Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! Mar 28 - Apr 3 🌚

Have one of those teenagers have you some coffee ready when you get home!
Feel better soon! :rose: :coffee: :coffee: and an extra cuz your so nice :coffee:


Thank you everyone!

I made it & then got a drink at home. I saved having coffee for today, so I’m on the first cup. I wonder up not going into surgery until closer to 3:30 PM, So I got home a little bit after 5 PM. My husband was home, so he stayed with me all night.

The medicine messed up my sleep, so it’s been different today. Hopefully I can take naps & reset later today :sleeping:


I’m glad everything went okay! Hope you get your sleep schedule fixed. I hate it when mine gets out of whack.


It will fix itself over the next couple of days once I get back into my morning routine on Monday. So I am just taking it easy over the weekend. :hugs: I will be back later this afternoon/evening. I think I can maybe take a quick nap before my daughter gets home from her friend’s house. :smile:


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