My Touch of Tarot || Challenge Entry

I have been reading tarot for…oh my Gods, I just realized while typing this that I have been reading tarot for 10 freakin’ years. Of course, this is off and on and I still learn new things about the cards every day, but I picked up my first tarot deck when I was 19.

Anyway, that isn’t the point of this post. The point is that I have been reading tarot for so long but I have never done the Celtic Cross spread. I think it’s just because it’s so big and daunting. Ten cards? I usually only do readings that big once a year :sweat_smile:

For this challenge, I decided to tackle the Celtic Cross tarot spread for myself. If you don’t know what the Celtic Cross spread is, click this handy link here → Celtic Cross Spread – Spells8

I am using my Hanson Roberts tarot for this reading, mainly because it’s smaller and I can fit more cards into one picture. The second reason is that I have been trying to connect back with the original imagery of the tarot for a while now. My memory isn’t as good as it used to be and I sometimes I have trouble remembering the card meanings and letting my intuition guide me.

Card 1 : “This covers you”. This card represents influences and positive forces that accompany you.

:star: The Page of Pentacles → Manifestation and creativity flow, bringing about material success and pleasure. This is the beginning stage, showing a forward momentum toward the goals. It doesn’t signify completion but the first signs of progress.

Card 2: “This crosses you”. these are obstacles or complications in the situation we are analyzing. What obstacles are in your way?

:cup_with_straw: Ten of Cups → An abundance of emotion and happiness? Maybe a limiting belief that if those I care about aren’t happy then I’m doing something wrong? This is usually a very happy card, so it’s strange to see it in this position. I’m taking it to mean that my emotions and desire for harmony are complicating things.

Card 3: “This crowns you”. An ideal situation or a possible future which has not yet been realised.

:crossed_swords: King of Swords Reversed → My inner truth will come to light soon enough. These thoughts and ideas have grown to maturity will soon be complete. My belief in myself will see me through to the end, no matter the size of the platform I carry.

Card 4: “This is beneath you”. The subconscious origin of your concern or problem. It’s all about what got you into the position you are in now.

:cup_with_straw: Four of Cups Reversed → Withdrawing to myself and analyzing what I want has been the root of my current issue. This makes sense because I’m always trying to figure out what I want and where I need to go. Maybe I need to do less of this and just go with the flow.

Card 5: “This is behind you”. In other words, your past: the events that have lead up to your present situation.

:star: Ten of Pentacles Reversed → Another card that makes sense. I struggle quite a lot with not focusing on the money. My relationship with money is one of lack because I’ve never been in a position where I don’t live paycheck to paycheck. Being a freelancer and working for myself is not easy and honestly, the money barely makes a dent in our monthly bills. I’ve been trying to break the cycle of money thinking for a while but when you grew up lacking it, it really affects how you view money and wealth.

Card 6: “This is before you”. Where you are going and what awaits you. These possibilities and alternatives may come in the next few weeks or even months. But this is not a final outcome, just the next step.

:chopsticks: Six of Rods → The confidence is coming but still needs to be built. More success is seen in the future, both public and private. It’s also an encouragement to go for it. If I never do it and try, put myself out there, then nothing will happen :woman_shrugging:

Card 7: Yourself or your attitude towards the matter. How you feel at this time and gives perspective on the whole spread.

:yin_yang: The Chariot Reversed → Yup, I feel this. The Chariot reversed is like a complete lack of control. I’m not driving though I really want to be. It’s like being scatterbrained and not knowing what to do. That’s pretty much how I’ve been feeling the last few weeks. I’ve been looking at ways to increase my income mundane-wise so I can at least make $1000 a month (that doesn’t happen like…ever) but it has me going in many different directions. Who’s driving my life right now? I don’t know. Not me.

Card 8: Environment and external influences such as the people around you. Be they friends, family, or coworkers, how do they perceive you?

:crown: King of Rods → Those around me, however, don’t see this. They don’t see the struggles but instead see someone who is working hard and making a way for themselves. They see the entrepreneur in me and the go-getter attitude I try to have. Wow, I didn’t realize how exhausting that all sounds.

Card 9: Hopes and fears. It shows your hidden emotions, desires, anxieties and thoughts about what you feel is coming. (me: I stg if I get The Moon…)

:sparkles: The Magician → Hmm, this is a positive card here, I think. The Magician is all about manifestation and having everything needed to succeed. I’m hopeful, then, that this will work out for the best. Even if I don’t feel hopeful now, I guess deep down I have high hopes and goals for the future. I just need to realize, then, that I have what I need to get it done.

Card 10: The outcome of the situation, the results of all the previous influences. If you don’t like the card you’re seeing, this may be a sign that you should question your desires. Depending on the case, it can be understood as a position of advice or what to expect in the long-term.

:star: Knight of Pentacles → Basically, the Knight is saying to keep on truckin’ :truck: and putting in the work. Things will fall into place as long as the work is being done. That is one of the hardest things to keep doing, honestly, is to keep going.

So yeah, this reading just drug me through the mud in public and told me the buckle up and keep going. Honestly, being faced with the money situations that we are in and dealing with is something I expected, but this reading was way more comprehensive than I expected. I figured it would pick up on something else, but here I am standing face to face with the biggest fear I have right now. The one fear that makes me feel like a failure sometimes and that is the fact that, even though I have been freelancing since 2019, I never make more than $800 a month and that’s not okay. That’s not livable for us and I need to figure out a better way to market myself, market my products, get people to actually watch all my videos, and just earn more.

It’s very difficult, though, when I’m at home and having my hands juggling so many plates even outside of work stuff. It’s been a struggle and it’s going to keep being a struggle until I can figure things out and get that magick to work on my side and on my terms.

Well, know that you all know probably way too much about my life and my situation right now, have a cookie :cookie: if you read all the way through this!

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On my Hermetic Tarot Card Deck, the Celtic Cross spread is the most used. There’s a lot of information to go by. I’m even studying the GD to take a grasp of their philosophy.

P.S. I’m still on my job, I don’t have a cookie :cookie:, but do have pizza :pizza:.


I’m the opposite, I’m pretty much a novice with tarot but I’ve only ever done the celtic cross because it’s the sample spread in the book that came with my cards, and it was all I knew!

Explains why I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and rarely did readings other than for big decisions. So grateful to have discovered smaller readings :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats on ten years in tarot, @MeganB- that’s an amazing milestone! :partying_face: :heart:

It’s definitely a mixed feeling when you get a brutally honest reading :sweat_smile: I don’t know much about marketing on YouTube, but I’ve heard things like the algorithms make it a tough platform to build an audience. But I think that what you are doing there is heartfelt and genuine, so I hope your hard work grows into something more profitable for you soon :pray:

Beautiful reading- thanks for sharing!


I have never done the Celtic Cross for myself (or anyone else) but I have had it done for me. Then there were clarifying cards & it got really confusing plus took over an hour. I remember that it all made sense though at the time.

Congratulations on getting through it & did an amazing job. I have or had a similar relationship with money that I have been working on for a couple of months now. I have a weird relationship with it, up & down. Right now we are stable. I’m hoping that it stays this way for a little bit of a reprieve.

I hope you have a great weekend & get some rest in there.


@pedros10 Pizza is just as good as a cookie :blush:

@IrisW I couldn’t imagine starting out with the Celtic Cross spread :laughing: it’s way too much all at once, honestly. I see where that would happen, though, because it is the one that’s always in the little books. My daughter even tried the Celtic Cross spread (she’s 8!) because it’s the one in her book.

@TheTravelWitch Thank you :revolving_hearts: I definitely feel like what I’m doing is heartfelt and sincere. But as in many realms of service, the appreciation isn’t always there from those who receive the service. I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: I’m hopeful that things will work out. I just have to keep pushing forward and figure out how to let go of this money mindset I have. It’s a real drag, honestly.

@Siofra It’s such a pain in the ass, right? I have that same money issue - up and down, up and down. It’s like it never ends and I never feel stable in my attitude toward it. I’m hopeful, though. I’m glad it’s working well for you now! And I’ll definitely try to get some rest :laughing:


I completely get it. During 1 of my readings with you, money had come up & my relationship with it. It totally made sense what you said, but at the same it didn’t because I had been working so hard & it felt like I was getting nowhere. After some other things shifted though, everything else started falling into place. It’s the in between that gets me.


You got that right @TheTravelWitch, I do love when @MeganB talk to the point, even though she sometimes look to say it in a way that sounds good for some people, and that’s good. Things has to be said as it is.


The universe works like the mechanism of a clock, it moves making every single gear to do its job, at the right moment, so we can see the right time.


@MeganB thank you for sharing! I can barely read a 3 card spread, yet alone a Celtic cross spread. Id love to tackle it someday.
I just recently purchased a mini tarot deck. They are perfect for small spaces and to carry around. I will give it a try.

Blessed be


As someone who worked for many years in both customer service and content creation, I understand completely- sometimes appreciation is tough to find! Good for you for sticking with it- the most important thing is that what you’re doing makes you happy and feel fulfilled :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hopefully the money will come in soon! :pray::moneybag:


Yeah I remember that reading @Siofra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s funny how that works sometimes. Being able to read between the lines in this case is helpful. If only tarot would have big neon signs that say “HEY OVER HERE DUMMY” and point to exactly what we need to see :sweat_smile:

Oh, mini decks sound fun @walter :partying_face: I need to get in the habit of carrying my cards around with me, honestly. The deck I used here is a good size. Maybe I’ll start doing that when I leave the house!

Oh good @TheTravelWitch I’m glad that made sense :laughing: Sometimes I’m afraid I’m going to come off as being greedy or something when talking about my current money issues and that’s definitely not something I’m trying to do. I’m gonna just keep going (and even my weekly reading I did last night pointed to keeping going) and see where it takes me.