Question on protection

Hi! I have more questions, I’m full of questions haha.
So I don’t really cast any type of protection before doing spells. Besides sageing before (and after) And during spell- visualizing a circle and having tourmaline on me. I never do any harmful intentioned spells so I didn’t think it was necessary to do more, but I’m not sure that’s correct? Should I be doing more before? If I need to, is there something simple and quick?
I’ve been using my time in quarantine to focus on my witchy stuff so I’ve been doing more spells then usual since I’ve had the time. But I’ve been having bad dreams (some nights). I know a lot of ppl are rn with everything going on and all the stress with the pandemic etc. so I don’t know if it’s just that or if it has to do with my spells? so I got nervous I didn’t protect myself enough ?!
So, any opinions or suggestions if I am not doing enough protection? If not, how should I?


I always cast a circle of protection using either palo santo, sage or cedar smoke. I walk clockwise in a full circle and hold a lit palo santo with my dominate hand and say… plant spirit of palo santo (or other) please cleanse this space of all negative energies and allow only love and light to come in. And sometimes depending on my work…I’ll call the Elements to join and I have also used Florida water to help cleanse the area.


PS – lol salt bowls work well too Feel The Cleanse of a Salt Bowl


Also, you can take a bath before any spellwork. :bath: Feeling physically clean will help you feel protected. You can say “I protect myself” three times while thinking of a protective figure (e.g. Mother Goddess, your patron deity, etc).

You can also call upon your ancestors for protection. Or say the Lord’s Prayer, Archangel prayers, etc, if that’s what you believe in.

It’s important to add that invoking protection from an external source is not always necessary, but you should do it if you feel you need it. Sometimes working with magick can make us feel vulnerable/exposed, but as you gain experience you’ll gain confidence and won’t feel the need as much :muscle:


Well I must be anal…I take a cleansing bath, after cleaning my area, I cast a complete circle using a sword, a censor, and salt. I also ask the elementals and Guardians as well as the God and Goddess to join me and use my athame to do the pentagram at each station. Doing workings of any kind, I feel, can bring bad elements in to play with your spell or ritual. The bad does not like the good, and will fight with the good…at least that is my opinion and findings.

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Maybe putting a dream bag under your pillow to protect you from the nightmares could also help! I have one under my pillow to aide me in lucid dreaming. For sweet dreams, you could for example fill the satchel with herbs such as calendula (for protection against evil and negativity; also good for psychic dreams!), rose (to promote sweet dreams), chamomile (for peaceful sleep), lavender, thyme, and maybe even with crystals such as amethyst, moonstone or selenite :blush:


I’ve found that I don’t share the popular and common belief that you have to have a circle of protection every time you cast a spell. During a ritual, yes, because I use circles as a way to contain energy. However, I feel like people talk a lot about protection before and after spellwork, but what are you protecting from?

Even if you are doing baneful magick, you are directing that energy elsewhere. If you’re worried about protecting yourself from negative energies or entities while you do your spellwork, I would suggest a bowl of salt and some protective crystals. Even learning how to cast wards and energy shields would be helpful and - with practice - very quick to do.

I also think that, right now, there is a lot of wayward energy being flung around without people realizing it. This comes from stress, fear, panic, anxiety, and just general unease. This could contribute to your nightmares, especially if you are a naturally empathic person. I agree with @christine4’s suggestion about using a dream pillow to help protect your dreams while you sleep. You can fill it with lavender, rose, chamomile, and even just a pinch of salt.

You can also make a poppet to help ease the nightmares, filling it with the same things as you would a dream pillow, but keeping it in a safe place - such as on a windowsill or shelf - to connect its energy to yours. If you want to see how to make a simple poppet, I actually made a video on my channel showing how I make very basic poppets.