My catch up challenge entries

Entry 1: Conditional Magick was a challenge I missed when time got away from me and I didn’t have a clear idea on what I wanted to do. Reading over the challenge again I noticed this:

:mag: Examine Spellwork Conditions

Bring out your Book of Shadows , Grimoire, or other Sacred Book (if you don’t have a Book, you can pick one of the Spell Collections on Spells8 !) and browse through your spells and rituals.

Take a close look at the requirements for the spells- what types of spells require which prerequiments?

and decided to pull out my very first BoS from 30 years ago and thumbed through some spells to see what caught my eye. Two got my attention.

  • Succeed or Make Success in Your Life
  • Find Your Purpose or Direction You Need to Move in Your life

(can you tell I’m at a crossroads and struggling a little? :laughing:
The one things they both had in common - the condition that they required - was clear intent and coordination with moon phases. Both spells start at one phase of the moon (or in bigger situations, phase of the year) and end at another. The conditions they require are focus, intent, moon phase, and repeated rituals until the phase ends.

(One of the spells from my BoS)

Entry 2: Scrub-a-dub, Magick in the Tub! This was an easy one for me as the weather has decidedly turned to winter suddenly and baths after running outside are a wonderful and necessary thing. I chose to take a Spirit Delight: Cleanse and Heal bath with Epsom salts, lavender oil, and some rose petals harvested from my summer flowers.

I think this may need to be a regular thing for me this winter!

Entry 3: Hedge Magick: Into Other Realms For my final makeup challenge, I chose to try my hand at lucid dreaming. I have always been a very vivid dreamer in that when I do dream, my dreams are emotional and intricate. I thought I’d give lucid dreaming a try.

While I don’t have mugwort on hand, I did make a cup of warm lemon balm tea to sip before bed. I admit my first go at this I did sneak in some screen time too close to bed time. I also opted not to smudge but I do use a particular essential oil blend at bedtime to cue in my olfactory senses to sleep. Funny enough I wake up every night/morning at 4 am/4:30 am so that’s fortuitous if a bit weird. My first attempt this week was pretty unmemorable in terms of dreams and I suppose not successful on the Lucid Dreaming front but it did happen to be a good night’s sleep. My plan is to attempt this again tonight cutting out screen time earlier. I realize this is likely a process and not a follow the recipe and voila it works kind of thing so I will try to keep trying to develop this skill with practice.

In keeping with the season, I am so very thankful for this community that supports and share, these challenges that help me grow and learn magick and the catch-up challenge that allows me to be able to participate in ones that I missed! :purple_heart:


I just have to say that it is an amazing gift that you have kept and treasured your old BoS and can reference it whenever you feel called to do so- the written spells never change, but how we feel about them and interact with them undoubtably changes and evolves as we do :sparkles::blush:

Spiritual baths are always a delight, but warm toasty warm and wonderful magick additions in the winter is a true treat and luxury- your cleansing bath sounds amazing, Kat! :bathtub: :sparkles:

How exciting that you decided to give lucid dreaming a try! :star_struck: I think you are very smart to have done research and designed a thoughtful plan that will help you begin developing your skills- lucid dreaming prep can take a while to come to fruition, but it’s something worth the effort and prep work (if you ask me)! :blush:

I’m wishing you all the best with it- good luck and blessed dreams! :heart:

I am so happy that you feel at home in the community and that you find the challenges to be helpful, Kat :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m thankful for you too, and all the wonderful wisdom, support, and kindness that you share in this space- thank you for your beautiful challenge entries, and for blessing us with your presence! :star2:

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


It’s always so interesting to see the spells that people carry with them, especially from long ago! I like this one a lot :blush: I’m gonna bookmark it for later, I think!

I say do it! If I had a big enough tub, I’d do it myself :laughing:

I wish you all the luck! :pray: :sparkles: I’m really bad at cutting out screen time too – my fiancé has to sleep with the TV on :laughing: so it’s a bit difficult for me! I’m sure you can manage to lucid dream. As you said, it’s not so much a follow-the-recipe type thing and more of a practice-until-it-happens thing!

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