Mindfulness movement exercises

Hey if anyone has any type of mindfulness exercises im looking to see whats out there


@SilverBear just posted a video for mindfulness. It’s a beautiful meditation.


oooo I have a TON of mindfulness meditations on my YouTube Channel – most have been posted on this forum too.


Greetings @Nikita-mikaelson,

I know you had posted about being interested in Tai Chi, which is a great practice for mindful movements/excercise and I do have one move you might want to try!

I really like this video by Master David Wong on YouTube for a basic move in tai chi called the “energy ball”:

There’s also a move called the “shimmy” in belly dance that requires a lot of focus and mindfulness throughout your entire body- but is really fun to do! :dancer: Most of the videos I used were through Datura, but as that is a private dance site, I found something similar on YouTube:

Also another vote for @Silverbear’s great videos- she has some amazing ones for cultivating a health mindfulness practice! :person_in_lotus_position: :two_hearts:

Good luck and happy mindfulness work, Nikita! :sparkles:


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