Need a little guidance

So a few days ago I started getting interested into Norse mythology, Runes and learning how to speak Norwegian. Well after my moms heart attack I’ve been seeing crows 1 or 3 at a time and every where I turn I’ve been seeing Odin. I was in the book store and one of the first journals I saw had Odin on the cover. And I’ve been seeing a lot of dragon lately, the Odin journal and a Dragon journal were side by side and I felt very drawn to a dragon tarot deck. And I was just asking for a little guidance I’m not sure if it’s Odin reaching out or just showing that’s he’s watching and if my dragon spirit is wanting to connect again. Especially with everything going on with my mom my head hasn’t been in the right place but these things are standing out to me for sure!


Maybe they’re trying to reassure you that your Mom is going to be okay. Not sure. At the very least I would light a candle and tell them that your Mother is sick right now and you can’t handle messages at the moment.


Thank you I didn’t know I could do that


You absolutely can let them know that you are having a tough time as @Amethyst suggested. Once things have settled you can start learning what you can about Odin & Runes they are definitely related.

When you do have time & headspace:

Runes Information is a good place to start for some information on Odin is covered a little in The Gods Course. Easy enough once you can settle your mind.


It definitely sounds like you have connections and messages going on. Sometimes when that happens with me I just accept them and let them be there for when I’m ready to take action. I’m not always ready. But it’s nice to receive messages from the universe, especially when there are difficult things going on.



So I cast my first set of runes and the first one was Ansuz : is the rune of Aesirs and speech. It represents the higher forces and the gods themselves. It is identified with wisdom, mind, word, knowledge in general, and god Odin, who gained wisdom by tasting the Mead of Poetry.
The next one was Teiwaz : Tiwaz is a rune associated with the god Tyr. Like God himself, she personifies strength, courage, and justice.

So since everything is calming down is this a sign they want to speak with me or just letting me know their watching could anyone help me out a little please and thank you


I don’t currently work with the Norse deities and I don’t consider myself to be a rune expert (so feel free to take this advice with a grain of salt! :laughing: ) But when it comes to runes, if I remember correctly pretty much all of them are associated with one deity or another.

Which would mean that no matter which one you draw, you’re going to get a symbol of a deity. This can be useful for someone who knows a Norse deity is reaching out to them and wants confirmation about which one, but probably shouldn’t be the sole guiding factor for a general deity pull.

That being said, it sounds like you’ve already been seeing other signs that you feel hint at Odin (such as the Odin journal and the crows)- so Odin’s rune could definitely be another little push that He is near! :raven:

As for how to determine whether or not a deity is watching over you or is actively trying to get a message across- why not reach out to them? You could place Odin’s rune on your altar, leave offerings to Him, and perhaps try a meditation to connect :handshake:

Keep an eye out for any more signs- if a deity is trying to reach out to you, the signs will continue to come until the message/their presence is made known :+1:

Good luck and blessed be! :heart:


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