New Deck Pics!

I just got my new tarot deck. Soul Cards! I chose midnight black, but they have other colors. I’ve been drooling over these for awhile, and finally said what the heck.

Please forgive the towel. I wanted something to show them off!

These decks are pricy. It came in shipping box, and inside the box the deck was wrapped in bubble wrap. Beneath the bubble wrap, the deck was sealed in shrink wrap. The box itself is as beautiful as the cards. It is made of stiff, sturdy cardboard (as opposed to the cheap flimsy kind) wrapped in paper, with artwork in the theme of the cards themselves.

The cards have a glossy feel, but the black appears flat or matte (don’t know the difference really) with beautiful faces and gilded sides.

It is pricy…but the deck is well packaged, beautiful, and shipped quickly.

I am really excited about using this deck!


Oh wow! Now, im drooling over these cards! Theyre gorgeous :heart_eyes: thanks for sharing! Ill be having a deck soon that I’ll be sharing. It takes a bit for the artist to complete a deck because it’s just her. Imagine the pressure.


Beautiful cards!

I hope you have amazing readings with them :slight_smile:


First @Sarafeena_Sage with a new Viking deck, then @dorian1 with the new altar cards, and now @anon87969570 with these shiny new beauties (did I forget anyone else?)- that’s a lot of gorgeous new decks this week! :laughing: :+1: :heart:

Not to be an enabler or anything (I am), but maybe it’s a sign that we should all get to buy new decks… :eyes: :joy:

Kidding around aside, this deck is beautiful, Ron! I’m a huge fan of decks with gold/metallic highlights and this deck really does that style justice. The artwork is so elegant too- at first glance the art looks minimalistic, but looking closer it seems like there are a lot of intricate details to examine in each of the pictures! :heart_eyes:

I’d love to hear what you think about they work for you after your first few readings! :sparkles::grinning: Enjoy them!


That’s a really beautiful deck! I love the simplicity of it but it has such an elegance with the gold foil against the black cards. :pinched_fingers: Perfect!


Wow, those are classy looking! I hope you connect with them!


:star_struck: gorgeous! Just popping those on my wishlist :rofl:

I agree its definitely been a wonderful few days with the new decks from @Sarafeena_Sage & @dorian1… now my buy a deck itch is nagging at me :joy:


Wow those are incredible


That is a beautiful deck! I love cards!
Congratulations on your awesome deck!



Those are really lovely @anon87969570! I feel like they really suit your personality too! I hope they serve you well! And kudos for saying “what the heck”! Gotta treat yourself sometimes!


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