My Weekly challenge Entry- Beauty Magick


I do a lot of negative self-talk and have always been self-destructive, so in my eyes, true beauty lies between inner beauty. Not just physical but the inside needs to be transformed. So for this challenge, I have decided to work on my inner beauty inside. No more negative self-talk. So I made some lip balm.

First get your supplies: Sauce Pan, Water, Honey, Bee’s Wax in a Glass Jar, little jar for lip balm

Watch the video provided so you can make your Bee’s Wax lip balm!!
Making Lip Balm seal my lips :kiss: ( Beauty Magick)

Set your intention for your lip balm.

I intended to stop negative self-talk so I can be confident. True inner beauty is being confident on the inside.

Never say never

Cause it’s not clever

Seal my lip’s

And don’t trip

listen close

and be a devote

Seal my lips

Banish the negative

Seal my lips

Speak positive Affirmations

“I am beautiful”

“I am sexy”

“I am pure”

“I am loved”

“I am confident”

“I have inner Beauty”

“I am Balanced”

“I am Grounded”

“I am Centered”

Meditate: I did the self Love Meditation which can be done daily! Thanks to infinite roots!

I call to you Hecate to assist me in my negative self-talk

And never bringing myself down

I pick myself up to bear your torch and fire :fire:

I ask you that you help me take up my key!

I have decided to give you this sacred bee wax which is my offering to you! Which I know you love :honeybee: honey!

I ask you that you would seal my lips and shield me from my oppression!

Mother of Witches I call to you to help me be kind to myself and accept myself.

Here is my sigil to you to help me!
My lips :kiss: are sealed

My lips will only utter only positive words

My lips will represent strength and beauty

My lips will speak only truth and honor

I just want to thank you are so deserving

I call to you from the bottom of my heart!

Mother of all, I call to you,

Key barer, I call to you to assist me keeping my key!

I thank you for your assistance!

This is my offering, Lip Balm with honey!

Sweet Honey,

May you sweeten up my lips with a kiss

Seep out the poison and help me to rebirth my soul and work with my inner beauty!

Help me be motivated to the higher!

Honestly, I feel that everything is starting to come together in regards to my alter space. I am beginning to feel a closeness to Hecate and Worshiping her! I know that she likes Honey so I used some Honey in my offering! I used a video that helped me make my lip balm. However, I accidentally messed up by not putting the coconut oil on first in the glass container to melt the beeswax down. I need to focus a little bit better so I will be more productive. The balm turned out good it even tastes like honey. I think of Berts Beeswax. The same thing is all-natural. I put my magical perspective into the spell as well to stop my negative self-talk. I think my spell is going to work. My lips are sealed with the sigil that I made too, to combat my negative self-talk! I even opened up a circle and called to Hecate and asked her to accompany me!
Thank you for being here with me and thank you for your guidance!


This lip balm sounds gorgeous!

These words are just perfection :heart_eyes:
I’m not sure I’m crafty enough to DIY a lip balm but I’m SO inspired to try something similar!
Thanks so much for sharing :heart:

P.S. your altar looks incredible :ok_hand:


This was all perfectly made!!! I love all of it!!! Your chant is great and I hope to make this soon!!! Thank you!!! :relaxed::purple_heart:


This is fabulous. May have to give this a go :slight_smile:


That’s a powerful spell and put to such good use! Well done @Jeannie1!


This is great! Also, I absolutely love your Book of Shadows and Book of Mirrors! Can I ask where you got them?


Oh, a lip balm is a great idea :lips: I hadn’t thought of that one! Thank you for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m gonna have to give this a try.


Thank you Limberry, I am glad your inspired!

Christina, Aw thank you so much! I am glad you liked it!

Iris- My lips are sealed!

Amethyst- Thank you it came from my heart!

Jessica55- I made my Book of Mirrors and My Book of Shawdows was from Soifra she has that I think it was etsy shop but its been a while I will have to look.

Megan- Give it a shot it is easy! And its easy to give away! Cheap too!

Love all of your compliments thank you!

Blessed be!


Do you want to learn how to make the book of mirrors ?I can send you the video and when I get home I’ll look for the website for the book of shadows k


Yes please!! They look amazing and I have been thinking about starting one recently.


Here is the link its pretty easyBook of Mirrors
Id like to see it when its finished!


I love all the photos you took!! As I read it I felt like I was there as you showed us around your ritual!

Thanks for sharing this ritual, Jeannie. You included so many beautiful words and intentions, I believe the blessings will will manifest to you tenfold! :sparkles:


Its such an honor to share with you all! Thank you so much, thank you!

Yes this will, I believe it too! :honeybee:
So mote it be! :pentagram:


Wow @Jeannie1- I’m in awe! :heart_eyes: From your beautiful lip balm recipe, to the spellwork, to your gorgeous altar- everything is gorgeous :heart: This is such a heartfelt (and beautiful! :grin:) entry to this week’s challenge. It was a delight to read- may Hecate continue to watch over you as work with your stunning inner beauty! :rose::sparkles:


Thank you, I feel like this was a wonderful challenge! I can’t wait to do more and dive deeper in my heart! I feel like I am getting to know myself on a deeper level! I just hope I can learn to love myself enouph and find the healing I have been seeking- I like working with Hecate and I anticipate sticking with her to I am at the crossroads and feel when I am ready to walk on a different path ill find another deity! Right know I am working with the pharmackeia, Circe Regina and Medea learning about her too! She is the upper and lower world!
I am ready for the next challenge! Thank you!


You are very welcome, @Jeannie1- many thanks back to you for sharing your positivity and energy, you are a very beautiful soul! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am so glad you enjoyed the theme of this challenge and I hope you continue to enjoy your Beauty Magick and working with Hecate :pray:

Blessed be, beautiful Jeannie! :heart:


Hi @Jeannie1 & @jessica55 I get my journals & such from Etsy usually. I have found some gorgeous leather ones. I have a Goddess BOM for when I finish the one I am currently working in, which reminds me that I haven’t really written in it lately :thinking: I also get some of my printables from there. I have them for herbs, tarot, crystals, labels, whatever it is that I need. I have blank witchy pages too.

I like LohmanTrading on Etsy for the regular size journals. I put Leather Book of Shadows in the search bar when I am looking for them. I want to get a Book of Shadows for a master copy & use the binders I have to kind of keep anything else & I can organize them how I need to & retrieve any other information.


Well It took some searching but I did find it it’s under Zazzle and under pagan book of shadows

It took some searching but I did find it it’s under Zazzle and under pagan book of shadowsBook of shadows
They have different colors too!
Blessed be!


@Jeannie1, this looks like so much fun! I’ll have to track down supplies this weekend and I’ll be sure to share an update!


It’s a fun tatorial and very inexpensive! Plus you can craft it yourself. I like the vintage look it goes well, for the B.O.M