Understanding Taglocks?

This week is the first time I’ve heard about "taglocks.":thinking: If I understand correctly, it’s something personal to you that you add to a spell (e.g., a spell jar or a witch bottle). Can you help me better understand what are taglocks, some examples of taglocks, what they do/advantages to using them, how to use them and if there are any precautions associated with them? Thanks a lot for tutoring me about taglocks :slight_smile:


So you’re almost correct. Taglocks are something that tie a working to a specific person, not just yourself. This could be as simple as a name and date of birth or as complex as physical parts of a person (nail clippings, hair, etc.). It works by giving the magic a direction, a target, if you will.

In my healing bag video, I used my fingerprint as a taglock that way if I couldn’t bring it with me during surgery, whoever carried it wouldn’t be affected by the specific spell and it would still target me.

You can see the video here :blush:

HearthWitch did a great video on taglocks too!


Ooh I’ve learned something new! Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you Megan, also that was an amazing video where you made the healing bag! I cannot wait to try it. I like the idea of using your fingerprint for the taglock.


Thank you @MeganB for explaining this, I didn’t realize there were Taglocks.
Thank you @mary25 for asking the question :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem! I’m happy to help :heart: