Protection for a safe premature delivery

Ok guys I’m so sorry that I went and disappeared on y’all. I’m so terribly sorry but my family life has been going through some major issues. One of the more time pressing ones is that yesterday morning my baby sister went to the er with bleeding in her urine and she is only 6 months pregnant baby last weighted in at 1lb 10oz and her amiotic fluids have been scarry low her whole pregnancy her water broke about an hour ago. Doctor will be in at 8am and it’s her first she has always had issues with stress and tbh I’m terrified for her. I want to make her a quick simple protection jar for both her and the baby I need some help bc I haven’t found a simple quick on I can do with little supplies. I got the oil, sage ,thyme,basil your basic herbs but not many so please I would love to get something up to her quick and before the baby being born possibly. Thanks in advance it’s going to be a baby girl first name and middle name Ariella Alice. Sorry I only come when I have a major pressing issue but my mind has been hectic and full of stressors the past two or three weeks. Blessed be.


All you need is a little jar add salt and rosemary - add some coffee beans or grounds - this acts as a stimilant and “kicks” the spell into high gear.

You can also add a slip of paper with their names on it and add it to the jar.

I like to incorporate the elementals when doing spell works…so A lot of times I’ll hold my jar and I’ll repeat,

"I call earth to bind my spell.

I call air to speed its travel well.

Bright as fire shall it glow.

Deep as tide of water flow.

So, mote it be"

Sending your family healing light.


I don’t have any suggestions for spell jars here however @Francisco shared a beautifulPagan blessing for newborn babies on a post I made a few months ago.
Have you considered writing your own spell? Rosemary is a universal herb and can be used in place of any herb that you lack for a spell. I might possibly would include lavender or chamomile (chamomile tea bags are super cheap and work wonderfully in a pinch).

Another point that isn’t quite clear but should be considered in this situation is whether or not your sister will give consent for you to cast on her behalf? If you don’t believe she’ll consent or don’t think you have a lot of times to get consent and you’re already limited on supplies I would suggest maybe making a protection amulet or talisman for mom to hold or wear during labor because it kinda works through loopholes on not having consent. There is a fairly easy cast along for Making amulets on the spells8 site.

With permission I would like to add you to my prayer book and light a candle for your family.
Blessed be :pray:


It looks like @SilverBear and @phoenix_dawn have you covered for now. Besides which, as the famous line goes, I don’t know nothing about birthing no babies! LOL. Still, your family will be in my thoughts today with a prayer that the baby and your sister will be healthy.


You are your sister are in my thoughts, @annmarie2- wishing her a safe pregnancy! Like Amethyst said, you’ve got some sage advice from Silverbear and Phoenix. Adding to their suggestions, Garnet has a lovely Blessing for a Mother and Unborn Babe you could use- no ingredients necessary.

If you’re still on the hunt for Protective Spellwork, there is the Protection Spells Collection you could explore, or the many entries for all types of protective magick shared in the Protection Challenge Thread.

Sending love and light your way! :pray::heart:


That is scary! You’ve got some great info from the others. I’ll add your sister to my distance healing box and pray! You, your sister and the baby have my thoughts! Please keep us updated!
Sending healing light! :sparkles::candle::sparkles:


How very ironic, during my morning prayers, I lit a small white candle for the unborn to plea for a safe journey into life. I also, lit a big candle to plea for Goddess’ blessing for all mothers and their unborn.
Then I read this subject! It was as if I’m drawn to it.
Ladies, PG or not, My morning prayers include the lighting of the candles and sometimes I repeat it throughout the day.
Blessed be to both mothers and their unborn children.


It sounds like you knew what was needed- that’s a strong connection you have, Garnet! :heart: You are very thoughtful with your morning prayers :blush::dove: