🌑 November's New Moon in Scorpio 2023

November New Moon :new_moon: in Scorpio :scorpius:

Though a new moon is not visible, the dark skies during a new moon provide ideal skywatching conditions. (Image credit: by-studio via Getty Images)

On the nights before and after a new moon :new_moon: when just a thin crescent is present, it is sometimes possible to make out the stunning effect known as Earthshine, or Da Vinci Glow

During this time, it appears as though you can see the entire disk of the moon dimly illuminated with an almost bluish-gray glow, along with the brightly lit crescent. As such, the term Earthshine is sometimes referred to as “The old moon in the new moon’s arms.” The glow is produced by light from a fully illuminated Earth :earth_americas: reflecting off the lunar surface. - New Moon with Effects Worth Seeing - Space.com

This month’s New Moon is in Scorpio :scorpius: as well as the Sun :sun: being in the same sign!

With Scorpio being intense water :water_element: sign all on its own, especially during Scorpio Season, the New Moon is in the same sign at this time in our lives during its ascent & rise on the 13th & will effect us with much more of that energy.

…New moons can “open a cosmic door that had been previously closed to you” depending on “where they land for your Rising and Sun signs.” A new moon in Scorpio, specifically, “turn our focus to how we share resources in our lives and within other people.” - Kyle Thomas (Astrologer)

During this time it’s important to find balance :balance_scale: with giving & receiving for yourself & others. “Practice self-care, find your center, and be aware of your emotions and surroundings. Even if you feel provoked, practice mindfulness and be compassionate to yourself and others.” - Kyle Thomas (Astrologer)

For the complete article & to find out how this New Moon :new_moon: could affect you based on your :sun: Zodiac sign… read the entire article here: November’s New Moon in Scorpio 2023


I forgot that the New Moon was yesterday… that explains so freakin’ much


I knew it was Monday & that it was in Scorpio… but didn’t realize Monday was… Monday until much later & then had an Ah-Ha moment :rofl:


That sums up the week for me too- it’s Wednesday today, but three times now I thought it was Thursday. These days are all over the place in my head :joy:

Anyways, I hope everyone had a lovely New Moon! :new_moon:


Oh I’m not the only 1! :laughing: I’ve looked at the calendar 3x to see what day it is… oy I’m stuck on Tuesday :rofl: