Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Jun 13 - 19 🍓

I’m very happy. They’ll slap another graft on me next week, hopefully, it will continue healing.

That’s a calm week on the home front? Sounds busy to me. Good luck with your blanket, you’ll have to take a picture of it when you’re done!

Thank you, my dear! Good luck veggie buying! Hope you get something good!


@Amethyst Hooray about the successful skin graft- it sounds like it is doing great! May it continue to heal up wonderfully for you :blush: And ohhhhh you’ve got all the goods for the strawberry moon- enjoy your full moon tasty treats! :yum::strawberry:

@AileyGrey It’s sounds like a fun week for you! :grinning: Hahaha I know the feeling with the crafts- there’s a line from when it crosses over from being fun into a chore to get it done :sweat_smile: Wishing you all the best with finishing up the blanket!

@Siofra_Strega I hope your pups are feeling better! It was quite a loud thunderstorm- I caught a few flashes of lightning too :zap: Our cat isn’t a big fan of them either :cat: The chakra stones are gorgeous!!! That is so cool that each one has all the colors- they are really lovely :rainbow: :gem:

It’s shaping up to be another busy week around here (but I feel like I always say that? That would make it a normal week I suppose :joy:) and I need to figure out the details of how we’re getting back to Europe at the end of this visit to the US. As a break from the exhausting air trips, we’re considering returning by boat instead of flying… :passenger_ship: :thinking:

The strawberry moon was gorgeous last night! I shared a pic here- it’s been a while since I got to see the full moon, so I felt very blessed :relaxed: :full_moon:

Wishing everyone a blessed week!


@Siofra_Strega those are gorgeous stones! What a cool subscription box!


It’s gonna be yummy, that’s for sure! LOL!

If you go by boat, that would be an awesome trip! You’ll have to share pictures of the ocean that far out. It would be magical.


@Amethyst Enjoy it for me too! Cheers~! :tropical_drink: :strawberry: :yum:

Being that far out in the Atlantic would be pretty crazy- exciting, but also scary too! :laughing: I’m looking at tickets and thinking things over- it’s actually not that much more expensive for a cruise ticket than a one-way airfare ticket, which seems strange. We’ll see how things play out! And I’ll def share pics if it ends up happening :grinning: :heart:

Update to the MMM:

This week’s group ritual meditation is now LIVE in the forum! More information about the ritual as well as what items should be prepared can be found in the post:

6-16 Capricorn Waning Moon Staying Steady

(Group Ritual - June 16) :waning_gibbous_moon: Staying Steady Meditation)

With the passing of the full moon, the light will dim in the skies as we reach the Ides of June- the month is half-over and the full moon is gone- is it just me, or is anyone else tired ? :sweat_smile:

Push back any moon exhaustion or general weariness you’re feeling with this meditation- with the blessing of the moon in Capricorn :capricorn: , you can continue onwards and upwards at a steady pace to reach the summit of your goals :mountain:

Looking forward to sharing a cup with you then!

Blessed be :sparkles:


@Amethyst I think today I’m taking my day that just goes with the flow & lets things play out how they have to, so veggies will be tomorrow. I’m excited to go to the place though :hugs:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry & @AileyGrey thank you so much about the Chakra stones, I definitely was not expecting those to be in there at all out of the 3 things that they could have been. So I am using them today whenever I meditate :woman_in_lotus_position:, no matter how long or when I go outside to sit on my back porch I have them in a pouch with a Clear Quartz.

@AileyGrey I get the subscription box from Tamed Wild each month. There it comes with different items that you can use in your practice & they will include a card explaining each item & if you would like to do the ritual… the instructions for that also. :hugs: I do believe that a few others here have gotten the box too or still do, so they may have their opinions too. I really enjoy them & I have taken items & used them for a different purposes. For instance, I got a crow/raven charm that was supposed to be consecrated for the Norse God Odin, but I decided that I wanted to wear it to represent the The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess :triquetra:. So that’s what I did for my own practice. :smiling_face:

I’m hoping that this feeling continues through Thursday so I can carve out some tea time, but I’m not making any promises except that I am going to make a valiant effort to participate with actual tea & such on Thursday. :laughing:


Congrats @AileyGrey and @Garnet! I always look forward to the love y’all share on my and everyone else’s posts.

@Amethyst I am so happy that you are healing well!! I will continue to send you healing energy.

@AileyGrey you will finish it! I always have to self-impose deadlines or I will continue to procrastinate. :rofl: :rofl:

@Siofra_Strega I can’t wait to get my box! Those chakra stones are beautiful. I usually don’t get mine until way late in the month or early next month because of my order date. Here’s hoping I receive one of those as well!

@TheTravelWitch_Bry Traveling by boat sounds fun! I’ve been trying to convince my husband to take a cruise for years but I’ve pretty much given up as I don’t think his anxiety would handle it well any more. :sob: And you are not alone in being tired! I’ve been thinking it must have been my allergies causing problems during my sleep but didn’t think about the moon’s energy affecting me.

My week is starting off mellow but quickly becoming chaotic. My husband surprised me by bringing home strawberry ice cream for the Strawberry Moon last night! When I just looked at him, he goes “I pay attention.” :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I was just added to a big project at work and made the project manager for the client as well. It is exciting because it means that my boss thinks I’m doing an excellent job and is trusting me to pass some of her work to me.

The rest of the week is filled with “surviving” work and trying to fit in my spiritual practices as I’m starting to build a daily/weekly/monthly routine out.

Oh, and not dying in this Texas heat! It’s 92F with a heat index of 102F here in Houston, way hotter than our normal June temps. I’m not sure how I’m going to survive when summer really hits in the next month or so. :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:


Thank you @Amaris_Bane! I hope you get them too, because of your work with Chakras! That would be great. Right now I have them in my pouch because I am using them when I meditate today. I returned my focus to my Root Chakra. It needs a boost before I move through to the next ones. I have worked on my Sacral so I would refresh that one and then move to the Solar Plexus. :hugs:

My son made it to Arkansas, they are still driving but he said that he hopes it ends soon :rofl: I did warn him about the climate & hydration & sunblock.

Congratulations :tada: on the big project/project manager! That’s awesome news too! I hope you work out a good routine, I’m still working on a daily routine, well morning really. It’s changed so much around here that it’s all askew right now :laughing:


@Amaris_Bane thanks! I think I’ve got a rhythm going!


Hahaha!! Long road trips can be really tiring. I hope he’s having fun at least!

I’ve been reading up on chakras and been working on my solar plexus as it’s been blocked. It would be nice to get the chakra stones to meditate with. I do have a chakra bracelet with lava stones that I found at Michaels. It has a paw print bead so I couldn’t pass it up.

That is great!! You’ll finish it in no time to then! I have so many half finished projects. :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Oh my it’s gorgeous, I remember when I found out they sell genuine stone jewelry :joy:

I wear one on each wrist
One is just chakra stones & honestly a little too big for my wrist, the other on my receiving (left) hand is the set of chakra stones & at the beginning & end have a clear quartz then a strip of black tourmaline stones.

The first one… I dont remember where I got it. The one on my left wrist I got from the school where I took my crystal healing courses. I got my chakra stones from them that I use for healing & working with each one. I use essential oils, breath work, & meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: also to work with my chakras. Lots of meditation :thinking:

My son is having fun & taking pictures. They have stopped a couple of places to see different things. I check in with him every once in a while.


I hear tell about farmer’s markets where there are fresh fruits and veggies coming into the cities and wish we had something like that here. It would be awesome!

Thank you so much! I appreciate it!


We have a couple of farms in our town that have been passed through generations… they are actually not that common anymore.

Its sad :pensive: there used to be stands in different places or other setups. I can remember when it was done on the honor system as far as payment or a donation. There was a locked box with a slot or a jar! Can’t do that anymore.

Since the pandemic the two larger ones have been donating the bulk fruits & veggies to our service centers & food pantries for the area where I live. They are accepting anyone now within this part of Cape Cod. (Its kind of broken up into 3 sections as far as some services can go)

Lots of changes, but this is a going to be a good summer season for the town. It started early & so has the summer :sun: weather! I’m looking forward to working in my yard this weekend.


It all sounds so nice! Good luck working in your yard this weekend, don’t overheat!


I’m hoping that I am able to, we had a lot of rain under the waxing moon into the full moon, and now my garden has some kind of something in it, that I thought I had pulled gotten out before we planted. So it’s a creeper of some kind, but makes it hard to tell which are seedlings :seedling: & which are the plants starting to come up :laughing:


Keep him. He is to be protected! :laughing:

But in seriousness, that’s so great that you got strawberry ice cream from him :strawberry: I’m sure it made the Texas heat not be so unbearable :hot_face:

I’m glad their trip is going safely! :heart:


I hope it will be- we got our tickets last night! We’ll be making our (very slow) way back to Europe on a transatlantic boat in August :passenger_ship:

I get your husband- I’m already feeling my anxiety spike :sweat_smile: Luckily, the info says there will be a buffet, so at least I’ll have that to hyper-fixate on :laughing: :plate_with_cutlery:

I was blaming my allergies too! We certainly have a lot in bloom at the moment, but it started yesterday and the exhaustion reached wild levels last night and this morning. So now I’m pointing my finger at the full moon :joy::full_moon:

Definitely a good time for a recuperating ritual to keep us going- it sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment too! Wishing you all the best with surviving work this week and beating that famous Texan heat- hang in there! :muscle: :heart:

Woohoo! I hope he’s having a blast on the trip :blush:


Eep. Sounds like that’s going to be a pain in the butt to pull up . Good luck with that.


Thanks :laughing: I don’t think I will necessarily be tackling that one until set up the garden next year. I’m pretty sure we need to weed as much as we can & then rototill the whole thing with new soil & fertilizer. :joy:


Good luck with it either way!