Oceans, Lakes, Baths, and Dreams: Sights & Sounds

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I’m not an overall water lover (as I don’t enjoy the sand or the open ocean), but I do enjoy shallow, really clear water, such as shown via some Australian beaches below, and I love having baths. So, there’s still some fun for me to have with a literal interpretation here.

For this entry, I’ll be doing a little bit of rambling, but mostly sharing things for the senses: imagery for the eyes, and music for the ears. Yep, you guessed it, the purpose is for visualisation and meditation practices! :black_heart:

[14 Best Beaches in Australia | PlanetWare]

I started off with a really long bath and used a body scrub with coconut oil, shea butter, and almond oil in it. I emerged feeling really refreshed and renewed.

Then I went to dream some dreams. :milky_way: I’ve been using the Better Sleep app recently, using the free trial of premium. I’m really enjoying the “Sleepy Escapes” mixes.

I’ve always had lengthy, vivid dreams. I often wake up feeling as though I’ve lived years of another life which can be both interesting but also a bit mentally exhausting sometimes, depending on what happened during the dreams. This time was no exception with the length and vividness, but fortunately, I woke up feeling refreshed.

[Black sailing boat digital wallpaper photo – Free Boat Image on Unsplash]

Summer is also when I usually listen to vocal trance the most. Sirens of the Sea has been a go-to album of mine since its release back in 2008 or so. Over a decade ago, when I still had Facebook, my “brother” (no blood relation) or I would randomly post a line from the song, and then the other would come and add the next line, and we’d repeat until we got through the whole song. :black_heart:

The titular track, Sirens of the Sea has lovely imagery about returning to the ocean. :black_heart:

Take my hand, take my hand, yeah take my hand
Follow me, follow me, yeah let’s go
To the sand, to the sand, the purest sand
Into the sea, into the sea, yeah, let’s go

Out beyond the water’s edge
Far out past the coral ledge
Underneath the diamond dancing lights
Chase the world from far below
Silent sleeping indigo
Drifting down into the endless night

Leaving reason far behind
Nothing here is cruel or kind
Only your desire to set me free
Let us lie here all alone
Worn away like river stone
Let us be the sirens of the sea

Listening to this music is one of the few ways that I imagine exploring the ocean in a beautiful way. Usually, in my head, there’s clear water and beautiful coral reefs.

[Clown fish on coral reef photo – Free Australia Image on Unsplash]

[School of fish underwater photo – Free Sea Image on Unsplash]

[Green corals under water photo – Free Sea Image on Unsplash]

[School of fish in body of water photo – Free Red sea Image on Unsplash]

These photos of the Great Barrier Reef remind me of how, back when I was about 13 years old, I went diving there with a friend. It was beautiful then, although I didn’t know anything about how tourism was disrupting it at the time.

We also went to Green Island, which is one of those islands where the shallow waters reach out so very far and floating in the clear, warm waters around the island is very pleasant.

[Green Island | Cairns & Great Barrier Reef]

[Green Island National Park | Parks and forests | Department of Environment, Science and Innovation, Queensland]

Funnily enough, despite how much I dislike the salt in my hair afterwards, I’ve only ever gone swimming in salt water. I’ve never gone swimming in freshwater! There are lots of lovely freshwater lakes around Australia, too, so it seems a bit strange to have not.

Looking up lakes around Australia, I’m reminded of these:

[The Most Spectacular Lakes in Australia That You Need to See in Real Life - Concrete Playground]

Apparently, it’s safe to swim in pink lakes but not to drink them.

Due to the green alga Dunaliella salina, halobacterium Halobacteria cutirubrum and/or elevated quantity of brine prawn, the unique color of the water modifications. Once the lake water hits a amount of salinity higher than sea water, the temperature is sufficiently elevated and sufficient light requirements are supplied, the alga starts to produce the red pigment beta carotene. The purple halobacterium grows at the bottom of the lake in the salt crust.

Scientists discovered that pink water bodies such as Lake Hillier contain both halobacteria and a sort of algae called Dunaliella salina that thrives in cold settings such as pink rivers. The red carotenoid pigments that Halobacteria and d have secreted. Salina is accountable for the otherworldly colours of the purple waters. In the Dead Sea, too, these same algae thrive. - Pink Lake : What is Pink Lake? What causes Pink Lake in Australia? | Geology Page

The more I dive into this challenge, the more I’m feeling like I’ve wanted to have an aversion to water more than I actually do. I mean, with this playing in the background, how can I not want to explore the ocean?

I mean, I don’t physically want to go and do it – travelling is expensive and I can’t swim well anymore (due to a lack of stamina for it). But it’s something I’d like to explore during visualisation-style meditation, so that’s what I’m doing!

(I don’t enjoy guided meditations personally as I find the voices invasive, so I’m not sure what’s “good.” But this above video came up and something about it made me feel like sharing it.)

This is the music that I’m using:

Anyway, at the end of the day, I don’t feel super connected to any of the elements. :sweat_smile: It’s the night sky with all of its stars and its beautiful moon that really calls to me. So, it was fun to intentionally look further into the water element. :smile:


This is gorgeous. The photos are stunning. :sparkling_heart:


That’s beautiful anywhere like this count me in. Guarantee I will be the first one in the water n the last one out lol


I’ll have to take you on a tour of all the beaches someday then. :grin: :black_heart:


I’d be in heaven this would make my day


I wanna go. Lol!


You’re more than welcome to join! :black_heart:


Awesome! Will we see kangaroos? I’ve never seen one in real life. :kangaroo:


What an incredibly lush and lyrically beautiful entry!!! I am stunned at the beauty and wonder of it. Perfect mood for ending my evening! :ocean: :water_element: :beach_umbrella: :shell:


Yep! We can find them all over Australia. Even on beaches! They’re quite the sight there.

[Brown deer on white sand beach during daytime photo – Free Lucky bay Image on Unsplash]


[Kangaroos on the Beach at Cape Hillsborough - Things to Know]

[Kangaroos on the beach: 5 BEST places to see them in Australia - Mark Fitz]


Count me in, too. I’ve never been a beach bum before. I like the feeling of sitting on a rock as it gets hit by a wave far below: the whole rock moves with the power of the wave.

I’m usually the one sitting by small waterfalls in deep meditation until I can’t hear anymore. Approaching one such waterfall, the birds try to sing over the sound as though in competition with it. They tend to avoid the area closest to the falls, though. When leaving, it seems like the birds have gathered and are screaming for attention, like I’ve missed something or forgotten something super important.


And hopefully nice dreams to follow~ :smile: :black_heart:

Neither have I been. People tend to want to go when the sun is strong enough to cause harm and the places around Sydney are all too full of too many people. :slightly_frowning_face:

Funny that you mention that… I had realised that I forgot to include streams and waterfalls from our forests and spent the last 10 minutes collecting photos of those to add.

[Waterfalls surrounded by rocks during daytime photo – Free Stony creek Image on Unsplash]

[Timelapse photography of waterfalls photo – Free Waterfall Image on Unsplash]

[A very tall waterfall in the middle of a forest photo – Free Australia Image on Unsplash]

[Waterfalls between grass and trees at daytime photo – Free Nature Image on Unsplash]

[Waterfall surrounded by green moss photo – Free Hobart Image on Unsplash]


[Bungle Bungle Heli Flight & Private Cathedral Gorge Guided Walk]

[A large waterfall in the middle of a forest photo – Free Australia Image on Unsplash]


Thank you! They are gorgeous.
Pun intended.


This thread is a beautiful oasis, a secluded grotto, a quiet and peaceful lagoon – somewhere to come rest my tired body and mind, gently suspended and washed clean by crystal clear waters :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blue_heart:


Aww, I love that, @CelestiaMoon! :black_heart: I want to create more spaces like this then. Wonderful sanctuaries. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m looking forward to seeing @celineelise’s trees. :smile: :black_heart:


I want to move to Australia! I’ll tell hubby tonight when we get home from work. Lol!


A real feast for the senses! :plate_with_cutlery: :yum: :two_hearts:

This was a real treat and a very satisfying entry- the pictures are beyond gorgeous, and I’m currently rocking out to the OceanLab Sirens of the Sea album you kindly shared. I love it :metal: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :notes:

I think I’d be too chicken to swim in the pink lake :laughing: I couldn’t even swim in the dark lakes up in Maine - the water is so dark it’s almost black. When you put your hand in the water it seems to disappear because you can’t see it anymore. Terrifying :joy:

Maybe the pink lakes are a bit more transparent, but I don’t think I could get over the phobia of water that isn’t clear blue lol. Still, it’s really fun to see it from afar in pictures! It looks like something out of a fantasy story :pink_heart: :sparkles:

This was a delight, @starborn! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful entry :pray: :ocean: :blush:


I wholeheartedly agree!!! I actually have bookmarked it to come back to when I need to visual relaxation.


Although, I did try to think of how I could include the others. :laughing: Seems like smells aren’t exactly possible at the moment… :crazy_face:

I might be as well. I don’t think that knowing it’s algae really helps, either. :sweat_smile: But I’d definitely stick my foot in it to see what that’s like. :laughing:

I’m back with some swimming holes and more beaches!

I love collecting these photos, but it makes it really hard to decide which to look at next. :laughing: So one thing I do sometimes is download a collection of related images into a folder and then set my desktop background to a slideshow using that folder. It can change as often as every minute. Then, whenever I feel like it, I just minimise all my windows, and it’s there. :smile:

[Kermits Pool | Swimming Hole | Karijini National Park - White Sands Gallery]

[Wild Swimming In Cairns and Great Barrier Reef | Queensland]

[Australias Natural Swimming Holes - Tourism Australia]


[8 best beaches Australia]



[Australia Has The Best Beach In The World, According To TripAdvisor]

Dive in, @Devenne!

Every day would pave the way
For endless nights of dancing
And every night would fire our minds
And liberate our souls
A home from home
A place that we can go and still be free

There’s nothing like you and me
On the beach
Moving with the waves in the sea
There’s nothing like you and me
Out of reach on the beach
There’s nothing like you and me

We will all be back to play
Winter months will just fade away
Making friends and sleeping in
Sleeping in the sun

On The Beach by OceanLab (Spotify | YouTube)


I want to come stay with you :pleading_face: