Peridot Information πŸ’Ž


Mineral Family: Basalt
Structure: Iron, Magnesium
Hardness: 6-7
Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus
Zodiac: Virgo, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Element: Earth
Planets: Venus, Earth, Sun
Color: Green, Yellow, Olive Green, Venusia Green

:green_circle: The initial mention of peridot was around 300BC as the first connection between humans and peridot.
:green_circle:This mineral has been reported in multiple different meteorites that have crash-landed here on Earth (thus making this crystal interstellar).
:green_circle: Peridot has been widely recognized for it’s ability to stimulate change between ones heart and personal will.
:green_circle: Through meditation and breathing exercises, peridots green rays facilitates the removal of negative emotions.
:green_circle: Peridot helps one raise their internal vibration.
:green_circle: Peridot is known to attribute one’s confidence levels.
:green_circle: Questions such as: what is your purpose here on Earth? , Why are you searching for answers in the first place? , Am I on the right path?, Are answered through the guidance of Peridot. One must individually search for these answers.
:green_circle: With the aid of Peridot, you’ll become much more than a visionary. Instead, you’ll become a creator with powers beyond the reach of your own imagination. Trust yourself, manifest, meditate, and watch as the powers of Peridot synchronize within.

:green_circle: More properties from The Crystal Council :green_circle:
Transformation, love & relationships, physical healing, abundance, prosperity, chakra alignment, chakra cleansing, self healing, connection with nature, generosity.

These I use for gridding. I actually have a bunch more on a grid.


Sounds like I need to get me some of this stone! I will put it on my wishlist. I’m actually heading to a crystal store today! I will see if they have any there. Their tumbles are a really good price. The larger types can be pretty pricey though.


I really like the properties and the color of this crystal, this one is also new to me. The name of the crystal is also interesting. May add this crystal to my wish list.


Fantastic info! And your peridot stones are beautiful


I went to one of the crystal shops by me & they had some Peridot, but they were tiny pieces in a bag. I was afraid that I would lose them. I got a few other things instead. A nice piece of Celestite, it was so pretty in the light. I had to take it home.


Thank you thank you thank you! You shared so much I didn’t know and it’s intriguing.

I absolutely love Peridot :green_heart:


I use this bag of low grade Peridot for spell jars mostly.

I use these two for my altar, healing meditations, and also wear them in my necklace wire cage thing.


I use mine in my wire cage thing too :rofl: