A little attraction spell for Sunday ❤

I woke up shivering to grey skies, wind and rain. :cold_face:

So I put on a sunny yellow jumper and pulled out my sunniest crystals- citrine, carnelian, amber, tigers eye, gold stone, diamond. :sunny:
Spritzed myself with my favourite vanilla-based perfume and added a tiny touch of orange oil (vanilla+orange = awesome scent combo defo going to burn this incense later) :tangerine:
and chanted the following as I meditated with my morning coffee :coffee::

I am love,
I am light,
I attract (all I need) into my life.

(All I need in brackets to be replaced with specific intention if required.)
And by the time I’d finished my coffee the sun was shining!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sun_with_face: :heart:

Today will be a wonderful day! Sending love and light to all :hugs:


Sending you love and light to continue on your beautiful day today! I love the nice chant that goes with it and you definitely had the intention right. Have a great day!


Thanks @krissie117! I hope you’re having a gorgeous day too :heart:
I think I’m going to be keeping this chant going all day as a little mental mantra- it’s just making me feel so positive and energised and like I can accomplish anything!


I’m having a good day so far! That’s a perfect little mantra for the day too! You can do whatever it is that moves you today!


What a cute little charm! That’s so creative and so simple! Great job!


Beautiful little rhyme! Love the crystal and ring…
Blessed day!


We’ve had heavy fog and cloudy days here in Warsaw- dark and chilly Autumn weather! This is a beautiful sunny pick-me-up for these dreary days. Your chant and intentions are beautiful, @Limeberry :hearts: Thanks for sharing- love and light to you! :sun_with_face: