but you don’t want to throw it away either? LOL!

Have a good self-care day!

I hope this hard boot will help. The problem is it’s frozen so it won’t turn off or anything. I have to wait for the power to run down. ~headdesk~ Thanks for the good vibes for healing!

Thank you, love! I hope it helps.

I just want to do some research, and then I’ll get started writing. I’ll get there yet! Thanks, love!

Hope everyone stays safe in the heat!


You’re welcome! :two_hearts:

As for the fair traffic… I just avoid that road completely & go around… so much easier than sitting in traffic. People come from near & far to go to the fair each year. I have embraced what I call “Native Travel” because the locals all know how to avoid the main roads going around the back roads… some of the back roads are recognized by GPS systems now, so they aren’t as easy, but still way better than the parking lots of main roads or beach roads. :laughing:

Since we are supposed to have a heat wave, I will be inside most of the time until the afternoon when the beach here isn’t as full. I haven’t been down to the ocean yet & feel like I need to get there soon, every summer I’m usually down there in the afternoon. Things just haven’t allowed that for me this year yet :thinking: time to make time I guess!


You’re so welcome for the healing vibes!!! I know you’ve been battling this for a long time :purple_heart:
I forgot to mention that when your device is frozen and won’t turn off you can push in and hold the power button and it will shut the power off, then you can turn it back on. I had some games that would freeze mine up and that would fix it.
I used to build PC’s when I was in my 20’s, tech problems are the worst! I hope you are able to play again soon. :rose: :rose:


Update to the MMM:

This week’s group ritual post is now live in the forum! For more details, please visit the full post here:

7-21 Release Relax Ritual Waning Crescent Moon

(Group Ritual - Jul 21) :relieved: Release and Relax Ritual

The Waning Crescent Moon encourages us to embrace relaxation and reflect on positivity. Peer deeper than the darkness, release what is blocking you, and find your soothing inner light in this group ritual :crescent_moon:

Looking forward to indulging in some relaxing quiet time with you all this Thursday!

Blessed be, Infinite Roots :heart::tea::waning_crescent_moon:


drem, yol, lok vozah rumme! Faal diist ahvos fen das kos voknau mu!
Hello, Infinite Roots! Lammas will soon be upon us.
Oh, wow. Dovahzul has made my speech sound really formal. :laughing:

Anyway, for Lammas, I’m thinking of making a harvest oil that includes olive oil, basil, and thyme. Not sure yet what other prosperity herbs would go well with them. Any ideas?

And on another note, some of the dollar stores are starting to put out Halloween candy and some of the craft stores are putting out autumn and Halloween items. I know that we still have Lammas and Mabon, but I can’t help myself! I’m a Fall Witch! Hey, that could be a great badge title for a future challenge.


I didn’t forget & it is still tomorrow from yesterday…

These are the Crystal Grid Cloths I have that I came across while looking for something else:

These ones I received in Tamed Wild Subscription boxes, I’ve been getting them for 2 years.

This one is from BouchetteDesign - Etsy when I got their crystal oracle deck it was a free add on

So that just reinforces that I need to use the skills I have learned to come to practical solutions & keep myself moving forward :smiling_face:


I forgot to say thank you for this! Yes, it did & I cut up her apple to bury in my yard today & then poured her stormwater over a piece of white quartz-like rock on the edge of my front garden. It has a point on each end right to the corner of the garden & I poured from the outer edge to the inner edge. I don’t know why, but every time I empty the chalice with her stormwater, that’s what I do with it. If I leave milk for Brighid, I pour that over the base of an oak tree in my back yard… don’t know why that’s just what I’ve always done. :smile:


Don’t melt, either way, we’d miss you here! LOL!

Yeah, I’m going on like three years on this one sore. I should have named it and claimed it on my taxes.

They fixed it today once it was run down! I’m back in business, thanks so much for the help!

I love Halloween as much as the next witch, but that’s too early! Next thing you know they’ll have Christmas stuff out in August!

Both sound like wonderful rituals! We’re not allowed to put any food outside for the animals, it attracted a bear so for now I make do with offerings of incense. After all, I don’t want a bear climbing through my window! LOL!


@Amethyst having woken up one night with a bear on the back porch off the kitchen… no that is not something you would want to have to happen!

It has been a while for your leg, but it seems like so far the best results have come from the grafts. So hopefully this one doesn’t get too bad now that you’ve had the graft for it while it’s smaller.

@kasandra, I was at Michael’s today (I was there for 1 item & walked out with the 1 item 20% cheaper) the first thing I noticed was the autumn-themed merchandise, I believe some of it (if not all the shelves) were at least 30% off the fall/autumn items. I couldn’t believe it!


@Siofra_Strega SAME. I have one child, 13 and my boyfriend has 3 children. Two of his and my one live with us. SO it’s chaos every single day during summer vacation so I’m ready for school next month lol! I have to hide away in my office and tell them 700 times before coming in here that I will be busy, if they need anything it’s their last chance, and do not bother me until I come out of the room. :laughing:

It barely works, but hey I’m about at a 50/50 rate of getting peace sometimes :laughing: