☕ Potion-Making

Potions are not everything you see in the movies. You can make a potion at home with everything you have on hand, and I will help you!

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When you think of potions, do you think of things like Harry Potter and Charmed? If so, that is okay, because that is how most of the world sees potions, but that is not the case. You can make a potion out of materials and ingredients you already have at home, and the potion can be for consumption or topical use.

Note: If you are making something to be consumed, please make sure the ingredients you are using are safe for consumption. A lot of herbs and ingredients are poisonous when ingested. Do your homework and stay healthy.

So, what can I turn into a potion?

My favorite thing to make into a potion is my morning coffee. I work from home, and I get up very early in the morning, so my coffee is always the first thing I consume every day. The ingredients I use when I make my coffee and the intention I set when stirring it both help to direct my energy into the cup. Then I say a little chant and move on with my day. If you drink coffee, try the following. If you drink anything else in the morning, see if you can come up with your own little recipe!

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Pour your coffee and add your ingredients. I like to use heavy cream and a bit of cinnamon. When stirring my drink, I stir clockwise to bring what I want to me. Then, I say something like the following.

Coffee sweet and hot,
Sweeten the senses and boil the pot,
Inspiration is abundant and dawdling is not.

Now, this little chant works for me because it is specific to what I do regularly. Since I work from home, I have a podcast, and I write, I need a constant flow of inspiration. Also, since I work from home, procrastination and dawdling are things that follow me everywhere.

Since I am a writer, I have used the words in the above chant very selectively. Each one has a purpose, and it serves me well. If you try this out, please do not think that you need to have some elaborate chant over your coffee. This is how I cast my spells, but you might do it differently. You could even just say an affirmation over your coffee and call it good. Whatever works for you!

Lotion Potions

We have talked about making a potion out of something you can consume, but what about something you use on your skin? This works, too! If you have a favorite lotion or body product, turn it into a potion. If you make your own body products, then you have an extra opportunity here. Take your body product - I’ll use lotion here as an example - and mix it up a bit. Add ingredients, say a spell, and then use it!

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Take a lotion that you enjoy. If you do not want to add anything to it, skip the next part. If you want to add to it, choose ingredients that work well for what you want to do. Do you want to attract love into your life? Maybe add some ground rose petals or rose essential oil. Do you want to bring peace and tranquility to you? Add some ground lavender or lavender essential oil. The possibilities with this are endless, but it does come with a warning. Some ingredients are poisonous and must be used with caution or not used at all. Please do your research before using ingredients that you are not familiar with!

If you want to say a chant or spell over your lotion, now is the time to do so. You can even create a spell that you say as you use it instead of over the lotion itself. Here is an example of a chant using affirmations. When chanting affirmations, I like to repeat them as quickly as possible so the words flow together and you can no longer make out the words by themselves.

I am loved. I am beautiful. I am wonderful. I am a joy to be around.

After you have your lotion potion ready to go, just use it!

Other Possibilities

Like I said before, the possibilities with potion-making are endless. Any item that is essentially a liquid can be turned into a potion and they do not all have to be consumed. You can turn your tea into a potion if you’re studying for a test. Had a rough day? Add some herbs to your bath and take a magickal bath. If you can think of it, it can be done. Do not let your creativity be stifled by the thoughts or opinions of others because if it works for you, then that is what matters.

A Quick Note

I know I have already said it twice, but I feel like I need to say it again. Please be sure that any ingredients you use are safe for you and those around you. Some herbs are harmful to animals. Some herbs are harmful to humans. Please take that second of precaution before you use something you aren’t familiar with.

Do you have any favorite potions that you make? I would love to hear other opinions on potion-making and chants!


Fantastic tips! And what a lovely chant for inspiration!

I’m adding Moon Water as another option for a quick potion: Moon water can be added to a bath ritual, a cleansing lotion, or even a beverage (if using clean drinking water).

Video recipe :arrow_forward:


Moon water makes a wonderful potion, too! I can’t believe I forgot to add it lol I actually have a video on Moon Water, how to make it, and it’s uses, too.

Moon Water on YouTube

MOON WATER DIY - What's it for, how to use it, and how to make it || WITCH DIY - YouTube


Great video! I like the idea of creating a calming room spray with Moon water and essential oils. Also, that’s a lovely quartz cluster! :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Thank you! I believe I got this quartz cluster at a local market here in Central Oregon last year.


I just made moon water last night with the super moon! Wheee!!

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I use the moon water to make a smokeless sage mist! I actually sell it at a local Yoga studio here in my town.

25 drops Sage
10 drops Cedarwood
5 drops Lavender!


That’s perfect :slight_smile: I’ve got to get a new spray bottle for this reason lol I can’t burn sage in my home due to allergies, and even using essential oils is questionable for the same reason. I like to also just let the herbs soak in moon water and use that as a spray too.


Very Nice! thank you!


This was super knowledgeable. It gave me insight to more ideas. Great read and lesson.
I loved it. :heart:


Thank you, @Stormii :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m happy to hear it was helpful!