Myrrh and its correspondences

I am trying to learn about Myrrh and its correspondences, was wondering if someone could help me? I have looked on the website and was not able to find anything on it.
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I’m getting this information out of the Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences. Intentions, Issues and Powers: abundance, the afterlife, awareness, balance, change/s, comfort, concentration/focus, consecrate/bless, death (funeral rites), energy (spiritual), gratitude, grounding, growth (spiritual), healing, heartbreak, hexes (break), the home (clear), honor, longevity, loss (provides comfort), love, magic (angel, animal, sex), manifestation, negativity, obstacles, peace (inner), prosperity, protection (psychic), psychic ability, purification (general, ritual), rebirth/renewal, release, sorrow, spirits(attract), spirituality, strength, stress, success, transformation, warmth, wealth, well-being.


I found this site that has a great explanation of Myrrh & it’s different uses, properties, correspondences, what it is & how it is used.

Magickal properties of Myrrh – Grove and Grotto.


I am familiar with Myrrh as it relates back to Jesus and his story. Myrrh was one of the gifts of the Magi upon Jesus’ birth (if I’m remembering correctly) and I associate it with priesthood, spirituality, and death. It was commonly used to embalm bodies, so the connection with death, life, and preservation is there as well. I view Myrrh as a regal ingredient holding great power and connection to the Divine in whatever way the seeker needs.

I’ve never worked directly with Myrrh, so this is just speculation on my part.


Hello @tina4, welcome :sparkles:

Myrrh is one of my favorite essential oils, I have used it extensively over the last 12 years or so. I always buy ‘Therapeutic’ or ‘Medicinal’ grade essential oils! So I can use the Myrrh topically, because, in my opinion, burning it destroys the healing properties. Also, be aware that some oils are synthetic and/or adulterated. Always read the label, if it says do not put on the skin, then it’s probably not safe to inhale either. I listed some things about Myrrh below, it’s probably more than you ever wanted to know, but I do hope it helps answer your questions.

MYRRH: (Commiphora Myrrha) Myrrh oil nurtures the soul’s relationship with its material mother and with the earth.

APPLICATION: Aromatically; Topical application and Internal use is for Medical/Therapeutic Oils ONLY!

PLANETS: Sun, Saturn

ELEMENT: Fire, Water

POLARITY: Masculine

MAGICAL PROPERTIES: Spirituality, Meditation, Healing, Protection, Prosperity, Preservation, Banishing

NEGATIVE EMOTIONS: Disrupted maternal connection, distrusting, neglected, unsafe in the world,

POSITIVE PROPERTIES: Safe in the world, healthy attachments, trusting, bonding, maternal connection, nurtured, loved, secure, grounded

7 drops Myrrh
5 drops Lavender
30ml *FCO (Fractionated Coconut Oil)
Add all oils to a glass dropper bottle and gently shake to mix. Use a few drops to massage the neck and shoulders or feet to feel calm and relaxed.

*NOTE: Fractionated Coconut Oil is completely soluble with all essential oils and is colorless, odorless, and will not stain.

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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