My Opa's ashes and possible uses

My my, it’s been too long my friends. I’ve been quietly reading posts, liking and such here and there but it’s been a long time since I have made a post about anything.

My grandpa(Opa, which is the German term) passed away on Nov. 19th, 2021. I have finally received some of his ashes and I will be putting a little bit in a special necklace my Aunt bought for me. Anyways…

I’ve been thinking about how I could incorporate his ashes into any part of my craft and then the lightbulb came on that signaled I should reach out and ask, is there someone who has used their loved one’s ashes in their craft?


I scattered my Mom’s ashes where she wanted me so I don’t have a good answer for you, but I’m sorry for your loss.


I’m so sorry for your loss :people_hugging: I know grief and loss is a painful thing to deal with so you have my condolences.

As for incorporating his ashes, my first thought would be to create a simple ancestor altar and give him a home there. I don’t know about any other way to involve him in your practice, and I would wonder what he would have wanted, too.


First off, I’m so sorry for your loss @janelle :heartpulse: I hope your heart heals with time.
What I have personally done is: I lost my brother (51 years young) in 2020, and I have a small urn with his ashes on my altar. Simply because my altar is sacred and important, and our relationship was as well. I like his presence when crafting and manifesting goodness. I had to let my beloved dog go in September, and I mixed some of her ashes with the sand used to hold my sage before and after burning. She helps cleanse my space and protects me as she did in life. She was pure love and light to the bone and beyond. I also wear both of them in necklaces. A strange/funny thing I do is when I have handled their ashes…I feel bad wiping their residue on anything thrown away, so I will rub my fingers through my hair. Now I sound like a weirdo. haha :laughing: :rofl:
You’ll find the right thing for you; Blessed be :sparkling_heart: :magic_wand:


Since you are already keeping some you could spread the rest. Personally I like the idea of scattering them in a sacred forest or any place that had special symbolism for your Opa. Even if you have to make a trip there, you’ll be doing that for him.

And since you like jewelry you could also look into resin necklaces and other jewelry made from ashes which look really nice too.

Sending you peace :pray:


I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandfather, @janelle. Sending you warm thoughts and love :heart:

As for honoring his memory with his ashes, I’m afraid I can’t offer any personal advice as I haven’t used ashes in my Craft. As far as I know in my family ashes have either been added to familial grave sites, kept with family members on altars at home, or scattered in meaningful places.

I personally really like the idea of scattering the ashes somewhere special- to me, it’s like a final voyage or adventure passing from this world into the next. Some view it as returning the person to nature as part of the cycle. It’s also a ritual of closure and release for those who remain here. I know not everyone agrees, but it just seems to me like an all-around really powerful and heartfelt ritual to me :pray::candle:

You knew your Opa the best- I am sure whatever you choose to do with his ashes and honoring his memory will be perfect. Wishing you all the best, many blessings! :sparkles:


Dearest janelle,
There is great sadness in your loss, but in leaving this life, he has passed with joy into paradise. Don’t worry child, he will watch and guide you in your future. You may not see him, but he will be there, a spiritual Guide perhaps.
As for his ashes, incorporate him into your altar by perhaps using a small
container to hold him. Pyramid? Statuette? Whatever you think represents him or something he liked. That way, each time you use, go past or look at your altar you’ll think of him.
Carry on darling, this too will pass.
With the greatest love, I send you strength.
Blessed Be


I’m sorry for your loss @janelle. I lost my Aunt Iris & Uncle Allan both one month apart. January & February. It was a loss for me but I knew their pain was over.


@janelle you have my heartfelt condolences & sympathies. :people_hugging:

I lost my mother in August of 2021 & I currently have her ashes in an urn. She wished for them to be spread on a mountain she lived across the street from when we were younger, so we know where she is talking about in that respect.

However, we haven’t been able to do so with positive Covid & the weather where the mountain is, deployments :military_helmet: overseas for my brother. However, I know she wanted each of us to have some of her ashes. (It’s my brother & I)

Prior to her passing, I had seen a Tiger’s Eye crystal bottle on a necklace. I couldn’t even imagine :exploding_head: at the time what I would put in such a thing! But, I needed to have it, it wanted me to take it home. Then when I had mother’s ashes, months later, I thought… I could put some in there & hang it in a special place in my room. (I have no idea how to even handle her ashes because of the residue. So as of now, the necklace is still empty) Eventually, I would like to have an ancestor altar in my sacred space. I just am working on placement & what I would like to incorporate onto the altar.

My mother was raised in the town that I live in & it’s very close to different types of waterways :ocean:. I say that because I have to get “permission” of some type from the Wildlife, Nature Department :shield: because the mountain is a state park kind of place or monument of some kind. It’s not well known really, but I can’t just go spreading ashes or burying them without permission basically from the state where the mountain is located.

(Yes I know, if I just go & do it while hiking, no one will know, but I feel in my bones that’s not what she would have wanted aside from I couldn’t do that knowing that it was protected land. She would have wanted me to do what I could with them the right way or a special way, I think we may have to go the special way)

So for now until my brother comes home from Ukraine :ukraine:, I have them in a beautiful urn that just absolutely screams my mom & she is comfortably resting in a pretty nice setup right now. We’ll figure it out, other than an ancestor altar, necklace or jewelry, resin art, mixing them with sacred sand for burning protective incense… what about a memorial ornament or using it to create sigils that are meaningful for you & your Opa? Or a bindrune? Like using it in the ink :fountain_pen: that you make them with? (I don’t even know if it can be done that way, but it’s all I could think of :thinking:)

I hope you find what works for you & makes your connection with Opa long-lasting & special to you :heartpulse:


@janelle I haven’t heard anyone use “Opa” in so long! My mother’s side of the family is from the Bratislava area and that is how we address our grandparents, Opa and Oma. I’ve not heard anyone else use those words and it just made me smile and wanted to thank you and let you know. :grin:


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