Money Magick

Hi guys New Wiccan here :star_struck::heart::woman_elf:t5::heart:

Nice to see so much love fro my previous post haha :laughing:

I want to do a money spell but don’t have a green chime candle, would a yellow candle work?


Leo Moon


Depends on the currency of your area and the color associated with it too, if in the USA it’s USD, wouldn’t recommend using a yellow candle, the color doesn’t directly associate with money, if you can’t get a green candle, then it has been advised by many to use a white candle, it can take the place of all colors.


I do have a white one and I will envision my intention when dressing it with herbs! Thank you I’ll have some coins to use a talisman in an offering dish and add to it as a extra boost for my energies. Thank you!! I’ll post it, when I complete it fully! :blush: @Eliza_01 :heart::woman_elf:t5:

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Welcome, @LeoMoon- great question!

I second this! :grinning: White candles are very universal- if you are ever lacking a certain color candle, white can take its place :+1:

Additionally, dressing the candle and/or carving sigils or words on the side can further help to give direction and enhance your candle magick :candle:

When it comes to money magick, another alternative to green is gold- a color traditionally associated with wealth, luxury, and finances :coin: :sparkles:

Money spells are particularly potent when cast on either a Thursday or a Sunday. You can also get a boost by including money-attracting herbs such as Basil or Ginkgo :herb:

Wishing you all the best with your money spell- may you be blessed with an abundance of fresh new funds :money_with_wings: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Very welcome! Please let us know how it worked out? @TheTravelWitch_Bry gave excellent direction on making it a success!


I also agree with the white candle, but you can also use say a birthday candle or dress the white candle with prosperity/abundance herbs with a money intention.



Brianne, A white candle can be used in place of any color you need. I use a white jar candle with lid for my devotionals and B-day candles for rituals, simple, easy and less likely to burn my house down.
Blessed be, sending love