Mugwort Questions

I want to order mugwort–Do I just drink it to receive visions, lucid dreaming, and/or astral projection. Does it require only intentions? Or does that require a spell?

And since they’re loose leaves–what’s a good size too get? (In grams)


Hi Jada!

First, the non-Magickal answer: Be Careful with Mugwort!

“There is not enough medical research data to prove—or disprove—the safety of mugwort. Mugwort is likely unsafe for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It may cause the uterus to contract, inducing miscarriage. Mugwort’s use has not been established as safe for infants.” - VeryWellHealth

You may be allergic to mugwort. If you notice any respiratory side-effects, seek medical care right away. Read more in this topic: Mugwort is not a gentle plant and it's not for everyone!

Now the Magickal answer: :sparkles:

Just like white sage, Mugwort contains thujone, a neural exciting agent. It’s not hallucinogenic but it has a variety of spiritual properties.

It is a great calm-before-bed- tea that will give you more vivid dreams but I don’t think lucid dreams are guaranteed. :tea: You can also craft a dream pillow with mugwort.

Also like sage, you can burn mugwort for spiritual purposes.


You can drink it as a tea before bed, you can burn it for divination work, put it in a satchel and put it under your pillow or carry it around with you. Size wise it’s up to you on how much you want. Id consider questions like “how often am I going to use this?” and “Will this be for something specific or everyday use?”


Yes! And if you suffer from allergies (like pollen, trees, weeds) it could cause your allergies to flair up.


Ooh, be careful with this one!!! I drink it as tea. But for the first time, the other day, I burned it as an incense. I became overly fatigued!!! I couldn’t help it so I put out the incense and I plopped on the bed :sweat_smile:

I use it for lucid dreaming and astral travel.



I grow my own mugwort and sell it in a 2 ounce bag, but I also blend RELAX W(b)itch! that is made with Chamomile, Mugwort, Stinging Nettle and Passion flower, sold in a 2 ounce bag. The blend helps me so much, I’m having some sleep issues been on meds to get me in to a deeper sleep, nothing worked. I started drinking this before bed a few times a week and lo and behold I’m dreaming!


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:


Hello @jada1 ! I love Mugwort and I have several large Mugwort plants growing in my yard. It can be wonderful to dry and place underneath your pillow at night. I personally think this is an excellent use for it, as you’re not ingesting it. I wholeheartedly agree with @Francisco 's answer as well about being careful when using this herb. Another use you may want to try is by creating a flying potion with it - this is a type of salve that you can rub on pulse points to imbue the magickal effects without ingestion. I have also burned it to help with ancestor work and helping a dying pet move on. It has properties that help reach beyond the veil, which makes it perfect for mediumship and divination. It doesn’t smell very good though, in my opinion!

When it comes to using it, I personally believe that every ingredient needs to be cleansed, charged and consecrated before being used for magickal purposes. This ‘instructs’ the ingredient how to behave in the spell or ritual and helps to heighten and enhance the energies you are working with. Intention is important and is the backbone of this charging process. There is an article that explains all about the cleansing, charging and consecrating process at Cleansing and Charging Spiritual Tools which explains a few methods on it. I feel like Mugwort can be used on its own, but it might be enhanced with other ingredients in a spell. I love the dream pillow and sachet ideas! You could add Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Labradorite depending on your goals and intention for the spell. It is a really amazing herb to use in magick, especially for hedge riding, astral projection, mediumship and divination.


Thank you! And do you perhaps know of any mediumship classes, or lessons, or just tips in general? Thanks for all the help :heart: