Moon water

Hey friends!
I was going to make my first ever batch of moon water tonight, and I realized I don’t know how long to let it sit! I have to be up at 4:30 for work, so my husband is going to wake me up around midnight for the eclipse… but If I sit the water out then I likely won’t pick it back up til I leave for work at 6.


At least a few hours of moonlight for Moon Water :droplet:, but as long as it is inside before the sun touches it if you do forget then you are okay. There isn’t really a “set” time for being under the moon, myself, I would leave it for at least 4 hours as late as possible or through the night. (I get up with my husband & sometimes earlier… the sunrise is while he is driving to work. :joy:


I leave for school st 6 and watch the sunrise most days! I’ll put it out before I go to bed and Grab it when I wake up! Thanks love!


I’m with Siofra on this one- as long as you bring the water in before the sun rises, you should be all set :+1:

Enjoy your new moon water! :blush: Blessed be :sparkles:


I did remember to bring it in! Wehoo!


Good call – that should be extra powerful moon water :slight_smile: because of all that eclipse energy! Making regular old moon water tonight


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