My weekly challenge entry - Beauty Magick 🌹

As I said previously in the challenge thread, I didn’t really know where to start with this week’s challenge. Other than exercising my arty side with my increasing collection of hats:

Having scoured the books I already had, I found they didn’t contain much guidance on Beauty or Glamour magic, other than a recipe for an Oatmeal and Honey face scrub that I’m definitely intending to try.

I love hard copy books so had a scout around Amazon, and again didn’t find much specifically dedicated to this subject, then I stumbled upon:

The Eclectic Witch’s Glamoire by Tara Marie Louisa which contains “Glamour Spells & Rituals To Attract Love, Boost Beauty and Build Confidence”.

The bio on the back of the book states:

Tara Marie Louisa is a natural born, eclectic witch from New Orleans. In her magical workings she blends Wicca, New Orleans Voodoo, Cajun folk magic, and Alchemy. She has practiced glamour magic her entire life. She now resides in Illinois with her husband and precious dog, Giddy.

As I’m fast realising, I’m fairly eclectic in my approach to Witchcraft this seemed like a perfect place to start. Also, her photo is the kind of Gothy aesthetic to which I aspire! And as the was only £4.62 and available on next day delivery on Prime so I figured I couldn’t go far wrong.

It arrived yesterday and I dove straight in, reading most of the book yesterday afternoon.

The Introduction starts by discussing the meaning of beauty, the changes in what has been considered beautiful over the years, and how you need to start by learning to love yourself and being comfortable in how you look. You can only radiate love, sexiness and kindness to the outside world when you’ve learned to love yourself. Choosing the way you look, dress and present yourself to make yourself happy first and foremost.

In doing so, she isn’t saying you can’t make physical changes, it can also mean loving yourself for the way you create yourself to look.

Body modifications, tattoos, gender transitions, and flawless makeup skills are all tools that can be used to increase your confidence, and promote self love. When using glamour magic, it’s okay if the look you choose to create for yourself is not what most of society would deem traditionally beautiful. You’re completely free to do you.

Tara Marie Louise says beauty begins with a little internal magic, starting with a little glamour magic to deal with our negative self-talk and thoughts that take our innate beauty away. She quite rightly says we often judge ourselves more harshly than we judge others; this is certainly my personal experience.

How are we supposed to radiate beauty if we don’t even see ourselves as beautiful?

The first couple of spells/exercises in the book deal with tackling that negative self-talk and focussing on our strengths. I guess this involves a little shadow work, as it can be tough admitting our perceived flaws, and sometimes even harder identifying what we like about ourselves (for me anyway, I have a massive case of Imposter Syndrome, not saying this is how everyone feels. I’m sure there are many people that have their s**t together far better than I do!)

The first spell I tried works on dispelling the negative self-talk or thoughts in my head. As its a beautiful day I set myself up outside…

X-Out Negative Self-Talk/Thought Spell


red pen or marker

black pen or marker

sheet of blank paper

lighter or matches

fireproof container to burn paper in (usual fire safety cautions apply)

On the blank sheet of paper, in black ink, write every negative thought about yourself that comes into your head. Take as much time as you need to pull every one of those negative thoughts out. When you’re done, take the red pen or marker and draw a lar “X” over each negative thought. As you do this, repeat the workds:

This is not me. I “X” you out.

Once you have X’d out every negative thought rip the papers into pieces and place them into the fireproof container. Light the paper ablaze with lighter or matches. As the paper burns repeat the words:

This is not me. I “X” you out.

When you’ve burned the paper to ashes and allowed them to cool, you can either flush the ashes doewn the toilet, or wash them down a drain or garbage disposal.

Tara Marie Louisa likes to flush the ashes down the toilet… “because, you know that’s where the nasty s**t belongs”.

This spell utilises the four elements:

  • Fire and Air to light and maintain the burning of negative thoughts.
  • Water to flush the negativity away from you.
  • Earth as the final resting place of your negative self-thoughts, where they will be buried forever.

Tara Marie Louisa says you can use this spell any time you start feeling down on yourself. Just remember to perform it in a safe place, where you can’t catch anything else on fire. Also, never leave it to burn without supervision. Please burn responsibly.

My reflection on this spell

I found this spell to be very cathartic. My inner voice can be very negative at times, even when there’s overwhelming evidence to the contrary of what it’s trying to tell me. Facing my perceived flaws and crossing them out felt like I was giving myself a good talking to.

I’ve not yet done the last part of the spell, disposing of the ashes, as my cauldron is still boiling hot! I’m going to flush the ashes later when it’s cooled down.

The system outlined in the Glamoire is focused on building confidence and the next exercise focuses on discovering your strengths.

Glamour Strengths Exercise

On a blank sheet of paper, write all of the things you like about yourself, including facial and/or body features, talents (not matter how weird), abilities, and so on.

Now write as many positive, personal things you can think of on the list.

If you can’t think of any stare at this beauty sigil until you come up with a few

Once you feel comfortable with your list you can stop.

These are your strengths. You will be focusing on and highlighting these strengths in your magic. The combination of enhancing your strengths and diminishing your weaknesses if what you’ll use to propel your glamour magic.

My reflections on this exercise

After pushing away the negative thoughts, it felt good to be able to concentrate on the good I see in myself and the way I interact with others.

I feel a little drained but uplifted at the same time, if that makes sense?

Decided some pampering was in order so dyed my hair (which always makes me happy, and my roots needed doing) and now sat outside in the sunshine with my husband and Sherlock. I was going to have a relaxing bath to complete the pampering but it’s the hottest of the year so far here in England and I honest think I might melt…

I don’t know whether it’s my continuing journey into Wicca, or that I’ve been sober for a week (probably a combination of the two) but I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin.


I like the idea of Xing out bad thoughts! Way to go @IrisW! And you are beautiful, especially in your little hats!


This is awesome! You look fabulous in those hats :heart_eyes: and that book is going straight in my amazon basket - it sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing! :kissing_heart:


I love this! And I’m adding this book to long list of books but moving it to the top. This skins right up my alley. Thanks for sharing @IrisW!


Beautiful topic, Jessica, Iris!!! Congrats on your week sober! :clap: :clap: :grin:

I like the approach of the Glamoire as you discribed it. I’d like to add this quote which I really agree with: “What makes you different makes you beautiful”

Blessings!! :sparkles:


The Eclectic Witch’s Glamoire sounds fantastic and really well written- thanks so much for the recommendation, @IrisW! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And you look gorgeous in your growing collection of cottage witch hats- they suit you so well :woman_mage: :sparkles:

This is so really lovely (not to mention powerful!) Glamour and Beauty Spellwork- I especially like the beauty symbol. Thanks so much for sharing and a big congrats to you on a full week of being sober! May it be the first successful week of many more to come :pray::heart:


You did a great job with the hats!!! Congratulations on being sober for a week!!! :hugs::clap: :blush:


I think you meant to congratulate Iris @IrisW, @Francisco :wink:

But yes, congrats on the week sobriety! Small steps lead to big things. A favorite quote of mine is:

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


Thanks for the correction!! I fixed it :wink:

@IrisW! I enjoyed reading your challenge entry. You have a great way of transmitting emotion with words!