Money/Prosperity Bowl - Weekly Challenge Entry

Happy Friday everyone!!! I intended to refresh my money/prosperity bowl yesterday with the new moon but hubby took me out instead. :woman_shrugging:

It’s still within the new moon window so I did it tonight instead.

Ethics on Money Magick

I know on the Weekly Witchy Challenge - Ka Ching! Money Magic thread there was a bit of discussion on what I guess could be viewed as the ethics of performing such magic. I wanted to take a moment to explain the purpose of my bowl as it’s not really an ask of the universe to give me money. As you will see by the ingredients I use, while I do want to attract money, I am asking to do so through my success and efforts. I come from a blue-collar family as does my husband. I also pride myself as being the only successful one of my siblings but that’s a different discussion. I’ve always worked hard for what I get and have never liked handouts.

When I first heard about money bowls, it was via the metaphysical store I visit. I had a discussion with one of the workers about it’s purposes, what to include, and how to keep it going. When I expressed my concern over asking the universe for money, she told me “Sweetie, the universe isn’t going to give you anything without effort on your part.” but then also proceed to tell me how I could shift the focus more towards prosperity from my actions, which is what I’ve done.


  • Green or Gold Bowl of appropriate size (based on what all you are going to include)
  • Green pillar candle
  • Blessing/prosperity/Crown of Success oil
  • Salt - used as base; I use both sea salt and pink Himalayan but you can use whatever you want
  • Herbs of your choice:
  • Basil: attracts money, wealth, and prosperity
  • Peppermint: take action to obtain money, wealth, and prosperity
  • St. John’s Wort: prosperity, blessings, and security of our money
  • Bay leaves with intentions written on them
  • Cloves: protection of our money, prosperity and success
  • Crystals of your choice:
  • Green Aventurine: success
  • Emerald: Successful business, self-discipline, and manifestation
  • Malachite: abundance, success with business deals and goals, luck with money (b/c my hubby likes to play lotto and gamble from time to time)
  • Pyrite: attracts money, prosperity, success, and wealth


  1. Decide on a deity to call to for aid. There are many to choose from. I happen to work with Hades, the Greek provider of fertility and wealth, so I can upon him during my spell.
  2. Gather all your supplies together. You can add other things to your bowl like gold glitter and money :dollar::euro: that you will not spend - whatever speaks to you of money, wealth, and prosperity.
  3. Light some incense and cleanse your space. I use sandalwood, jasmine, or Palo Santo but use whatever you like.
  4. Cast your circle for protection and call the quarters if so desired. Call upon your deity for aid in the spell. You can use an invocation for the deity or write a short prayer :prayer_beads::pray: to them asking for assistance.
  5. Using your incense, cleanse all the items to be used.
  6. Add the salt :salt: to the bottom of the bowl while visualizing abundance and prosperity.
  7. As your crystals to the bowl while focusing on their intentions. I use a small bowl buried in the salt so that the crystals are not directly in the salt. I got a cheap green condiment bowl at the dollar store for this purpose.
  8. Anoint the candle :candle: with your choice of oil, drawing it to you to bring the wealth and prosperity towards you. Sprinkle a small amount of the herbs you are using onto the candle, avoiding the very top to prevent making a Roman candle.:firecracker::fire::fire_extinguisher: While adding them, visualize their purpose. Once dressed, put candle into salt - it should stand upright on it’s own. If it doesn’t, add more salt before proceeding.
  9. Optional Add herbs to the top of the salt. Add cinnamon sticks x3 to speed up the spell.
  10. Write your intentions on the bay leaves and place in bowl. Add 9 cloves to bowl while focusing on protection of your hard earned money.
  11. Add anything else you intend to now - money, glitter, etc.
  12. Light the candle and focus your energy on the bowl while saying the following, out loud or in your mind:

Thank you, {Deities Name}, for providing me and mine with hospitality and shelter.
My life is prosperous in money and wealth.
I am successful in all my projects and I walk in prosperity.
In perfect peace and in a perfect way as it is.
So mote it be!

  1. Focus on the candle for a few moments, regarding ways to bring prosperity and wealth into your life in all ways, not just money. When you feel ready, snub the flame.
  2. Thank you deity for their assistance and bid them farewell.
  3. Bid the elements/quarters farewell if you called them and open the circle.
  4. Light the candle for a at least a few minutes every day. Refresh when you feel called to do so.




Good morning @Amaris_Bane!

So funny thing, I did my challenge entry & it’s a spell jar for abundance & prosperity. Originally I was like, I know there’s a couple of different ways to do a money bowl. The thing that caught my eye was that in my spell jar I used Dill, Cloves, & Basil with Green Aventurine, Amazonite, & a Clear Quartz. Which is very similar to your bowl.

You have given me an idea of what to do for my own money bowls! I was close! I used a green candle when I did my spell jar, might be time to move up to a bowl! :heart:


I like doing a bowl because I’ll add money/change to it in between refreshes. Heck, I’ve even got the hubby trained to do his silver change in it!


I had a friend with a money bowl & she kept it on her counter & just added change to it all the time. I don’t know if there was anything else in the bowl or if she did anything else beforehand, but I would see her like stir the bowl with her fingers when she walked by it.

Something I’m going to have to look into!


I absolutely love this idea, and it looks so pretty!


This is great! What a wonderful spell!


Thank you everyone! Normally you would want to use a green or gold bowl (I’ll update the spell above to indicate), but I’m using a serving bowl from my mother-in-law’s china as a way to honor her. She passed away when we were young, before we got married, and it hit my husband pretty hard. While he won’t say it out loud, I can see that he loves that I honor her in my practice. She is part of my ancestor altar and I use her china for many items: small bowl as an offering bowl on my altar, this bowl for my money bowl, and a tea cup and saucer for all my tea rituals. I feel her presence when I’m using them and her smiling upon me for taking care of her boy for her.

Sorry that this turned into a sappy post!


Not sappy at all! You have a connection with your husband’s mother despite her passing on. That’s a great thing and must comfort your husband so much.


@Amaris_Bane i love that u use these. I havent tried jasmine yet, bet it smells nice. I use sandalwood, palo or dragons blood for mine


I like dragon’s blood too, I’m just out at the moment. Need to restock.


Dragon’s Blood, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Palo, are some of my favorites to use too! I really like to make my own with the resins… I have a collection of resins… maybe I can find a good one to make for this reason!

@christeena & @Amaris_Bane thanks for the inspiration!


@Siofra_Strega ummmmm twinsie how to do make resin?


Hello twinsie… well, I don’t know how to make it, but you can buy it! & if you burn it… use a small chunk on a charcoal disc.

If you are making your own incense, the resins help it to burn longer than just burning the dried herbs. So you add small crumbled pieces… since my hands well, they aren’t what they used to be, for the resins & wood I use a small electric coffee grinder with a couple of quick zips to break them up into smaller pieces then add it to the incense mixture.

I have to make more for Brighid & the Morrigan… so when I get the items out… I’ll share some pictures of what I’m talking about. Plus, I will find the shop where I get the resins because they come in a box but there are the most commonly used ones & a couple of others that come with it. You only use it a little at a time so it lasts a while.


@Siofra_Strega oooooooooooh for The Morrigan!!! Yes i would love to see that. And ditto on the hands, i chop things up in my blender lol


Yes, my deities are Brigid :triskele: & :triquetra: the Morrigan :raven:. I make incenses specifically for them. Brigid’s I use a copper spoon & for the Morrigan I have a silver spoon.


I knew u said Morrigan, i forgot about Brigid.

Mine’s are Morrigan and Hekate. And Thor as my patron


Still twinsies! :revolving_hearts:

I know a few friends that work with Hekate exclusively, but I’m not sure about Thor. I know that he is Norse, but I know very little about him. Aside from what I learned when researching runes.

I’m curious though & I like to learn things :joy:


I was going to say I only know what Marvel has portrayed!:joy::joy::joy::joy: I know more about Loki just because when I saw him in the movies, I loved the character and wanted to learned more so dived into his mythology. I was quite surprised last week when I was trying to reach out to Hades and Loki showed up instead. I’m not working with him at the moment but I have a feeling I’ll be embracing his chaos soon.


This is lovely @Amaris_Bane, very nice indeed :candle::new_moon_with_face::green_heart::moneybag:


So, for the most part… that’s what I know about some of the other deities… the way I see them in the Marvel movies :rofl:

It is a really good entry & today people go back to work so I will have a little more time for me to do things or try something new!