Merry Meet Monday - Magick News of the Week! May 23 - 29 🌘

Hi All and Happy Monday!

I had a busy but wonderful weekend. My oldest son is visiting from OKlahoma with his girlfriend, she is a very nice person. I knew she would be :wink:

They will be here until Saturday so I won’t be on much this week. We have some cool site seeing planned. I will try to get some nice pics for the forum.

Love your garden @Siofra_Strega, I know your going to have a wonderful harvest with all your planning and work you put in to it. I’m doing the container style garden here because the sun is so intense and we have poor dirt quality for most veggies. I move my plants around if needed, which was a good thing this year because I’ve had to bring them in for cold nights a few times :snowflake:
We are having another drought year so I’m not growing much.
Have a wonderful Witchy week all :wink:


Thank you so much!

I’m actually awful at the :potted_plant: indoor growing of anything :flushed:

& Oh no! We have the rain & luckily our backyard is pitched downhill… well, the whole road is uphill really :joy: so it doesn’t puddle too much anymore. Today I got all 42 of the different :sunflower: sunflower seedlings :seedling: planted around the 2nd corner & the short side of the garden. I feel like we are going to have a rain shower soon so I want everything to be in & be able to get acclimated to the rain with the sun throughout the days & see if there are any areas we need to address sooner than later.

I have actually found this season & my connection to my gardens & land is a whole lot stronger this year. It was okay last year, but this year is 100% better than the last I’d say 10 years. I’m very proud of what I have gotten done in the front & backyards. :house_with_garden:

We have plants that are outdoor but we would have to put them into dormancy & bring them inside during the winter months. The planters would go in our basement & we would water them as needed so they didn’t lose their roots. However, I believe they got pot bound, so my husband is considering moving them to full sun in the front… after he talks to the nursery people at his job. :woman_shrugging: Most of that is out of my expertise :blush:

Again thank you so much for your kind words, they are greatly appreciated @Sarafeena_Sage


That is very cool! I bet you can’t wait to see all the new growth!

You’re welcome, dear heart! Newcomers like you help breathe some fresh air into the forum!

Have a good visit with your family @Sarafeena_Sage! Sounds like you’ve got a fun-filled week planned!

So I’m back from the doctor and yes, they had to scrape my leg again today but they put on that new graft and it doesn’t hurt at much so that’s good. They were encouraged because it looks smaller and there was some growth in the middle of new skin bridges so that’s good. Here’s hoping that this skin graft takes! Thanks for all the good wishes, y’all!


I have people coming this weekend too from Sunday until… Wednesday morning. I hope your visit goes well, I know it’s different when it’s your children. I hope you have a lot of fun & make some lasting memories :revolving_hearts:

That’s great news, here’s hoping that this one takes better & that it starts healing more comfortably! :hugs:


@amara maybe you could find them as an ebook! I haven’t looked, but that would be better than nothing!


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Update to MMM:

The group ritual post for this week is now LIVE in the forum! You can find more information in the post here:

Tarot Tea Divination Group Ritual Spells8

(Group Ritual - May 26) :tarot_card: Tarot & Tea

Grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck and join us for the group meditation! It’s a fun way to connect with your cards, reveal an important message, and celebrate World Tarot Day with the coven :blush:

Looking forward to sharing a cup with you then!

Blessed be Infinite Roots :infinite_roots: :coffee::tarot_card:


Thanks, love! For your lips to the Goddess’ ears!


Thanks sweetheart
I wish I could make out some little time to participate in this week ritual :heartbeat:


I hope things aren’t too crazy busy for you and you’re able to make the ritual, Amara! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks :heartbeat: for looking out for me, I will try my best


Hey everyone and happy Friday as it is now in England (about 20 to 1 in the morning).

I’ve been a little absent recently as life has been hectic, but I’ve been thinking about you all.

It’s been hectic and eventful in a good way. I was made a Trustee of Ask for Clive, an LGBTQ+ inclusion charity, and tomorrow is our flagship event, Pub Pride. It should be a blast!


It’s nice to hear from you @IrisW! I know it’s hectic but I’m glad you’ve been staying busy, that sounds like good news for your business. Good luck at Pub Pride!


So nice to see you again @IrisW, I am happy that it has been a good busy for you! Congratulations :tada: & good luck with your event :confetti_ball: Check-in whenever you have the time! :heart:

So, yesterday was a doozy that bled into today :joy:

  • Yesterday I missed 1 appointment & when I rescheduled… I made it for the date & time of a different appointment, so had to call back & re-reschedule the appointment. Then had to go through my phone & found another appointment that I made for a time I am not home Monday through Friday. So that will be addressed at tomorrow’s appointment.
  • Today, I woke up at the time I should have been walking out the door with my daughter to get her & her friend to school on time. Then… out of the 3 lunches I usually make, 0 got made. I had to pick up 2 prescriptions & bring 1 lunch to the school & by the time I got home… all I wanted my first coffee & to take my morning medicine :rofl:

So tomorrow is Friday & should be better. It’s going to be a nice day & I am definitely going to bed once I am tired instead of trying to stay up when my son gets home from work to say good night to him. :sleeping:


That’s so cool, Iris! :heart_eyes: Congrats on becoming a Trustee, and I hope Pub Pride is amazing- it sounds like it is going to be tons of fun! Enjoy it :rainbow_flag: :partying_face:


I hope Friday is better for you love, sounds as if you had a day and a half yesterday!


That’s so exciting @IrisW :tada: Congratulations!! I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful event :rainbow_flag: :sparkles:

@Siofra_Strega It sounds like you need a rest and a reset :pray: I hope today is much more calm for you!


@Amethyst & @MeganB thank you for the good wishes about today. Some unexpected news… back to back to back came last night so I forced myself to go to bed & used breathwork & a sleep mantra to settle my mind with my weighted blanket so I could fall asleep. I barely remember my husband coming to bed & turning on the fan before getting in, then… at 4 AM… I was bright-eyed & bushy-tailed awake… so naturally I came to the forum first to see what all has happened since last night. :rofl:

Although today, everyone got lunches & where they needed to be on time. I just have antsy energy before my 10 AM appointment, so once that is over… some much-needed self-care time is in order. :smiling_face:


Today is off to a better start then, that’s good. Take time for all the self-care you need, love!


Feebie things on my mind​:hugs::hugs: