Oh my whiskers! 😻 Cat Magick challenge

For any cat-loving witches out there:
Have you ever spotted a fallen (or gifted as I like to think of it) cat whisker on your floor/bed/clothing, picked it up and thought… “I should hold on to this” :smirk_cat: but not really known why?
Haha! Keep those whiskers safe! This is the post for you!

An abundance of whiskers, beautifully modelled by Yvie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

FIRSTLY! (This should go without saying, but…) Never EVER cut or pull a cat’s whiskers - this will cause pain and confusion!
(and I don’t see it doing anything good for your spellwork either! :pouting_cat:)

Cat whiskers have loads of fantastic uses!

Cats use their whiskers to work out whether they can safely fit into tight spaces, they help them to measure distances, see better in the dark and protect their eyes and face from possible harm/dangers.

  • Whiskers make a great addition to protection and good luck spells

  • They make EXCELLENT good luck charms for travel - keep a whisker in a charm bag in your car or add it to your travel kit to keep safe on journeys!

  • Some witches believe that cats can walk between worlds - keep whiskers by your bed or add to a spell or incense blend to aid in safe astral travel!

  • Burn with jasmine and mugwort to aid in prophetic dreams!

  • Use whiskers in spells to ‘increase your awareness/ boost your senses’ - e.g. pre-divination!

  • Add to road-opener spells! Use whiskers to help move past life’s obstacles!

  • Whiskers show cats’ emotions! This could be handy for spells relating to honesty/openness!

  • To hide yourself from enemies – or whenever you feel you are under psychic attack, hide a black whisker near your bed!

and my absolute FAVOURITE!

  • Use in manifestation spells! I’ve read in several places that speaking your intention whilst burning a cat’s whisker is supposed to help manifest your wish! Particularly when burning with the flame of a gold or yellow candle :heart_eyes_cat:

Want to get a little more specific about your whiskers?
Here’s some awesome info from otherworldlyoracle.com:

Whisker thickness represents strength/resolve. Meaning a very thick sturdy whisker would make a stronger, sturdier spell/intention. The personality of the cat also lends to whisker correspondence—

  • The Dream Weaver: aids with dreams and realizing goals, sleep, astral travel
  • The Guardian/Protector: protection, strength, power, focus, healing
  • The Familiar: protection, guidance, love, strength, release, sensuality, healing
  • The wise owl: spirituality, astral travel, psychic awareness, heightened sensitivity
  • The Skittish One: aids in unseeing, protective, luck, navigation
  • The Bubbly One: luck, protection, healing, magic potential, aids with difficulties, self love
  • The Lazy/sleepy One: sleep, astral travel, aids with dreams, guidance, healing, love

Whiskers and claws combined are helpful in dealing with difficult people. Cat claws are used for sharp wit and ferocity, “digging your claws in”, holding fast, not letting go, and protection.The length of the cat whisker represents the length of time the spell will last, or takes to manifest. A very long whisker will aid in a long term goal. A short whisker – a short term goal.

Whisker Color Properties:

  • White whiskers generally aid with protection, purity, healing, and luck
  • Black whiskers generally represent warding off negativity, binding, and spiritual powers
  • Brown whiskers generally aid in grounding, balance, family, animals, familiars, and decision making
  • Gray/Blue whisker represents neutrality, shielding, deities, resolve, persistence
  • Orange/Copper whisker generally represents joy, happiness, strength, peace, truth, success, and encouragement
  • A colored whisker with white bands aids in stability, love, comfort, physicality, peace, and closeness

Ooh and I came across this in my searches- guys, YOU HAVE TO SEE THESE: Whisker Tributes by VolanaKote on Etsy - The world’s most stunning good luck charms anyone?! :heart_eyes_cat:

Miaow! :kissing_cat:


That is really awesome!

Thank you so much for sharing! :black_cat:


I don’t know if Max isn’t old enough or if he’s just holding out on me, I rarely find whiskers laying around. I’ll have to keep a closer eye out!


I love :cupid: this! I had no idea. I used to save them from my kitties, but I lost them over the years. Now I know that I can use them should I come across any in the future.


This is oddly interesting :sweat_smile: I love it!! You provided so much great and useful information for whiskers!!! Aw, I just remembered that I had a cat named Whiskers. :pleading_face:But you did a great job for this challenge!!! :clap:


What a beautiful kitty you have she is so precious!

Sometimes I do find kitty whiskers and know I know what to do if I find one!LOL
I would never pick a whisker out! What a excellent source!
Thank you Limberry



Tuffs of stray fur and lost claws never bothered me, for some reason finding an abandoned whisker always gives me the shivers- not quite sure why! :joy: Guess I don’t need to be freaked out, since there are such wonderful ways to use it magically :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is beautiful, @Limeberry- thanks so much for sharing! Lots of love to you and your sweet Yvie! :black_cat: :heart: