Offerings For Gods and Goddesses

I’m a little confused about offerings. When you offer like bread, wine, coins or whatever, what do you do with it afterwards? I can’t keep it on my alter because I don’t have a stationary one. I take it out to use it then put it away when I’m done.


We did a whole challenge on offerings not too long ago, you can find the information on what we did Here and that might answer some of your questions. A lot of people leave the food outside and gave the wine, juice, etc. to the land or tree.

I can’t do that where I live so I give an offering of incense. It burns out and then you clean it up and put it away. But that’s just me.


Depending on what your offerings are, you have many options. If it’s herbs or oils :herb: , you can burn them. You are then releasing the essence of the offering so that it reaches your deity.

If it’s food , :shallow_pan_of_food: it can be eaten, but also burned or buried. Sharing a meal with your deity is a sign of being at peace with Her, or an invitation. How long you leave the offering on the altar is up to you, but at least overnight and throw it away the next morning so it won’t spoil on your altar.

You can read a recent conversation we had in the Forum about this clicking here .

If you are offering a coin or an amulet you may prefer to keep it as a personal reminder of your connection to that deity. Or you can pass it along by giving it away to someone else.

But your Craft is yours only, these are just ideas and you should experiment with them!

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Thank you @Amethyst ! I forgot about that challenge. Mainly because I didn’t participate in it. I just wasn’t at that stage yet with working with different Gods or Goddesses. I’m still just a bit nervous about it.


Thank you @Francisco for the info! I wanted to offer coins to Brigid but then was confused what to do with them afterwards so I just offered bread and pumpkin seeds, instead. I’m such a baby witch that I’m second guessing everything I do.


Think of it this way, if you had a little one that gave you a rock or a bit of their sandwich, you’d be all Awww, cute! I hope that’s what the Gods feel at least when you’re starting out. We’re trying and that’s what matters!


Lol I hope you’re right, @Amethyst!


Meet too @christine13! LOL!


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