October Bucket List

@Phoenix_Rose I have some color street nails too I think you’ve inspired me to give it a go this weekend! Fun! I love the way yours turned out! :nail_care: :heartbeat:


@Siofra_Strega most excellent list


Love it! Here’s inspiration for your family themed costume…. :joy_cat:


@jan_TheGreenWitch so that would be close my husband & I are wearing “Day of the Dead” costumes:

My daughter, is going as a Frat Boy (I’m not sure what that means in 13 year old girl, so we told her to watch Grown Ups 2 & The Outer Banks for an idea. My son said to go to TJ Maxx/Marshalls for a Ralph Lauren button up & have her wear a pair of jeans with some kind of Nike or Adidas running shoe. Lol :rofl: So far she has the shoes, hat, & sunglasses.

I literally have worn the same dress since my 1st son was 6 months old… so 23 years & I always stayed home to give out candy. I’m really excited about dressing up with him.

You’re image also reminded me that I have to find my favorite witchy hat… somewhere… in the basement. Wish me luck :four_leaf_clover:


Love those costumes!!! You’re going to have a lot of fun for sure! :heart:

I guess we are the only two who can’t sleep at 3:30 am lol ;)…. :kissing_cat:


I woke right up around 2:30, so decided to check-in here & do a write up on a deity for the forum, or start one anyway. Then I got distracted & started drawing & shuffling cards. Just to do it, not for anything specific really. More to play with them I guess?

There’s not much to do when everyone is asleep lol :rofl:


My family usually does themed costumes, but this year all the kids want to be something that I have no idea how to weave together…. So I’m going to be…. Wait for it…… a witch! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@AileyGrey can’t gonwrong with that one!

I’ve never dressed up in about 24 years… so im excited!

My daughter has this “Frat Boy” thing she wants to be… the problem is everyone thinks of a frat boy in different ways :rofl: my sons included… 2 different answers & then a 3rd from our adopted 26 year old son :joy:

I told her to watch Grown Ups 2 because there are a ton there & the Outer Banks… all the kids that don’t get along with the “Pogues”… i can’t think of another way to explain it to her. Minus a couple of Ty’s football friends. Lol :laughing:


This is always my costume :rofl: I’m sooo original! /sarcasm


Where did she get the idea of a frat boy?? I think if jeans, a plaid shirt, and a baseball cap and beer….


@AileyGrey I have no idea… something from one of her friends. She’s thinking of younger “Frat Boy” or what she calls a Brad or Chad… I don’t know, this generation is different :rofl:

So we started with think of people you know, which my son was on the high school football team for 3 years & the lacrosse team for at least 2… so he has some friends that have always called me Ma. I said think of so & so…he may have a long sleeve button-down you can borrow with a white t-shirt. You have a flat-brim baseball hat & sunglasses. So grab your Nike “Blazers” (again… the shoe thing I don’t get either but they are worried about creases & ways to lace them :flushed:)… then she said… something. 1 older brother said I think of a polo shirt with a sweater over his shoulders & jeans or khaki shorts with white Adidas running shoes. The other one named a friend & said he exemplifies what you are looking for, ask him. So I think she has something, anyway… but it is so funny to me that we said Day of the Dead & she was like no, Frat Boy… I was like… those don’t go together at all :joy:


@Siofra_Strega Ashton Kutcher in “No Strings Attached” is what i picture as a Frat Boy or Tyler Perry’s “Boo”


@MeganB HAHA, I plan on going as a witch too! I usually like to go over the top and wear fun, extravagant costumes LOL, but I’m not doing that this year. I’m going to find a new witchy hat, and just do makeup/hair and pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters.

This is my son’s last year trick-or-treating so he’s going to go around the neighborhoods with my boyfriend’s son. So this is going to be a different Halloween but we’re all looking forward to it. Especially me. I don’t have to lug the kids around town and watch them go door to door! :rofl: :rofl: I get to sit at home, in the front yard, and see the different costumes and enjoy the peace and quiet at home! LOL.


We still walk around and go trick-or-treating because my daughter is nine. I’ve got many more years of trick-or-treating, I think! I’m not sure what she’s going to be this year. She keeps flipping back and forth between Nezuko from Demon Slayer and a pirate :laughing:


My son was Tanjiro, Nezuko’s brother, last year!

And yes we all still dress up lol, he was 19 in that pic.


That’s awesome! My daughter really loves Demon Slayer right now. She’s got a tapestry of Nezuko hanging on her wall right now!


Not too much on my October list, but I would would like:
• Pick out my annual pumpkin for carving at a farm. I’ve grown tired of picking mine from a cardboard bin in Walmart!
• Spend the afternoon at the cemetery where some of my family members are buried.
• Bake some cupcakes or cookies for Halloween/Samhain
• Go to a Halloween party (there is a club in my town that’s hosting a party this year and I can’t help thinking, “why took so long for someone to organize one?!).


Mine’s a bit short and there’s things I’d like to try but they’re not in the cards right now.

  • Go for walks outside.
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Fix a cup of spiced tea (not a coffee person)
  • Do the coloring page or journaling prompt form here for Samhain
    -Hand out candy to trick or treaters

October is the perfect month for walks outside!


Traveling Witch :woman_mage:
I always have fun making photo shoots but I do t have a fancy camera :movie_camera: however like you said celebrating Samhain and this fall one should


  • Do an autumn photoshoot in the woods :camera_flash:

I really want to try this but not sure we’re to go here in Sacramento!

The second Hocus Pocus movie just came out- we watched it last night and it was really cute :blush::broom::sparkles: Enjoy your Hocus Pocus marathon,

I also look forward to watching the new Hocus Pocus Movie :movie_camera: I just got the Disney spell book for fun :star_struck: I absolutely love :heart: it! Can’t wait to watch it myself!