Need advice on past life exploration

I need advice on reincarnation or past lives and wondered if anuone has experience or maybe found something helpful in exploring this topic. I know i have the oracle deck but i feel im raising more questions than answers and now ive dug up a bunch of stuff but im not sure what to do with it, how to find out more so i can resolve any unresolved or passed on issues from a pastlife. I dont want it to hold me back in this life so i thought since we have lots of ppl with different backgrounds n interests in different areas, even if not everyone believe in this stuff maybe someone might be able to offer advice or suggestion on something that may help like a spell to remember more or spiritguides that can help or something. I dont know. My friend showed me a documentary on past life memories and it triggered memories i had that seemed random as they werent things id experienced n was just dismisssed as nightmares or random phobias. N some of them hold or heldme back in life n i dont want a past life to hold me baxk in this one so id like to resolve those isdues which may include possibly how i may of died in a past life… depending if id survived the incident remember. . It seems weird to talk about, but it explains how things id never been through not in this life felt so real and stuck with me as much as has dobe. Id appreciate any advive or suggestions ppl can give… this is all a bit new and while i may of started looking into it more recently its still all so new n i dont really know what to do from here. So id appreciate any advice or suggestions. Ive been trying the oracle deck but some readings bring up topivd got no memory off n is raising more quesrions than answers… so any help or suggestion be appreciated.


I havent had any experience with either, but i wanted to see what others had to say for curiosity too! Thank you for bringing it up! :smiling_face:


I was curious about this and I think I tried it for a Witchy Challenge. I was really surprised at my reaction and experience. I lay on a couch with earbuds and listened to this. My experience was really vivid. This is the YouTube video meditation I used: past life regression meditation.


Thanks for the suggestion ill have a look at that. I have a past life oracle and i did for the catch up challenge one card made sense to memories but others jist raised more questions and then other memories are still questions. So maybe this might help tofind out more so i can understand this better so thankyou. Ill try the video / meditation thing you shared.


Greetings @Phoenix_Fire,

It’s not weird at all, and you certainly aren’t alone! A while back we had a challenge called Peering Into Past Lives and, in terms of views, it is one of the most popular challenges.

You can check out the resources provided in the main post, and can explore all of the entries shared by fellow coven members with their own experiences and Past Life recommendations in the comments and linked posts.

Peering Into Past Lives Challenge
Spells8 Past Lives Witchy Challenge

I hope you can find plenty of resources there to help you on your past life exploration! Wishing you all the best with it. Blessed be! :pray::sparkles:


I did a past life guided meditation that really helped.


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