Out with the old, in with the new/House cleansing and protection

It’s been a while since I have posted on here. After taking a trip out of state it has been a slow process getting readjusted.
My daughter and I have had this lingering feeling of blahness about us and felt like the house was harboring some wonky energy. Being that some time has passed since our last house cleansing and salting, it was overdue!

We started our Saturday with the daily ritual and our little version of the Bast devotional. ( Bast Prayer Against Evil Witchcraft – Egyptian Cat Goddess – Spells8 )
Then we prepared all of our materials for the cleansing and protection of our home.

Pink and classic salt
6 Anise seeds
6 Star Anise
Skeleton key
6 pieces of Geode remains
6 Whole Cloves
6 Juniper Berries
2 Bay Leaves

In our salt mixture was pink and white salt, mint, and lemon balm.

We cleansed ourselves and our items using Palo Santo to start off and then we took a moment to visualize the purpose of this salt and the kind of energy we want it to embody.
Once it was mixed, we took the Palo Santo and our salt and blessed/cleansed every doorway, corner, nook and cranny there could possibly be in our house.

Up next was our House Protection jar. We used all the ingredients listed above, on the bay leaves we wrote down what we are getting from having this jar in our home, and then topped it off with some crystals and glitter with veggi oil. This jar is now guarding and protecting our house, discerning the negative from the positive and reinforcing the energies we want to welcome.


Very nice! A good way to start off the new year!


Great way to freshen up the energy in your home. I am on a quest to do the same today. After I finish my coffee though. First things first.

I am going to make a fresh simmer pot for the house & use some Jasmine in my room while I clean that.


Thank you ladies and I absolutely love simmer pots! I think one of my top ingredients would have to be orange peels… oh and cinnamon <3


I made one today with oranges & cinnamon sticks! Along with lemons, cloves, caraway, bay leaves (for my intentions) and some rosemary & rose. Smelled wonderful this afternoon. Im going to simmer the rest of it tomorrow.


Gorgeous pictures, Janelle!! You have a way with colors! :grin: :star_struck:

This was very useful too. May Bast keep your house blessed!

𓁴𓁴𓁴 :candle:


Welcome back, @Janelle! It’s always good to hear from you- I hope the trip went well :blush:

Cleansing and protecting the home are great ways to chase off any blahness and welcome in the new year with a fresh new start! :star2: Gorgeous spellwork- the jars look lovely. Thanks for sharing- blessed be!


Thank you Janelle,
I am very blessed and happy with your easy spell jar!
Blessed be


@janelle thank you very much!great cleaning! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: