Positive pagan article

Finally a positive news article surrounding witchcraft and wicca thought id share i used to live in birchgrove wales briefly would of loved to have met fellow wiccans.

If theres any aussie witches here especially in melbourne id love to meet you :slight_smile:

Heres the article


Thank you for sharing, @kira-marie. I loved the quote near the end:

“Witchcraft is not supernatural. Witchcraft is not evil. It’s not devil worship. It’s none of those things. Witchcraft is a practice.”


Me too i found it quite an uplifting article compared to most ive seen floating the net


What a great article, thanks for sharing @kira-marie! I read one yesterday on what real witches did on Halloween that was good. Now I’m wishing I’d saved that and shared it.


Kira Marie,

In the post this girl stated A witch could be any religion. It doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s more about how you express your faith. Someone who is a witch is just someone who views and interprets prayer in a more action-based way."

This is mostly why I became a Witch I needed to make my own decision and have freedom with diety! I like how she said who interprets prayer in a more action based way because this is why I can relate to prayer in a more action based way!
Loved your article!
Blessed be


A lovely read, @Kira-marie! :two_hearts: I check the BBC news almost every day- can’t believe I missed this gem! I love the positive light and upbeat tone it takes. The article does a great job showing paganism and witchcraft in a friendly and welcoming light. Thanks so much for sharing! :sparkling_heart:


That’s great news! Finally a positive and objective take on witchcraft in the mainstream!! :clap: :clap:

The short video featuring Harmony Nice was a nice add too! She explains in under a minute the ideas of healing and respect for the Earth as main parts of Wicca.

Little by little the Bogeyman view of Witchcraft will sink and give way to more positive metaphors!