Passage Into the New Year Challenge Entry

:door: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Passage Into the New Year

Jess’ Challenge Entry:

Part 1:

In my new journey on focusing more on myself in 2022 I thought that it would be a good time to seek the guidance and protection of any guides that would be willing to help me. I plan on working through some meditations to meet my guides and understand their advice.

But I also found this spell and thought that it would be perfect for New Year’s Eve.

This spell comes from :

The Little Book of Earth Magic: Connect to the Magic of the World Around You by Sarah Bartlett :leaves:

Spell to Connect With the Guardian Witch Within

Whenever you feel in need of comfort, spiritual blessing or simply feel engaged with the sacred side of yourself, perform the following magical practice:

You will need:

  • 1 White Candle

  • Mirror

  • Pen or Pencil

  • Your Journal or Book of Shadows

1. Sit or stand in front of the mirror and light the candle. For a few minutes gaze at your reflection and enjoy what you see there. Focus on the candle flame too, and you may even see into the magic of nature itself if you are close enough.

2. Write the following in your journal and then say it out loud. As you do so, remember this is you - the guardian witch who is now ready to make life what you want it to be:

‘Such jewels she has upon her hand,

A diamond here, a glittering band;

And there she holds out other stones

Of red agate, or crimson bones.

Beneath her crown she carries gold,

Of foils and rubies, emeralds too.

But mostly spun in lunar threads,

Her dress is wove from ocean beds.

And so her song is one of joy

Of lullabies that reach the sky

Where high above blue mantles clear

The Guardian Witch - you’ll find her here.’

3. You are now deeply connected with your own magic within and to the sacred world around you.

Part 2:

New Year’s morning Mum, Denzel, Dillon and I got up early to beat the heat and all went for a drive to Mandurah which is a beautiful spot on the coast about an hour’s drive from home. Lots of dolphins live in the estuary :dolphin:. I decided to do this spell. Although instead of a lake I sat in a nice little secluded spot on the jetty at the estuary to drop my stones. I offered my apologies in advance to any sea-life if that I may have accidentally given them a headache or a bit of a startle :astonished: :fish:.

This spell comes from :

The Little Book of Earth Magic: Connect to the Magic of the World Around You by Sarah Bartlett :leaves:

Spell to Let Go and Leave the Past Behind

There are times when we cling feverishly to the past, and others where we are ready to let go and start again. If you have been through difficulties and want help in letting go of your emotional baggage or in leaving the past behind, let this spell work some magic for you by engaging with the power of the lake. When casting this spell, it’s preferable to sit by a lake, but if that’s not possible a pond or even a puddle will do.

You will need:

  • Pouch of 12 Stones or Pebbles

1. Face the water and focus on the light reflecting from it - the ripples, the scene and the sky.

2. Take one stone at time from the pouch and toss it into the water, as you repeat the following magical verse:

‘They say in love we’re often spent

Of words of feelings all that’s meant,

But no one told me loud and true

If it’s for me or it’s for you.

Yet if there was another way

I’d find it out from you today,

For all those who saw the bluest stone

They saw their hearts were all alone.

With every love, another’s lost.

Take care now, it’s you at cost.

This lake, it holds your memory dear,

With each stone cast I leave you here.

Farewell to the past and start again

And in the lake I find champagne!’

3. When all your stones are cast into the water, you may feel emotions well up inside you and a sense of loss and grieving for the past. Let them be, let them go, and leave them there in the lake. Whenever you return to the lake you will look back not with anger or remorse, but with acceptance and love for what was. The lake may thank you for that too.

Part 3:

I’m sure many of you remember when I made post a little while back asking for some advice as to what to do with my Claddagh ring and my two lion charms that I wore to represent my him. Thanks to the really good ideas shared by my wonderful new family I sealed them in a jar with some sea salt, a sprig of rosemary and a piece of black tourmaline and clear quartz for good measure.

Needing a little advice please? Negative Jewelry Associations

Keeping in line with the letting go theme; I took this along with us to Mandurah. I do admit that I was sorely tempted to hurl it as far as I possibly could off the jetty into the estuary but I didn’t want to add to any more ocean pollution so I threw it in the closet bin that I could find. I left it there to its fate in Mandurah. It’s gone and it isn’t coming back.

Part 4:

I wrote this one all by my onesies. I plan on doing this under the New Moon on the 2nd January 2022. :new_moon:

Goodbye with Blessing - Cord Burning (black candle)

Light the candle :candle:

Tie a knot in some cord - once with every verse

It is now time to say goodbye to you,
It is time for me to start anew.

Although my love for you it may remain,
I must remove myself from this pain.

A blessing of love to you as my final gift,
As for me, the clouds of darkness shall now lift.

hold the cord near the flame

As I cut the cords from me to you and you to me,
A brighter path I now clearly see.

hold the cord in the flame until it breaks :fire:

With the bonds now cut, I set us free,
With no harm intended, so mote it be .

I’ll bury the cut cord in my favourite witchy plant pot. :seedling:

Thanks for reading my entry! Bring on 2022! :sparkles: new beginnings :sparkles:


Wow. This is some wonderful work for the new year @jessica72! You’re doing great!

This made me giggle!

Happy New Year, my love!


I really like all of these. It will be difficult to decide which one I want to do first! Thank you for sharing


@LadyAuld.ofChico thank you so much and you’re most welcome :blush:

@Amethyst thank you :blush: i just had visions of giving a poor fish minding their own business and going about their fishy morning a terrible headache :laughing:


Thank you for sharing your experiences with letting go & focusing on your own healing this year! Congratulations, it’s a big step forward for you! I’m proud of you :hugs:

I think I am going to try the Spell to Let Go, we have a :beach_umbrella: beach :ocean: right down the street from us & I’m willing to bet that I can get at least my daughter to take a walk with me & spend a little time there. If there’s a chance for her to be near water :droplet: she’s going to take it! Especially when we have the option of a right of way or a small beach or a large beach! The good things about living on a technical island. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Do you ever wonder what fish think? Like the ones who are caught and thrown back? Are we like, aliens to them? Snagging them and dragging them upwards only to be let go? LOL!


This is great work! You put a lot of effort into your spell work :grinning:


@Siofra thank you and your welcome. I really am finding some amazing little bits n pieces in these little books by Sarah Bartlett. Oh that sounds lovely living so close to the beach :heart_eyes: Cape Cod sounds amazing!

Perth is a funny little place. There are a lot of beaches because Western Australia is basically just one big chunk of coastline. We live about 20 minutes drive from the city centre and the closet beach is about 30 minutes drive away which is Fremantle port. And then there is this huge ‘thing’ where you either live north or south of the river (the Swan River) runs right through Perth centre. It’s a total 'thing ’ I don’t know how to explain it just right. I’m south of the river lol.

@Amethyst I do wonder. You’re right they must wonder what the heck we are. I just thought of the Disney movie Finding Nemo. :laughing:

@christine13 thank you so much hunni :blush:


I keep on thinking of a Bill Engvall joke, Dorkfish.


I think I am going to look her up & add to my library of books. Right now I am reading a Witchy Self Care book :open_book: that has some really nice rituals & spells in it also. I like the explanations of what it actually is versus mainstream meanings. I’m looking forward to making it a part of my daily routine. :star_struck: :two_hearts:

It really is & easily taken for granted. I can throw a rock & hit the ocean :ocean: from my house. At low tide, we can walk across to “Washburn Island” over a sand bar that forms. I remember when I lived landlocked in KY & then I was in TX but in Austin, quite the ride from the beach. I felt so… off… different. Nothing was comfortable for me. I wound up moving home :house: & then when I had my own family, we bought my father’s house from him on Cape Cod. He lives in FL now with his wife. My brother moves all over because he is in the service. So it’s just me here with my little family :two_hearts:

I would love to visit Australia sometime, we have a similar slang here about where I live. I actually live in MA so we either refer to it as “the Cape” & if we are talking about going to the mainland we just say we are “going over the bridge”. There are only 2 bridges to get on & off Cape Cod both attached to highways. So when we leave “the Cape” we are going over the bridge.


Oh this was such a delight to read, @Jessica72- I’m in awe of all the beautiful spellwork you’ve done over the past few days, a huge congrats to you! :partying_face: :heart:

I’ve seen lots of work with guardian angels, spirits guides, deities, etc- but I can’t think of any other spell to connect with the “guardian witch” within- that is such a beautiful idea! :heart_eyes: And it sounds like you all had a lovely adventure to the coast- look at that dolphin! :dolphin: That picture made me smile- I haven’t see a dolphin in forever! That is so cool they are so close to you :blush:

Beautiful letting go spell as well, and the cord burning! Oh! You did fantastic with that one too- you’ve got quite the talent for writing spells :clap:

All in all, I’m in awe, Jessica! You said goodbye to the past and welcomed in 2022 with grace and a beautiful touch of magick- may the new year be a very blessed one for you! :heart::tada: Great job and thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much for all your continued encouragement and support!