Practising Sensitive Abilities (Psychic) with Coins!

Hey everyone! Today, I wanted to share something I’ve picked up on for practising psychic abilities, often referred to in a more subtle way as sensitive abilities. :smile:

These methods can be even more effective if you possess some preliminary skills, albeit not yet fully honed. However, even if you’re starting with less sensitivity, the journey may require consistent effort on a daily basis.

Anyway, let’s dive into the details:

Begin by accessing meditation music online and maybe even downloading it. If you do, transfer the calming melodies to your smartphone or any gadget that accommodates earphones, ensuring you have a soothing soundtrack at your fingertips. :musical_note:

There was a recent challenge on sounds that may prove useful. There’s also a whole heap of content on the Spells8 Soundcloud.

Now, gather three identical coins and personalise them, perhaps using a pen. Get creative with labels, write a simple A, B, and C, or explore alternatives such as using playing cards with different suits or even repurposing credit cards. The key is uniform dimensions and weights paired with distinctive markings. :coin:

Here are my trio of Hekate coins, dedicated to this very purpose, with some stones in the upper right:

To enhance your experience, you could consider lighting a purple candle as you engage in these activities. Purple holds a special significance for many, often associated with psychic abilities, and could offer some extra support during your practice. :candle:

Another suggestion is to have an amethyst, clear quartz, moonstone, celestite, or lapis lazuli within your reach. These stones are all known for their connections to psychic abilities and can complement your journey. :gem:

As for flora, lavender, jasmine, and blue lotus can contribute to a serene atmosphere. Feel free to choose the companions that resonate most with you and your practice. :blossom:

Locate a peaceful spot where you can work your magick.

Take a moment to settle comfortably into your chosen seat, pop in those earphones, and initiate the music. Let the melodic sounds envelop you as you ease into a state of relaxation.

With your specially labelled objects in hand, close your eyes and allow your intuition to guide you as you shuffle them around. Maintaining your eyes shut, carefully position each item separately in such a way that you can look to pick one up without revealing the others. If need be, you can find objects to place over them once positioned, such as cloths, cushions, etc.

As you shut your eyes, allow your mind to wander and unwind. Concentrate on one of the labelled objects that sits before you. Mentally, take a leisurely examination in your imagination, gradually zeroing in on the location of your chosen object. Embrace the leisurely pace of this exercise. :smiling_face:

Once you sense readiness, gently open your eyes and put your guess to the test. Did your intuitive exploration yield the right answers? :smile:

One of the purple candles that I’ve used for this. :purple_heart:

Keep practising this routine, gradually refining your ability to discern the positions of the three objects correctly. With time and dedication, you’ll find yourself reaching a point where you can confidently locate these objects, even without the guiding tones of the music. :magic_wand:

Remember, this technique is just one idea of a way to aid you in nurturing and developing your innate abilities. There are many other methods and even spells that can help with these kinds of things. Whichever path you take, while it might require a bit of patience and persistence, the journey itself holds a world of self-discovery. :black_heart:


Nice, thankyou for sharing this :sparkling_heart:


This is a great exercise and a wonderful way to practice your psychic skills! I have done something similar :heart: thank you for sharing your method!


What a great exercise! This is both a fun and helpful way to hone intuitive skills- I really like the idea of using meditative music to help guide the one practicing :notes: :person_in_lotus_position:

Thank you so much for sharing this, @starborn- it is very much appreciated! :pray: :heart:


This is brilliant @starborn I am going to try this.


Powering Up With a Spell

What you need:

  • Two purple candles. Purple is the colour associated with expansion and all things metaphysically enlightening.
  • A blend of herbs and oils to encourage awakening and aid in enhancing all of your psychic abilities.
  • A small stone you can charge with energy to carry with you afterwards.
  • Psychic enabling incense. (Optional, but recommended.)


Before anything, you must locate a quiet, peaceful location.

  1. Anoint your candles with a small amount of oil. Allow the oil to remain on the candles for at least 15 mins minimum.
  2. Wipe the oil from the candles before burning.
  3. Light an incense.
  4. Dab a small amount of oil on your third eye.
  5. Light your candles.
  6. Pass your stone through the smoke of the candles three times.
  7. Begin your meditation on opening your third eye while holding the stone.

Take in the smells of the room, your candle burning, the scent of the special oil you are wearing, the incense that draws deep awareness and mediation success.

You may repeat this as often as needed to achieve your goals. Some achieve success after a time or two, and others take longer. Much depends on your current level of blockage and your committed energies to the task. Negative energies or thoughts cause blockages; be mindful during this time.

Carry your stone with you.


Power up! :raised_hands: :purple_heart: :candle: :gem:

This is a beautiful spell, Katerina- thank you for sharing it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: