My Magickal Journey - Witchy Roots Challenge ✨

This post ended up being rather long- better to put it in its own thread! :laughing:

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A Magickal Reflection - Exploring My Roots

My heritage:

Although I haven’t had the chance to do one of those cool DNA tests like @Jeannie1, my father’s side of the family has kept records over the centuries and we can trace our line back to England, Ireland, and Scandinavia (exactly where is still unclear :sweat_smile:)- connecting me with Celtic, Germanic, and (to some degree) Norse heritages.

However, both my magickal practice and interest in cultural studies seem to know no bounds- I do not feel tied to any particular tradition or region. I love to explore new practices and knowledge- no matter where they come from! The world is truly full of amazing things, places, and people :earth_americas: :heart_eyes:

How I found magick:

(Or, better put- how magic found me! :laughing: )

Although she never used the word “magick” and she doesn’t consider herself to be a witch,my mother’s talents in both the gardens and kitchen were what connected me with magick. She taught me all about herbs, medicinal plants, fairy gardens, and adding intent to cooking- it was through my mother that I gained the talents of Green and Kitchen Witchery :herb: :woman_cook:

The world of paganism was opened to me gradually. I can’t point to just one moment in time that opened the door, but rather that the idea and acceptance grew throughout the following experiences:

  • Spending time in Salem :black_cat:
  • Working at a Renaissance Faire :circus_tent:
  • Traveling the world :airplane:
  • Living with a medicine woman/herbalist in Italy :herb:
  • Studying religions in and out of university :open_book:
  • Studying tea :tea:
  • Pursuing my life-long interest in tarot :flower_playing_cards:
  • Seeing cool witchy things on the internet :computer:

And of course, the final piece in the puzzle- finding a home with the Spells8 Forum Family :sparkles:

Since joining the forum, my practice has grown and expanded in ways I never thought possible. I know I am the witch I am today thanks to all of your endless love, support, and encouragement. Thank you so much! :hugs::two_hearts:

Looking back on my journey so far makes me feel appreciation, gratitude, and also excitement. Cheers to continuing to grow and the long road ahead! :railway_track: :sparkling_heart:


That’s so wonderful. I had a few of the same experiences myself or similar influences. Great job! I enjoyed reading about your roots!


Thank you for sharing your journey into paganism @TheTravelWitch! I’m interested in seeing what, if anything, we have in common in our paths to this place! I’ll have to write mine up this weekend.

That’s how I feel! Like I wouldn’t have dared to do half as much of what I’ve done if it hadn’t have been for you alls prompting and encouragement. This is a great coven to learn it!


This is how I am with my family, too :heart: My mom did one of those DNA tests but I haven’t yet. She has our genealogy done going back hundreds of years, tracing us back to Mary Queen of Scots and showing us when and where our ancestors immigrated from in Ireland in the 1700s. It is truly fascinating to go back and look through!


That sounds amazing! I’m really curious about geneaolgy but no side of my family seems to go beyond the 1900s :sweat_smile:

@TheTravelWitch Thanks for sharing your story! Sounds like your mom was a real Green Witch! That’s so lucky! :four_leaf_clover:


Great reading about your roots! It’s why you are the amazing green witch you are today.
Grateful for your mentoring .
Blessed be.:green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


Thank you, @Siofra! :blush::two_hearts:

That’s awesome to hear, @Amethyst- thank you! :heart: I can’t wait to read about your magickal journey as well. I’m about to dive into your post now! :star_struck: :open_book:

That’s amazing, @MeganB! :heart_eyes: It sounds like you have a very rich history. I visited Mary Queen of Scots’ Visitor Center in the Scottish Borders- there is a lovely museum that you may find interesting!

Perhaps new knowledge will be uncovered sometime in the future about your family, @Francisco- life is full of surprises! But even if not, I think the bonds you feel and the interests you have (regardless of heritage ties) are the best guiding force in someone’s life :grin::+1:

You are very kind- thank you so much, @walter! :green_heart: :sparkles: