Question about spirits/karma

Just out of curiosity, I’m still getting over the whole no heaven and hell and Christian god thing, this random question popped up in my mind. If people come to this earth to experience things in their lifetime, what happens to all the murderers and just straight up bad people? Do they just reincarnate or like does karma come and bite them in the ass after death or …something?


I am afraid I have no idea how to answer this question. If I have to go by my limited and basic understanding (and anyone reading this please correct me) I suspect that ‘karma’ is supposed to play out in this life. If you fill your life with evil intent you close yourself off from the joy of the light. OR Just as Christians are taught to leave judgement up to God and not muck up his plan… I think it is not our place as pagans to seek to curse or hex someone in retaliation or vengeance. In doing so we fall to the level of those who are behaving badly, and that could back fire on us -creating more pain and dimming the light— I believe that the best we can do is protect ourselves from these people. and leave it up to the universe to keep the balance of light and dark. We could look at this like yin and yang… there must be balance in all things so there is just as much dark as there is light and we must recognize the role each plays. Bears aren’t bunnies, lions aren’t kittens, but the world would miss these powerful predators. Unfortunately, humans just have a greater capacity to hurt their fellow man and that is probably the most shocking aspect of criminal behavior. Would I like to see them brought to justice… yes…but I would only ever attack if I was protecting others by doing so. That said, there is a whole can of worms in that statement. Such a light topic for late night discussion. Sleep well @quadeera. Happy dreams.


I had a friend and Coworker die recently. I use a pendulum to chat with him. I recently forked out $90 to get a Sprit Box off so our conversations can be more detailed. I will then give the Box to his father. He’s basically right here in the same world we’re in.
My theory is, when the Anunaki created humans they brought souls from their planet to occupy the bodies they made. That’s us. That’s why we’re not adapted to Earth but adapt Earth to suit us.
When you die, if you want to come back, find a pregnant woman and hang out near her and the baby will suck your soul right into it.


Excellent question, @quadeera!

Those who practice witchcraft and pagan beliefs draw their practice from many different sources and are of many different ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. So it is natural that such a wonderfully diverse group has many various beliefs about… well, pretty much everything! :grin:

Views about death, the afterlife, karma, and reincarnation will likely vary from one witch to another. And this perfectly okay! There are many doors open for you to explore and learn about possible interpretations of what happens after we die :dove:

Some believe that a form of karma accumulates only in this lifetime with one permanent destination (such as the Christian view of Heaven and Hell, or the Greek Underworld) and others (think Hinduism and Buddhism) believe karma accumulates over many lifetimes, with rebirth and reincarnation happening across different realms/worlds.

My best advice for you is to respectfully explore and examine all the beliefs and spiritualities out there. As you learn and develop your own magickal practice, you will find what resonates best with you.

Good luck and happy learning! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::books:


This is a wonderful question, @quadeera. @TheTravelWitch is correct. You are likely to get as diverse of opinions on the matter as there are people in this online coven. A question about the afterlife was asked recently so I will share a snippet of what I said there.

As an aside, I used to be an ultra-conservative, western, evangelical Christian. I understand the questions you are facing and I wish you all the best while you try to find peace in the process.


I am so grateful there are people in our group who challenge us with these deep questions @quadeera. I love reading all the responses because I can learn something too. THANK YOU @praecog29 @TheTravelWitch @john4 for your thoughtfully respectful and thought provoking answers. Yet another reason I love this forum.


Wow… this was a very good question and the responses were great too. I am like @berta, and have no idea how to answer the question other than to say, that the way I understand reincarnation is that in each life you experience it a different way. It’s not the same experience each time. I could be wrong, but I was actually thinking about something similar that if when we reincarnate, do we experience things that weren’t experienced yet? Or do we experience the same things over again in a different period?


@John4 do you think that all humanoid souls come from the same source or are some from a different source? and are there a finite number of souls or can souls be created? I guess what I am trying to ask is - like on Samhain I got a VERY STRONG response from what I assumed to be my mother’s soul. If she is hanging around in some existence -not in the tangible world - then she has NOT been reincarnated into another body…If souls decide not to reincarnate…wouldn’t that create a problem for the population explosion on Earth?


Wow guys, what a great conversation to come back to after being fully consumed by work for the last 10 days!

I dont yet have a solid belief, I guess I mix a little bit of all kinds of spiritual beliefs & still have 5000 questions. That’s why I love seeing what other people think, to give me even more little ideas & questions to mull over.

PS) Hello guys! I missed all of you beautiful people!


I suggest you first try a Pendulum skrying session. If you have a necklace of your Mother’s; you can use that for a pendullum. Get a sheet of paper, draw an even cross, label the top and bottom with YES, and either end of the horizontal line NO.
Hold the Pendulum just above the middle of the cross. Rest your elbow on the table so you wount get tired.
Think of your Mother, conjure up her image in your mind’s eye. Remember what she sounded like, smells, textures. Then call her name. Tell her she is able to move the pendulum and to bat it around a bit. Not too much though, this tires them quickly.
Now ask her questions only the two of you know the answer to verify it’s your mother. Tell her to use the yes and no directions. If the pendulum swings in a circle it means she’s confused or distracted.
Once you’re satisfied it’s your mother; ask all you want.


Welcome back, @Haley! :grin: We’ve missed you! Yes, this is a great discussion for people to share and consider ideas from one another :+1:

Some witches use spirits and/or communication with the dead as a central part of their practice, while others may delve into these topics from time to time or not at all.

But whether spiritwork is a big part of our magick or not, death eventually comes to every living being and is a curious topic to explore and think about. I’m also enjoying everyone’s thoughtful responses- thanks to all for sharing! :pray::dove:


I Just wanted to let you know that I answered this once but then I was really afraid to answer this because there’s no wrong or right answer I feel like.
It’s a really good question :raising_hand_woman: I do believe in karma is why I try to do good!

But I want you to know that I appreciate you giving me some insight again because I have talked about this topic before and it actually has came up a couple times this week because of this post.

It got me thinking I really should make good decisions because I really don’t know what could happen and I’m only here for so long so yeah I have made mistakes but you know I’m trying to do good. But I don’t want to fail! It seems like the same thing just keeps on arising and it’s because I need to be right! Sometimes it hard for me to make good decisions! I will feel a deep burden in my soul! I can’t ignore so this is a very interesting subject but hard to say! The soul has a funny way of giving us a feeling of what’s wrong and right and I think that has something to do with karma! Like you said things could just come back at you and bite you in the ass! You said that very beautifully.!



I have a different view of the whole thing. I believe in Gods and Goddesses as real and flesh and blood and bone entities. I think they came to Earth long ago from another planet to colonize and exploit Earth’s Gold resources. They were somewhat lazy and genetically engineered humans to do their work. To animate their humans properly they brought souls of their kind, maybe prisoners and put into these humans. When the body dies there is a sort of magnetic attraction from gestating babies and sucks the souls into them. So there’s no lesson, just continuous existance. That’s why we are not adapted to Earth but have to adapt Earth to us. Witchcraft is harnessing some of the power our souls have from our home planet.
See, told you it was bizarre. But those are my thoughts on the subject.