Protection Spell for Your Pets

Picture: Nala (also known as the Dalai Nala)

A lot of times we hear about protection spells for humans…well what about our beloved pets? They could use some protection as well!

What you will need:

  • Picture of your pet or paper with pet’s name on it
  • I used Rose Quartz - Friendship and Love
  • Clear Quartz - Master crystal; added boost of magick
  • Amethyst - Protection
  • White Candle
  • Anointing oil - you can make your own (optional)
  • Blessed Thistle
  • Mugwort
  • Lavender

Number 3 is magickal!


Nala is so very beautiful! I’m glad she is fine!! Sending love and healing her way :pray:

Thank you for the post!! Since you’re working with healing crystals I thought I’d share these correspondences I found:

15 Healing Crystals for Pets and Animals

  • AMETHYST -Master Healer – Used for everything. Pain, disorientation, head area.
  • BLACK ONYX – Bowels, parasites, protection.
  • CALCITE – Skeletal problems.
  • CARNELIAN – Skin.
  • CLEAR QUARTZ – Master Healer – Effective for all conditions.
  • CORAL – Kidneys, bladder.
  • FLUORITE – (blue) Bones, (blue/green or clear) Respiration, (green) Blood Purification or Lymphs, (green/yellow) Digestion.
  • GARNET – Reproductive system.
  • HEMATITE – Muscular system. Reduces pain.
  • KYANITE – Alignment of all chakras, tendons, or bones.
  • ROSE QUARTZ – Injuries, wounds, reduces stress.
  • SMOKEY QUARTZ – Nervous system, swellings.
  • SODALITE – Calming, nervousness, good for settling down during travel.
  • SUGILITE – Death and dying - for dealing with a dying pet.
  • TURQUOISE – Master Healer – Used for everything. Protection from illness.

These are the ways that gems can help you help your pet to feel better and get well balanced. Always consult a veterinarian.

By Dr. Monica Diedrich. From her book For Pet’s Sake Do Something! Book Three - How to heal your Pets using Alternative and Complementary Therapies


Thank you! We love this old gal so much.

So many crystals…so little time lol.

These are great! Thanks for sharing you references.

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I have done a protection spell for each of mine, have a bottle for animal protection and each one of them have a pentagram on their collar which was first blessed, consecrated and given as a personal protection to each one. Gracie got into a skunk and her protection oil is almost gone…lol tried to get to not to stink…finally her swim in the lake did it. I guess I need the protection a little stronger for lil miss nosey, cos she put her nose under the deck and the skunk got her.,.

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I will be doing something like this when we get ready to move across the country. I’m worried that my cat will get finicky or freak out when we have to stop at a hotel. I don’t want her running off. My ferret I’m not so much worried about because she’ll be in a cage. The cat, though. She’s quick lol