Psychic abilities? And does it determine the path you should be on

To begin with , I feel safe here. This is the only reason I feel I can ask this multi part question.
To keep it short, since I was 13 I started having experiences with seeing , feeling and some times smelling spirits. Example. Last week I felt the presence of my mom around me so strong, it scared me a little. I asked her , if this is truly you send a cardinal into my yard and have it sit on my shed. The next 3 days a cardinal came in my yard. It didn’t sit on the shed though, but I haven’t seen this type of bird in my area before or since.
So my question is if someone has abilities is it something to consider or affect the path you choose? I started reading about hedge witches a little but I don’t know if this is a path I should consider since what I experienced just happens.
Also, any guidance, courses on spells8 , and suggestions from you fine witches are greatly appreciated.
Blessed be


Hi, I have abilities & they don’t have much to do with a set path. Your path is your own. So you may jive with some hedge witch things & also resonate with green witch or Wiccan or eclectic… I can’t really put a direction or label on my journey because I draw from so many places & I have several gifts. I have just found what works in my practice with each other.

I really connect with nature, Celtic Paganism including 2 Goddesses from their pantheon, several types of divination, astrology, energy work, crystals, healing… a lot of things really.

I would start with the first set of courses then look at Spellcasting 101 & Mediation Roots followed by the others & even if its not something you may be interested in just finish each one & see what you would like to try.

You can search the forum for any topics you may have questions about or start your own to share what you’ve learned!


Hi @Sage64

We have a Weekly Witchy Challenge and a few months ago it was called Smells Like Magick! For my entry, I researched the different Clair Senses. I shared a lot of links in my post and I thought you might like to read it.

"Clairs" are also known as Clair senses, psychic senses, or having a 6th sense.

  • Clairvoyance: Psychic seeing or clear seeing
  • Clairaudience: Psychic hearing or clear hearing
  • Clairsentience: Psychic feeling or clear feeling
  • Clairalience: Psychic smelling or clear smelling
  • Clairgustance: Psychic tasting or clear tasing
  • Claircognizance: Psychic knowing or clear knowing
    ~Salt + Sea Energy

Take your time deciding which path to follow, many witches follow more than one, thus ‘eclectic’ best describes them. As you learn and grow you will know what’s right for you.

With love :heart: & magick :dizzy: always


Thank you Marsha , I’ve been doing all the courses and I walk the path of a solitary, Wiccan , eclectic witch.
This cleared things up a lot . And will definitely visit the links. I feel more confident with the path that’s been working for me.
Blessed be


Hi @Sage64
I just noticed one of my links was broken, I fixed it.
With much love :heart:


Hi @Sage64, I have clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. I have experienced clairvoyance but not since I was a teenager. I use my gifts in my practice but they don’t determine which direction I go. It just makes some things easier. Everyone is born with the clair senses and we lose them over time because we don’t use them or we are taught they are evil so we push it away.

I recommend the book The Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn. It discusses what the clair senses are and gives exercises on how to strengthen your gifts to use in your practice. Mr. Auryn believes that all witches should embrace their psychic powers as the Craft is manipulating energy and psychic abilities are sensing energy.

I’m inclined to agree with him. The more I’ve strengthened my gifts, the stronger my Craft has gotten. My clairaudience makes it easier for me to communicate with my deities. Claircognizance aids me on knowing what to put in spells and when to perform them.The clairsentience I’m still trying to get under control. It’s what must empaths have and it can easily drain your own energy.

There are parts of the Craft that may seem easier to you or you may be drawn to certain things depending on your gifts. Follow this. Let it lead you where to go along your path. As a wise witch once told me:

Our paths are not so much a crooked path but more like a spider’s web. Things will connect in ways you didn’t first imagine and there are many ways to get to the same point in the web. Let your heart lead you, it’s never wrong.

And she was right. I haven’t been happier letting my heart and my gut lead the way on my journey. Sometimes it takes me to places I was avoiding (lots and lots of shadow work), but it’s all for my higher good.


I’m going to have to out that on my reading list because i things getting stronger or more enhanced & then others that i have notoced in decades. Since i have been integrating my therapy with my practoce, ive learned a lot bit also untangled a lot that was causing imbalances or blocks.

I honesly feel more like a Healer type of Practitioner, only I’m starting the healing with myself before I branch out to others.


It is a really good ready. I still do a lot of the exercises.


My short answer is this → Only if you want to.

I agree with Amaris here when she recommends Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn. The way he describes energy work and psychic ability is fairly in line with my way of thinking, too.


@MeganB so funny! I have been talking to @Amaris_Bane about that book to try some exercises because it seems to fall in line with my thinking for the most part too! Plus I agree with this statement:


It’s good for the exercises and discussion of psychic ability. However, his tradition definitely comes through when he talks about different things and that’s where we differ widely. Also, it’s been brought to my attention that his interpretation of The Cauldron of Poeys is very, very incorrect from a cultural standpoint so I just…can’t :sweat_smile: but the exercises are great!


I am looking for exercises for these new enhancements that I have gained since all of this work started last year, trying to understand what it is that is happening & how to work with it.

I still use the exercises from Hands of Light for practice too, my energy sensing is much more clear than it was when I first started too.

I haven’t read any of the book, but I do have a handful of exercises from it that have been shared with me I am working on, the grounding ones I like to do barefoot in my yard & ones where I am taking in energy or refreshing my energy I like to do in the sun.

I stay away from the word psychic as far as describing what are more like gifts. I guess the 80s/90s psychic hotlines didn’t leave a very good connotation with me because I really don’t like using that word or when it is used on TV. I wouldn’t go to a psychic either. I can’t really explain what it is about psychic abilities that are different from what I can experience, but one doesn’t go with the other to me, if that makes any sense or no sense, please let me know. Sometimes the harder I try to come up with words, it still turns into a fruit salad.


I agree with @MeganB about his writing. You can definitely tell his training in the way he discusses things. I have not read more about the Cauldrons of Poesy simply because I clicked more with the description of the World Tree, but now I’m going to so thank you for sharing that information Megan.

After the initial read, I only reference the exercises now. I even had to go back to find the above reference to the Cauldrons because I couldn’t remember it, lol.

Note: He is part of the Sacred Flames Tradition of Witchcraft. If you want to learn more, you can do so here: Sacred Fires Witchcraft - Modern Witch University


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