Proximity and spells

Hello everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Had a question about casting a binding spell on an individual and if there could be any difference if I cast this spell while I’m hundreds of miles away from the person verses only an hour away?

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Great question, @Mia.1!

I would say that unless the binding spell you are using specifies that you must be within a certain physical distance, your physical location does not matter in the spellwork.

Magick is a really wonderful thing- it can unite (or separate) people located anywhere in the world. As a lot of spellwork doesn’t have a physical form and instead deals with energy, it isn’t bound by the same rules as physical things are.

So long as you feel the connection in the spellwork (often, but not always, invoked by certain ingredients- a part of the person’s physical form like hair or their perfume or a piece of their clothes), you should have no trouble reaching across space (or even time!) in your spell.

These are just my personal thoughts on it though- I imagine others in the coven will have some great input for you as well!

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You beat me to it, Bry! I was just coming here to say this :laughing:

But this is also why taglocks are important for spellwork that targets other people. Taglocks give you that connection you need to connect a spell to a specific person. This is a name, date of birth, photo, a piece of something they own, etc. Distance doesn’t matter.


I just bookmarked your Taglock video yesterday to watch later! :joy:

I know we’re supposed to work with what we have in regards to our spell work… the one thing I am sincerely lacking with this one is an item from this individual. The only thing I have of theirs are the words they gave me through text messages. Would this be enough? I have everything else.

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Yup, even their name is enough :blush:


So I’ve watched a few videos on poppets/taglocks and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to incorporate it specifically into the binding spell I want to perform. The spell I’ve been studying on for a few months is a spell for binding an enemy. I want to note that even though I am still early in my practicing, my intent in this is one of preventing this person from continuing to carry on their illegal and quite frankly sick and evil behavior and hurting innocent people, myself included. So it’s part protection, part prevention? If that makes any sense?

Be assured that every legal channel has been explored and sadly, there’s not a lot of support out there which is mind-blowing. Even when you have court orders of no contact and contact is still being made. I live in one of those kinds of counties that unless someone puts their hands on you, they don’t do anything.

I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and my home and family are protected. Spiritually though I feel like I’m wearing a hospital gown with the back open. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

I tried the energy and cord cutting spells but I think that just made the connection angry or something. I know sometimes spells don’t always work the first time and there’s adjustments and such that need to be made and I’m in the middle of doing that too because I feel once I cast the binding spell I can cast the cord/energy cutting spells again with some adjustments and stand a better chance of them working as well as hopefully preventing this person’s attempts at destroying another person’s life like they tried to with mine.

Any thoughts? Advice? Warnings? I’ve consulted my deck and have done a few readings asking questions about this situation and I’ve gotten some pretty clear answers. The latest reading I did two days ago and I did a three card spread with first card being me, second card being the person and third being the resolution or closing to the situation. I pulled 1. King of Wands 2. Seven of Swords and 3. Night of Pentacles.

Thank you all for all of your help and guidance. It’s so reassuring being somewhere safe where I can ask questions and seek help. :blush:


Hey hon, i know we discussed this, but reading this post i would like to just give u some advice. Never cast mad, sick or anything but clear headed and calm. Your actions and emotions will channel and change your spell, and yes at times make it backfire.

Have u tried a freezer spell? Its a simple yet very very powerful spell. If nothing else it can hold this person off til u are at the location we discussed.

However please remember we all can give u all the advice in the world, but please please always remember this is your path. Ultimately what u do and how is up to u. You are your power.

Im here if u need me


Can you share the spell that you’re going to do? This can help give me an idea of how to you you incorporate a taglock. In the meantime, here are some examples of things you can do.

  • if you’re burning a candle that represents the person, carve their name or initials into the candle
  • if you have a photo of them, place the photo under the candle
  • include their name written somewhere in the spell that makes sense, e.g. under a burning candle, a cauldron, or near the spell
  • include their name in the spell itself, the incantation and spoken word

I am definitely happy to hear this part, though sad and annoyed that nothing is really being done about it through the proper channels. I’m proud of you for taking the legal actions too, though. That can always be difficult!

I think this is a really great idea, especially if the previous cord-cutting attempts haven’t worked quite the way you want them to.


That’s something I’ve been concerned about. The cord/energy cutting spells I did…I felt like there was something that kicked back on me spiritually and I felt like crap for a few days. I’m all good now but while I was casting I could feel myself getting heated. My goal is to continue practicing grounding and centering so I can keep that from happening in the future.

I haven’t tried a freezer spell yet but I’ll be looking at that this weekend. Thank you for the suggestion! :heart:

I appreciate any guidance/advice from anyone who is more experienced. I feel its something that helps me grow and learn better.

Thanks again! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I took pictures from the book I was gifted when I began my journey last fall. I’m making some adjustments to the spell (not doing anything naked out in the middle of the night by a lake…not…gonna…happen… :rofl:)

My apologies for all the photos…as the spell is a lengthy one. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks again! I’m so glad I joined spells8. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edited to add: I’m also not planning on touching this person to complete the spell. I thought perhaps I could incorporate the poppet/taglock into that as a substitute?


If u need help with a freezer spell or anything just hit me up


@Mia.1 if u want to see the twatwaffle be gone spell i did let me know. Ill be happy to share with u.


I’m seconding what Megan said- their words are definitely something you could include in the spellwork!

You might take a screenshot, print it out, and fold the piece of paper over the center candle. You could also carve some of their words (or, like Megan said, their name) into the candle. Additionally, you could draw a circle and place your phone (containing all their conversations and symbolizing your line of connection) in the circle to include it in the spellwork.

Additionally, I see the spell has several places where you incorporate their name into the spellwork- that’s another way to tie them in and bind them to your workings :+1:

Seconding this- a freezer spell is a great idea! You could adjust the binding spell, or potentially cast them both to both bind and freeze the negative person in question.

Good luck and blessed be @Mia.1! :raised_hands:


Okay, so based on the spell you shared, you would include the taglock (their name, etc.) on a piece of paper when you fold the things into the rag. Then yes, I also agree that you could use something like a poppet. However, I don’t know if you’d want to keep a poppet around. I would incorporate that last part of the spell with the touching to the taglock rather than a poppet. Then you could destroy the taglock or throw it away and not have it hanging around the house.