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Mermaid Glamour

What is a Glamour Spell?

A glamour is a type of spell, a projected conjuration that works both on the sender, i.e. the person who casts a glamour spell to become attractive, and on the receiver, in this case the observer, altering their perception to provoke a certain response. In short, glamour magick is an attempt to make the spellcaster look different than they really are (e.g. more attractive).

Glamour charms were traditionally used not just to look better, but also to project an aura of confidence, and even to instill fear in others. The outcome of the spell will ultimately depend on the intention behind the will of the spellcaster.

From Spells8: Glamour Spell for Beauty and Attraction

A note that the attractive pull of this spell does not have to be romantic or lustful in nature - it can be geared towards attracting friendship, business partnerships, or other opportunities instead.

To help ensure the result you desire, hold your intention carefully in mind as you work the spell!

Mermaid Magick

An Ocean Spell for Attraction


Ingredient notes and substitutions

:shell: Dish-shaped shells will likely work best (such as clam, oyster, mussel, scallop shells), but spiral shells may also work if you can push the mixture inside and seal it with the candle wax. If you don’t have a sea shell, freshwater shells will also work. Plastic shells are not recommended, as any attraction drawn by the spell may also turn out to be fake.

:salt: Sea salt can be substituted with pink Himalayan salt.

:leafy_green: Seaweed does not have to be harvested from the ocean. Feel free to use ready-to-go packs of snack seaweed from the grocery store. If you don’t have and can’t find seaweed, you can use twice as much rose to compensate, or substitute with dried basil leaves.

:rose: Dried rose petals may be substituted with dried hibiscus petals

:candle: Choose a candle color that correspondences with what you are attracting - i.e red for romance, pink for friendship, green for business contacts, etc. There is a list of candle color correspondences here. If in doubt, use universal white.

Suggested timing:


  1. Take your dried seaweed and rose petals and grind or crush them until they are in fine pieces. Mix with your sea salt.

  2. Pour your salt mixture into your shell.

  1. Light your candle, holding it at an angle over the salt mixture in your shell. Allow the candle wax to fall into the shell, binding seaweed, rose, salt, shell, and wax all together. As all these spell elements come together, know that what you hope to attract is also being pulled to you.

  2. Continue to drip wax until you have covered most of the shell. You can then set your candle down in a fire-safe candle holder or dish and let it burn out on its own (or, if not safe to leave it, respectfully extinguish your candle and thank it for its help with your spellwork)

  1. Leave your shell to charge in the moonlight overnight (in the same way you would charge moon water).

  2. When the sun rises, place your shell near where you get ready in the morning. This may be a mirror, a vanity cabinet, the bathroom, etc. Every time you get ready, allow the energy of the shell to wash over you with a wave of confidence, beauty, and attraction. May it help you attract your desires!

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Do you have a favorite glamour or makeup spell you like to use? :kiss: Is the sea important in your practice? :ocean:

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I love this. So cool. Now I just need seaweed


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@Devenne Thanks, Devenne! Have you checked the grocery store? I can sometimes find it in the Asian food section - they have those little packs with sheets of dried and salted seaweed. They’re tasty and good for seaweed spellwork too! :grinning: :leafy_green:

@tracyS It’s always a good day to go to the beach! :beach_umbrella: :partying_face:


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