Pet Protection(Spells8) with my own flair to it

One of our cat’s, Savage, hadn’t come home for 2 nights and a day so I was starting to get a little worried. He loves his wet food and will come in from outside around the time we give the wet food to the cats so I took notice when he hadn’t come home.

Well it was a success!!!

I performed this ritual the night before last around 2am.
Aside from the shake of the earthquake, I was feeling worried, but optimistic and hopeful, felt confident in my magic and the results I would yield, which was Savage coming home safely!

He is an Orange Tabby Maine Coon so I used Orange and White candles.
The Crystal beings who aided in this ritual were Tiger’s eye, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Smokey Quartz, Selenite, Blue Tiger’s Eye, Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate, and Leopard Skin Jasper.
Herbs: Rosemary for cleansing space and protection, Chamomile for love and comfort, Myrrh(resin) for spiritual guidance and confidence, White Sage for clearing energies, and Palo Santo(stick) for creating sacred space and cleansing items being used and myself.
Tools: Cauldron, Strength Tarot card, bowl for herbs, glass of water, charcoal tablet, tongs, Protection Anointing Oil, paper to write pet’s name or a photo, matches or lighter, (optional)pictures of other pet’s to help/assist in sending out love and protection, statues or figurines of deities or guides.

I started off with lighting the candles and putting the anointing oil on my third eye, each of my wrists, and on my heart. I took the Palo Santo and asked the plant spirit to bless my tools and myself with guidance, love and light.
Going into a meditation, I thought of why I was doing this spell and what outcome I was hoping to achieve. I held space for this until I felt ready to proceed. Now the meditation can be done however you like, I chose to do this as I was setting up all of my items and tools.
I lit up one of the charcoal tablets and placed it in my mini cauldron, sprinkled my herb mix on it and enjoyed the smoky smells.
My finishing touches for set up were to add the photo’s in frame of Kronik and Kosher, another of Tigger, and then my cat figurine to represent Mocha(RIP my cat babies!).

Once I was set up, I made sure my glass of water and candles were evenly spaced out from each other. This space was used to put my piece of paper with Savage’s name on it.

I took my Strength Tarot card from the deck Mystical Cats Tarot and chanted:
"Protect my pet, my beloved companion.
And I promise to take care of my animal as you take care of yours.
If my friend is lost, let them come back to me.
Bring me joy and strength.
So mote it be."
And for an extra oomph:
"Great adventurer, wild warrior, noble cat,
Be protected on your journey within the home and in the wild.
Wherever you roam, you will always return safe, healthy, and whole."

I sprinkled drops of water from the glass onto the paper with my pet’s name while letting the candles burn for a few minutes. I snuffed it out and cut the wick, putting the wick with the piece of paper. I took the glass of water and tossed the liquid out. I thanked the Strength card and put it back in the deck.

I didn’t bury the paper and wick right away as I was super tired being that it was almost 3am at that point, WITCHING HOUR! Muhahaha.

When I woke up later on, I buried the contents around 9:45ish. My daughter and I were talking about how we wished Savage was home and then all of a sudden she yells, “Savage boy!” It was 10:30 or around that time.

Talk about quick response time universe!!! Thank you!

This isn’t as put together as most of my spell posts as my child is distracting me while cleaning but lol I’ve been typing this since yesterday so I wanted to publish it.


Hooray!!! I am so happy Savage came home safe and sound- and gosh, he is one handsome kitty! :smiley_cat: Yes, the spell worked amazingly fast- your intents must have been very powerful to get him back! Congrats on such potent spellwork, I am sure Savage is happy to be home after whatever adventures he had :grin:

I really like how you matched the candles to Savage’s coloring- it is clear you put a lot of thought into your spellwork! Really nicely done, thanks for sharing @janelle :heart:


Awe thank you, he sure is. If only he would let me brush him more often lol :grimacing: :smirk_cat:

I’ve had too many cat’s pass. Savage and I are forming a strong bond that he has yet to do with my daughter and SO. I was internally freaking out when he hadn’t been home. I think deep down somewhere, he knew I was worried because once he was through that front door, he came straight to me. Rubbed up my legs and meowed so sweetly!

And thank you! I believe I have only one other spell I can think of that worked as well as this one did. Intent and Force is strong with this one, yes(in my best Yoda voice lol).

I looked up cat coat color meanings and they were pretty interesting!
Here’s the link if you want to check it out :ok_hand:t4:


That was fast! I’m so happy Savage Boy is back home now :pray::blush: he looks so comfortable laying there with you all stretched out. :cat2:


Oh yeah, we cuddled and passed out!

He is fixed but I’m wondering if he found himself a little kitty friend to snuggle while he was gone :heart_eyes_cat:


Who says cats don’t need friends too? :slight_smile:


This is a wonderful spell and it must have worked a treat because your fur baby is home where he should be! That’s so great!

I’ve always wanted a Maine Coon Cat. I’d call him Fezzik, from the giant in Princess Bride. LOL


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I love how you made this spell your own and how quickly it worked for you.
He is a gorgeous kitty! :heart:
This is such a lovely thing to see -ooh my heart is just all mushy :joy:


This is beautiful, Janelle!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the Pet Protection Spell!

I love the photos you take! And that’s such a colorful altar! No wonder the spell worked so fast for you!! Lots and lots of energy contained in there! :zap:

So happy for you and Savage!! :cat: :slight_smile:


No doubt! Everyone needs a buddy!


I love that movie. I have fond memories of watching it with my Pop.
Inconceivable!! :rofl:

@Limeberry Cue the mushy moment music for this spell lol

@Francisco No, thank you! This spell was exactly what I needed. I’m going to use it to outline another pet spell for our cat Nermal. She’s a crazy girl!
I try not to focus so hard on correspondences which is EXTREMELY difficult for me but I have noticed a difference in my spell work when I throw in bright colors instead of just the basics. Thank you for the compliment on my photo’s! I struggle with shadows being cast in them due to my hand and such lol.


Ohhhh thank you for sharing the article about cat colors and their symbolism, Janelle- it was so interesting! :heart_eyes: Of course I had to check to see what they have on black cats (I used to have a black cat who was a crazy sweetheart) and found this:

The article says that, although black cats are often associated with bad luck, their true symbolism is health and medicine! It says that black cats are sometimes guides, helping those who are very sick or ill and leading them into their next life. Really beautiful- a great read! :open_book::black_cat:


@AliceInWonderdab I messaged you but I figured I would tag you as well. :orange_heart:


This and you are incredibly beautiful and thank you so much


I’ve created a protection spell for kitties (as I’ve been so inspired by y’all)
You’ll require the following:
~parchment writing paper
~candles corresponding to cats colours (for example I’m using white & black)
~moon water & black (or any) salt to consecrate petition
~incense (your choice)
write your spell on the parchment
consecrate the petition with your water and salt and wave thru the incense smoke while reciting spell
(follow along with mine or use/create your own)
“Spirits of goodness, spirit of light, protect Nomi & Yuki from all plight
Protect them from danger, protect them from harm, keep them safe secure and charmed
charmed and protected, safe from pain, may they dance in sunshine, away from rain
Great goddess Bastet hear my cries, keep Nomi and Yuki protected, thru all their nine lives”
When finished reciting fold parchment paper towards you and then light it by the candles.
As it’s consumed by the flames let the fire and smoke carry magick to your pets!
Let candles burn down on own or if leaving or sleeping put them out.
And so mote it shall be :black_heart:


That is absolutely beautiful!


A lovely protection spell- thanks so much for sharing @AliceInWonderdab! :cat2: :heart:


@janelle , I so needed this today – thank you so much!! I love how you showed the layout of your altar and how you positioned things. This is so helpful. With so many elements to your spell it’s no wonder it worked so quickly to bring Savage home!

I did a basic version of @SilverBear 's spell just now but I am going to try yours as well as the one by @AliceInWonderdab this week. Really going to make my intentions clear lol! Is there such a thing as too much spellwork? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: