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I am reaching out for some help, I have moved in with my boyfriend about a month ago. This has been his home for 9 years. I never had a problem till I starting moving my things in. I have been approached by a very unsetting spirit telling me that I am not wanted in the house and to leave. The other night while showering I could smell sulfur, that same night while lying in bed the whole room had a red color haze ( we have blackout curtains). His 14 year old daughter has told me that she has seen things along with movement, She doesn’t know that I practice. And I haven’t talked about anything with her. He has told me some stories about what he has learned about the house before he moved in. I have tried to cleanse the house many times and can not keep the sage burning along with my candles taking hours to burn. I feel defeated in trying to figure out what to do. Please help me with any knowledge you have.
What is the meaning of the sulfur and the red haze? Why is this “man” telling me to leave and that I’m not wanted there. I say man because that is how I see this spirit.


Oh goodness, @nicol1 :grimacing: that sounds like a scary experience! I can imagine how out of sorts you probably feel, especially as you try to move your things in, get settled, and make a life with your boyfriend.

Has your boyfriend ever had experiences like you’ve mentioned?

It’s possible that this spirit or entity doesn’t want you there because you’re a new person. Without knowing too much about the house or your boyfriend, it’s hard to say. Maybe your boyfriend or the house has a spirit attachment that is being disturbed by your moving in.

I think this is a good step in the right direction, but not quite the direction you should be going. Instead, you should perform a banishing. Cleansing and banishing are two different things. They both have similar goals, but very different targets. Usually cleansing is used for residual energy and banishing is used for spirits and entities that don’t belong.

I’ll list a few of our resources here for banishing spells. I think you should perform a banishing, then a cleansing, and then do some protection spells on the home, yourself, your boyfriend, and his daughter.

Some of these spells are for banishing people but they can easily be re-worked to banish spirits you don’t want hanging around.

Then there are also a few videos on YouTube from sources I trust that have to do with banishing.

Banishing 101 - YouTube

How To Cleanse Negative Energy From An Antique - YouTube

Banishing Oil | How to Make a Banishment Spell - YouTube

Crafting a Banishing Incense Blend - YouTube

Give some of these a try and let us know how it goes!

It may also be helpful to do some divination and see if you can figure out who or what is causing the problems.


Thank you for all the information, I feel so defeated and my boyfriend feels so bad because he thinks I don’t want to stay there. And we all know that’s not what it is.


Yikes! I agree with Megan that you should perform a banishing to remove the spirit. While I normally would be inclined to reach out to the entity to determine why they are there and why they want you gone (as Megan said, it could be simply because you disrupted the status quo), I am inclined not to in this situation due to the sulfur smell. Sulfur has been associated with the presence of demons. Now, not all demons are bad, tricky yes, but not bad. They get a bad rep because they bring out the side of humans that society shuns.

I am not sure what to think of the red haze. Were you asleep and then awoken to see the haze? It may be the result of your eyes trying to rapidly adjust if you woke up quickly.


Hii @nicol1! Merry meet! :sparkling_heart: First of all, the best people have already given the best advice here to perform a banishing ritual so I am not gonna jump into that! :blush: What I actually wanted to share with you here, is that I have had at least 3-4 constant experiences of living in haunted houses…as in, with an annoyed spirit! First when I was in 6th grade, we moved to a first floor rented house and it was the most horrific experience of my life there! We had heard knocks on the doors at night and I even heard my name being called out from the back terrace! I still remember that when we realized that the house was haunted by a spirit of a ‘man’, who had committed suicide, we moved out immediately the next morning. But before we went out I had witnessed as a small child, a pair of moving legs under the table when I woke up at midnight! Okay okay, I am not scaring or anything! Just wanted to make you feel this is not something you are alone in! Never! In fact, this is something that makes one more protective for their family and bond more closely with them as well as getting aware of the other world. So do NOT stress! For stress and anxiety are the negative energies coming out of you that an evil/annoyed spirit would probably feed on! So don’t worry just relax and believe in the power of Love! Believe that your love for your boyfriend and the drive for your mental peace will banish or cast it away from that house! From my experience, NEVER develop hatred or repulsion towards these entities…because that too they use to come closer & bother energetically! Hope this helped to soothe your worries a bit dear! Love and Light always! :heart: Blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m happy to try and help you figure this out. It’s a scary thing to experience for sure! :heart: Please keep us updated on your plans, what you do, and how it works out for you :pray: :sparkles:


So I tried doing a banishing spell, seemed like it worked till I started finding round bruising on my body now. This is now really starting to scare me. I haven’t had an encounter like this before.


Okay relax first! I understand your fear as I too had gone through this! In the house where I am living now, is where I discovered Wicca. After I bought myself a seven chakra bracelet and an amethyst pendant, I started to wear them but it had just been one day and one night when I woke up in the morning to see long scratches on my back neck and on my wrist. Exactly where I had worn the crystals! This does happen in encounters with bad spirits, so NEVER lose your calm! This is the first and foremost advice for you dear, do NOT be scared. You simply keep performing the banishing spells almost daily if possible, and just feel that it is being banished from your house! Also, yourself think - why are you getting round bruises? Because that entity wants to interrupt your banishing by distracting & scaring you! You mustn’t let that happen love. Be positive even in this dark time and believe in your own goodness! Everything else is gonna be good very soon! May goddess bless you and your house with ultimate protection and light! :sparkling_heart: So Mote It Be! :sparkles:


So bruising, whether magic or mundane, is definitely cause for concern. I can understand being scared, but the first thing you should do is try to stay calm.

Before thinking this is a spirit issue, I would double check with a doctor or make sure you’re not sleeping too restlessly and getting bruises in your sleep. Bruises medically can be an issue so while figuring out the spirit situation, check with a doctor to make sure nothing is going on healthwise.

Since you did the banishing, did you also do a cleansing and then protection around your home, too?


Thank you!


I will do another cleansing spell and protection spell. Thank you for all the help.


You’re very welcome! :sparkles: :pray: Please keep us updated!


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