🛐 My altar challenge

I’ve really enjoyed this week’s challenge, it’s got my creativity flowing in thinking purposefully about how I use my altar and the upcoming celebration for Beltane.

I’d already got my altar pretty much as I wanted it with a few tweaks, but I’m still waiting for a couple of lovely drawings on card of Hecate and Persephone I found on Etsy. In the meantime, I found the picture of Diana online and it spoke to me so I’ve made her card myself. I’ve also added the mini besom and smudging shell as well as some more crystals (there are more on the way).

I was planning on making some additions/changes for Beltane so decided to work on that.

I started the week thinking I’d dress my main altar for Beltane, and make a maypole decoration as a centrepiece.

I also made this to go above my mini library altar, though a copy is now incorporated in my Beltane altar:

The maypole ended up a little larger than could be accommodated by my main altar as it slides under my work desk, so I decided instead to create a dedicated Beltane altar in my kitchen/dining room.

After a garage tidy on Sunday I found some material that I’ve been saving for years for the right purpose, a piece seemed ideal as an altar cloth. I also found the dragon incense burner I’ve had since I was a kid. I added the Norwegian troll which was handmade and bought at a Christmas fair in my home town years ago from the stall hosted by Norwegians who used to come over specifically for the fair.

The small picture above the altar I found on Etsy.

After that update I cleansed and blessed the Beltane altar.

I’ve made a few tweaks since that picture was taken, and this evening I used my Beltane altar to join in the Coven Cleansing Ritual .

I’m really pleased with how the Beltane altar looks, and more importantly how it makes me feel.

Tonight being the Pink Supermoon, I really wanted to carry out the Moon ritual outside if possible. It’s a clear night and I found a good view from my garden so decided to take my main altar outside. The advantage of it being on wheels!

I felt very connected to the Moon and loved the way the shadows of the Goddess and God statues danced in the candlelight…

This has been a very enjoyable challenge and I feel much more connected to my altars and how they fit with my craft.

My bedroom altar is still a work in progress, but my God statue is now on its way from Ukraine so I’ll post an update when it arrives.

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Great job! They are gorgeous! I like the portability of the altar too! That’s great! I hope you have a great night! Blessed Be! :star2:


Stunning :heart_eyes: The Moon is so beautiful :heartpulse: :full_moon: It’s too cloudy up in Scotland to see her tonight :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


All the pictures are pretty but those last two are amazing! The moon is so beautiful and the little altar is so pretty lit up with that candle. Good job!


Absolutely gorgeous, @IrisW! :heart: I love how this thread walks through the development and growth of your altar- the final result is stunning! You really did a great job bringing it to life. May it be full of the Full Moon’s energy, and bring you many Beltane blessings! :full_moon: :fire::sparkles:

Love and Light!